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That's just nonsense. Are you trying to make some sense?

Recent updates to the official Strong Bad Twitter and Instagram accounts:

Bucket fulla Dangeresque

6 Jan 2018: In honor of Stinkoman's 15th birthday today, Videlectrix has decided to throw down the 8-bit gauntlet (to themselves I guess?)! view

5 Jan 2018: I take it all back!! I shoulda drawn THIS draccus! The chubcus! You could climb up his belly rolls like a ladder! view

3 Jan 2018: Cool to see the FHQ mention in @xkcdComic but count me out! You guys know what that airport is like... view

28 Dec 2017: Hmm. I can't tell which one is great. Dictionary peeps referencing Trogdor vs. fast food peeps referencing the obscure sbemail 'what i want.' YOU decide! view

27 Dec 2017: The 27th is DecemberZEEN! Download this rare club show from '08 in way-more-than-decent quality audio! (YT video to follow!) view

25 Dec 2017: In the Dangeresque universe, Dangeresque Too always gets Dangeresque "Deadly Impact" each Decemberween. view

23 Dec 2017: Um, 'substitue' is the French Canadian spelling! Pronounced (sub-stih-TWAY). Yeah! To go with the theme, see?! NOT a misspelling! view

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