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A WikiTroll is a person who purposefully defaces a document on a wiki. There are a few methods in place for dealing with WikiTrolls.


How to revert a page

Any page can be reverted back to a previous version. Here's how:

  • sysop: Simply click "history" at the top of the page you wish to roll back. Position the radio buttons at the current version and the version you want to roll back to, then click "Compare selected versions". Next, click the "rollback" link near the upper right side of the page (directly to the right of the most recent author's name).
  • non-sysop: Simply click "history" at the top of the page you wish to roll back. Then click on the time and date of the archived version you want to revert back to. The page will appear with the version indicated at the top of the page, just underneath the page title. Next, click "edit" at the top of the page. Add a note in the Summary box that you are reverting the page because of a troll, and then click "Save page".

After repeated defacings, an offender's IP address can be blocked by several users who have admin rights. These admins pay careful attention to this page, and will block IP addresses where/when appropriate.

Known Offenders

If you see any suspicious, defamatory, or objectionable behavior by any individuals on our wiki, please add their IP address to the list following the same format as the example shown below. For our purposes, an "offense" is defined as the defacement of a single document of our wiki.


Date IP Address and Contributions Pages defaced Description
12/13/2004 (all edits) Page Defaced actual edit Description of dastardly deed.


For a listing of older offenders, please see the archive.

