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Welcome to the Homestar Runner Wiki, the Homestar Runner knowledge base that anyone can edit.

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Twitter and Instagram

Recent updates to the official Strong Bad Twitter and Instagram accounts:

"Now you guys are sure this won't emancipate me from my ridiculous squintèd, stripèd pants?"
"Robo-armed foil-whitey!"

2 Sep 2017: Robo-armed foil-whitey! view

2 Sep 2017: 🎶Let's make this moment be the symbol of our lives. We'll red shell Birdo's Ooh Lips and we'll sail to Yoshi's Isle🎶 view

1 Sep 2017: "Yeah, squint up, kid!" view

31 Aug 2017: I can't stop you guys! My brain is now replacing actual memories with squintmoji!view

30 Aug 2017: Now you guys are sure this won't emancipate me from my ridiculous squintèd, stripèd pants? view

29 Aug 2017: Mister Senor himself! Squint along with me brothers and sisters! view

29 Aug 2017: Kick that can of water soup, The Homestar Runner! view

What's new

Recent updates to the official Homestar Runner site:

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