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The Homestar Runner Wiki (HRWiki) is a collaborative encyclopedia designed to chronicle and document the growth of There are certain things it should not be mistaken for:


HRWiki is not Wikipedia

While the Homestar Runner Wiki uses the same software as Wikipedia and has much in common, it is not part of Wikipedia, nor is it in any way affiliated with Wikipedia's parent organization, the Wikimedia Foundation. Thus, many practices and policies at the Homestar Runner Wiki are different from those at Wikipedia.

Miscellaneous information or long explanations are generally discouraged on HRWiki. Information on an HRWiki page cannot stray from that page's subject, and pages not related to Homestar Runner are not to be created. If a term or concept may need to be explained, it is best only to link to a Wikipedia page regarding that item; the information is not to be written on the page itself or added as a new page.

HRWiki is not a web host

The Homestar Runner Wiki is not for hosting media, blogs, or links. However, users are allowed to link to websites within the guidelines of the HRWiki User space policy, and upload images within the Image use and Personal image policies. Uploading of media other than images is strictly prohibited.

HRWiki is not a social network

Users of the Homestar Runner Wiki can maintain user spaces and are free to interact with other users. While making friends is certainly allowed and encouraged, it must be kept in mind that this is not the main focus of the community. HRWiki is intended to document Homestar Runner topics and information, and users that do not contribute to the project are not appreciated.

HRWiki is not a fansite

The Homestar Runner Wiki is not a place to publish Homestar Runner-related creative work. Fanfiction and other written work, though allowed on userpages, is discouraged on HRWiki. Uploading of artwork or photos of Homestar Runner art is allowed by the Personal Image policy, but is generally regarded the same way. Fanstuff is far more appreciated at our sister wiki, the Fanstuff Wiki.

HRWiki is not a forum

The purpose of HRWiki talk pages is to allow discussion of the content of the pages they accompany. Talk pages are not for chit-chatting even if it does relate to Homestar Runner. (See Talk page policy.) Instead, the Homestar Runner Wiki hosts a forum at for non-encyclopedic discussion and an IRC channel for casual chat.

HRWiki is not a soapbox

The Homestar Runner Wiki is not a place to publicly express opinions on current events or politics. Any speeches must relate directly to Homestar Runner or the Homestar Runner Wiki.

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