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Twitter and Instagram

Recent updates to the official Strong Bad Twitter and Instagram accounts:

"He's totally wearing the same outfit I wear on Sbemail Inmate Outreach Night!"
The Trogshadow Creepeth

29 Nov 2017: So, @rob_t_firefly sent me this stock photo hacker pic and he's totally wearing the same outfit I wear on Sbemail Inmate Outreach Night! 'Cept I secure my Lappier with a squash blossom vine 'stead of a chain. view

27 Nov 2017: Obligatory Cyber Monday Crap! Give someone you love a mug full of figurines this Decemberween apparently! view

23 Nov 2017: Happy T from the hideous maw of Cornucopicron! May he devour all your holiday tablescapes and centerpieces! view

18 Nov 2017: I should get this person to help me work on 2.0!! VoxtualPizz? view

17 Nov 2017: The Trogshadow Creepeth view

15 Nov 2017: You guys are the greatest fans ever! Now watch while I make fun of your awesome costumes!
flash: view

14 Nov 2017: Holy style, you guys! Look at this amazing old t-shirt design I made whilst drawing some Cardgage doodles! If this hits, let's say... 5,000 retweets, I'll offer it in the Homestore! The New Shirt! view

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Recent updates to the official Homestar Runner site:

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