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(Was I kidding? I don't know enough about HTML for this crap.)
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#[[User:Stinkoman K|Stinkoman K]]
#[[User:Stinkoman K|Stinkoman K]]
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[[Category:HRWiki Committees]]
[[Category:HRWiki Committees]]
[[Category:HRWiki Maintenance]]
[[Category:HRWiki Maintenance]]

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This committee helps to ensure that all wiki pages validate as proper XHTML and CSS. This means stripping out bad code, replacing it with good code, and helping to educate our community on what tags can and can't be used in valid code.

First order of business — font tags

There are many <font color="ABC">text</font> tags hanging out here and there. Many people are using them in their sigs. Since font tags are allowed in XHTML 1.0 Transitional, it's okay if people want to continue using them, but they should make sure to enclose the color declaration in quotation marks to keep things valid. However, we should try to switch to everyone to <span style="color: #abc;">text</span>. This method is much more forward compatible.

Firefox validation extension

For those who use Mozilla Firefox, there's a great extension for validating pages on the fly. It's called HTML Validator. This should be helpful in patrolling the wiki for invalid markup, and is recommended for all validation committee members who use Firefox.


  1. JoeyDay
  2. Tom
  3. The Paper
  4. Rainer
  5. Ed smildE
  6. firefoxman
  7. woddfellow2
  8. Stinkoman K
  9. AtionSong
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