Date IP Address and Contributions Pages defaced Description
7/2/05 (all edits) Floppy Disk Container [1], HRWiki:Featured articles [2] Blanked pages. Previous trolling 20 Jun 2005
7/3/05 (all edits) Yearbook Character Page [3] Added "you suck" to page.
7/5/05 (all edits) Happy Fireworks [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10] Immature troll. Changed words like "loafing" to "pooping" and "facts" to "fats."
7/5/05 (all edits) HRWiki:The Stick [11] Recurring troll.
7/6/05 Fricky Dee (all edits) Many pages, including island [12], long pants [13], The Barbershop Trio [14], Keyboard Strong Bad [15] Typical trolling, insulted Joey Day. Somehow used Kinsey's Ip address.
7/6/05 (all edits) HRWiki:STUFF [16], Template:STUFF/time capsule [17], Template:STUFF/boring (really) [18], Toons [19] Added gibberish to pages.
7/7/05 (all edits) PAY PLUS! [20], HRWiki:The Stick [21] [22], Teen Girl Squad [23], Teen Girl Squad Issue 3 [24], Coach Z Ale [25], Puppet Stuff [26] [27], H* updates 2005 [28] Blanked parts of pages, added typical troll-remarks to others.
7/9/05 (all edits) Peasant's Quest [29] Added an obscene comment.
7/10/05 (all edits) Help:Contents [30] Spam
7/11/05 Tri-8 (all edits) Many Pages, including Toons, They Might Be Giants, Marzipan's Answering Machine, Puppet Jam: Vitamins/Celebrities and Puppet Jam: Mission Control Moved to troll pages, such that insult other members and use explicit language. Has earned a permanent ban.
7/12/05 (all edits) The Kinda Long Haired Band [31], Tastes Like Chicken Interview [32] [33] Spam
7/12/05 (all edits) Talk:bottom 10 [34] Being insulting
7/13/05 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [35], Mary Palaroncini [36], Limozeen [37], Talk:depressio [38] Replacing legit content with garbage like "keep ip da good work k? ur fan, aaron s"
7/14/05 (all edits) Population: Tire [39], [40], [41], [42] Blanking
7/15/05 (all edits) HRWiki:The Stick [43], [44], [45] Explicit content
7/17/05 (all edits) Secret Pages [46], [47] Blanked a section, added nonsense and fan raves.
7/17/05 (all edits) Stinkoman 20X6 [48] Spamming; uses same network ip (different subnetwork) as similar spammer blocked 4 hours ago.
7/17/05 (all edits) band names [49], [50], [51], [52], [53], [54], [55], [56], [57] Adds vandalism, then reverts it.
7/17/05 (all edits) User talk:Tom [58] Similar spam as and
7/17/05 (all edits) Talk:dangeresque 3 [59] Spam
7/17/05 (all edits) do over [60] Blanked much of the transcript. Has a history of bad edits, including some insultish remarks on talk pages.
7/17/05 (all edits) do over [61] Blanked Fun Facts section.
7/18/05 (all edits) Nibbles [62], [63] Added junk to the page.
7/18/05 (all edits) HRWiki:STUFF [64] Spam.
7/19/05 (all edits) HRWiki:Sandbox [65], [66], [67] Removed sanbox template.
7/19/05 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [68] Blanked page. Previously blanked montage and apoligized on 7/18/05
7/20/05 (all edits) Strong Bad Email[69], Puppet Time[70], Homestar Runner and Strong Bad Screensaver[71], Help:Contents[72], HRWiki:The Stick[73], and H* updates 2005[74]. Blanked Pages
7/20/05 (all edits) Lappy 486 [75] Blanked page.
7/20/05 (all edits)different town [76]Spam links
7/22/05 (all edits) Bug in Mouth Disease [77], [78], [79], [80], [81], [82]; stunt double [83] The "dollar" troll. History of troll edits throughout June and July.
7/22/05 (all edits) origins [84] [85] Blanked page à la The Virus
7/22/05 (all edits) HRWiki:FAQ [86] Blanked FAQ
7/24/05 (all edits) Many Pages, including HRWiki:Standards [87], [88], [89], [90], [91], [92], HRWiki:The Stick [93], [94], HRWiki:WikiTroll [95] Added needless commentary to pages, blanked sections.
7/24/05 (all edits) HRWiki:STUFF [96] Spam
7/27/05 (all edits) HRWiki:STUFF [97] Spam
7/27/05 (all edits) Strong Bad [98] Explicit spam
8/1/05 (all edits) Stinkoman 20X6 Walkthrough Level 8 [99], Talk:Stinkoman 20X6 Walkthrough Level 8 [100], [101] Page blanking
8/2/05 (all edits) HRWiki:The Stick [102] [103] [104] [105] [106] [107] [108] [109] [110], H* updates 2005 [111], Strong Bad Email [112] [113], Galoob [114] Page vandalism, worthless page creation. Wanted a dollar.
8/2/05 (all edits) HRWiki:The Stick [115] [116] [117] [118], HRWiki:Recent changes patrol [119] Page vandalism, worthless page creation.
8/4/05 (all edits) MegamanEXE (all edits) Template:STUFF/Stinkomanual [120], [121], [122], [123], User:BazookaJoe [124], [125], User talk: [126] Deletes and changes other users' votes in STUFF. Warned, but continues. Changes warning message to one that encourages trolling. History of trolling in the past month. Blanked parts of BazookaJoe's user page.
8/5/05 Zeenerman (all edits) HRWiki:WikiTroll [127], User talk:FireBird [128], strongbad email.exe Disc Four [129], Stinkoman [130], Telebision Toons Menu [131] [132], Sickly Sam [133], The am morning "CRUDE" crew [134] [135], Secret Song (video) [136], Lappy 486 [137], kind of cool [138], comic [139], The Little Chef Guy [140], Puppet Stuff [141], HRWiki:The Stick [142], Peasantry [143], The Ghost [144], Main Pages [145], Strong Bad Email [146] Obscene, illicit, suggestive, and otherwise offensive edits; attacks on admins
8/5/05 Bubs@bubs.bubs (all edits) HRWiki:Sandbox [147] [148] Removed sandbox template. Suspected sockpuppet [149].
8/5/05 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [150] Extremely offensive edit summary and blanked page
8/6/05 (all edits) Talk:Marzipan [151] Talk:Witches' Brew [152] Spam
8/7/05 (all edits) Puppet Jam: Vitamins/Celebrities [153], Strong Bad Email [154], [155], [156], Holiday Toons [157], [158], [159], Marzipan's Answering Machine [160] [161], Puppet Stuff [162], Main Pages [163], [164], User:BazookaJoe [165], [166], [167], Category:To be deleted [168], HRWiki:WikiTroll [169] [170] HRWiki:Sandbox [171], [172], [173], [174] (in progress) Adding derogatory comments to pages. Deleting sections. Adding insults. Blanking BazookaJoe's user page. Warned but continues.
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