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A WikiTroll is a person who purposefully defaces a document on a wiki. There are a few methods in place for dealing with WikiTrolls.


How to revert a page

Any page can be reverted back to a previous version. Here's how:

  • sysop: Simply click "history" at the top of the page you wish to roll back. Position the radio buttons at the current version and the version you want to roll back to, then click "Compare selected versions". Next, click the "rollback" link near the upper right side of the page (directly to the right of the most recent author's name).
  • non-sysop: Simply click "history" at the top of the page you wish to roll back. Then click on the time and date of the archived version you want to revert back to. The page will appear with the version indicated at the top of the page, just underneath the page title. Next, click "edit" at the top of the page. Add a note in the Summary box that you are reverting the page because of a troll, and then click "Save page".

After repeated defacings, an offender's IP address can be blocked by several users who have admin rights. These admins pay careful attention to this page, and will block IP addresses where/when appropriate.

Known Offenders

If you see any suspicious, defamatory, or objectionable behavior by any individuals on our wiki, please add their IP address to the list following the same format as the example shown below. For our purposes, an "offense" is defined as the defacement of a single document of our wiki.

Now, this table format might be a bit confusing, so if you can't figure out how to add people to it, just toss the date, IP address, and pages defaced down at the bottom of the page and someone will add it in for you. We're flexible like that.


Date IP Address and Contributions Pages defaced Description
12/13/2004 (all edits) Page Defaced actual edit Description of dastardly deed.


For a listing of older offenders, please see the archive.

Date IP Address and Contributions Pages defaced Description
2/1/2005 (all edits) crazy cartoon [1] Added "Mason" after all istances of "Josh" in crazy cartoon.
2/1/2005 (all edits) date [2] Replaced "Dynomite!" with "butthole" in date.
2/2/2005 (all edits) Mr. Bland [3], Talk: H* updates [4], eh al, Talk:eh al Defaced Mr. Bland, Talk: H* updates; added eh al, Talk:eh al, impersonated FireBird.
2/2/2005 DragonDj (all edits) DraGonx, etc. Created several spam pages and linked to them from other articles. See
2/2/2005 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [5] Talk:Strong Bad Email [6] Talk:H* updates [7] replacement [8] Fluffy Puff Air Puffed Sugar Delights [9] Talk:Main Page [10] HRWiki:WikiTroll [11] User:FireBird [12] [13] User talk:FireBird [14] Trolled several pages. Impersonated Joey Day, FireBird, and daunrealist.
2/4/2005 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [15], HRWiki:WikiTroll [16] Defaced Strong Bad Email and HRWiki:WikiTroll.
2/4/2005 (all edits) flashback [17] Blanked Trivia section
2/5/2005 miniman (all edits) Defaced User:Renegade Master.
2/4/2005 (all edits) HRWiki:Standards [18] Spammed HRWiki:Standards.
2/6/2005 (all edits) Pom Pom's girls [19] Blanked out Complete Filmography section
2/7/2005 (all edits) HRWiki:WikiTroll [20], Talk:Main Page [21] Impersonated FireBird and Tom by adding rude, fake comments to Talk:Main Page. Also added FireBird to WikiTroll.
2/7/2005 (all edits) Super Kingio Brothers [22] Added profanity to Super Kingio Brothers
2/11/2005 (all edits) Strong Bad Evolution [23] Defaced pages
2/11/2005 (all edits) Toons [24] Defaced pages (same as above troll; dynamic IP?)
2/11/2005 (all edits) HRWiki:Select The Usable Fun Facts [25] Added HTML mouseover spam and attempted to pose as The Pardack. Has also previously impersonated Lord Pikachon
2/12/2005 (all edits) Decemberween Email Menu Trolled by adding "DORKS!" to the page.
2/12/2005 (all edits) strongbad email.exe [26] Added "Like Woah." to the page.
2/12/2005 (all edits) Bear-Shark [27] Erased it; added "hi".
2/16/2005 (all edits) Swiss Cake Rolls [28] Added some incredibly immature content, including extreme cursing and inappropriate words.
2/16/2005 (all edits) User:Drhaggis [29], Strong Bad Email [30] Blanked pages, replacing them with obscene comments.
2/16/2005 (all edits) Shopping for Danger [31], Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon [32], Salad Daze [33], for kids [34]. pom pom [35] Blanked several transcripts.
2/17/2005 (all edits) Strong Bad's Message Bored [36], Blanked page, advertised some crap.
2/17/2005 (all edits) Broken Compy Menu [37], Blanked "external links".
2/17/2005 (all edits) HRWiki:WikiTroll [38], Blanked WikiTroll, added "butts" numerous times and also added profanity.
2/18/2005 (all edits) Help:Editing [39], Malloween Commercial [40], various spam pages Filled Help:Editing, Malloween Commercial, and other pages that they created with tons of garbage links
2/18/2005 pertmywert/ (forgot to log in) (all edits) User:InterruptorJones [41], User:TheNintenGenius [42], Erased IJ's and TheNintenGenius's pages, because they "edited his site" (apparently, he thinks that no one is allowed to edit his talk page). IJ left a comment, which linked to TheNintenGenius's user page, so this guy just erased them both.
2/20/2005 (all edits) Peasant's Quest Walkthrough [43] Blanked part of page
2/21/2005 (all edits) Strong Bad's Message Bored [44] Spammed.
2/21/2005 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [45], Template:Strong Bad Email [46] ??? sbmail125 Quotes [47] Created pages like ??? and sbmail125 that only said "unreleased." Kept insisting on adding sbem125 on the Strong Bad Email page and on the email template. Also got rid of to be deleted tag on Quotes page.
2/21/2005 (all edits) HRWiki:Protected page [48] Went on about the advantages of eating feces.
2/22-23/05 (all edits) (all edits) (all edits)
Strong Bad's Message Bored [49] [50] [51] Yet more spam cluttering this poor page; will it never cease?
2/23/2005 (all edits) Thy Dungeonman 2 [52] [53] Blanked out whole sections and replaced them with obscene and pointless comments.
2/24/05 User: (all edits) User:Happy [54] [55] [56] Defaced User:Happy and replaced it with a nonsense comment, but then attempted to revert the edit several times. This is their second offense.
2/24/05 User: (all edits) Strong Bad's Message Bored [57] Spammed Strong Bad's Message Bored. Will the spamming never cease?
2/24/05 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [58] [59] [60] Talk:Strong Bad Email [61] Spammed Strong Bad Email. This is this IP's second offense. Also complained about the ads he put up on the talk page
2/24/05 (all edits) Strong Bad's Message Bored [62] Spammed Strong Bad's Message Bored. More Spam...
2/24/05 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [63] [64] Spammed with a twisted link to its own edit page over and over and over and over... A repeat offender, but apparently never WikiTrolled in the past.
2/24/05 DragonOj (all edits) The Chekt [65], Weclome, Experimental Film, Killingyouguy, DraGona, DraGonb, etc. etc. etc. Not him AGAIN...
2/25/05 (all edits) Strong Bad's Message Bored [66] Spammed Strong Bad's Message Bored again with the spamming!
2/25/05 (all edits) HRWiki:Sandbox [67] Blanked HRWiki:Sandbox and replaced it with a childish remark.
2/25/05 (all edits) Coach Z Talker [68] Changed some of the words in the Coach Z Talker
2/25/05 (all edits) Select The Usable Fun Facts Archive [69] Removed "Homestar Presents: Presents" section of STUFF archive page
2/26/05 (all edits) Characters [70] Replaced all the text on the page with "logan likes pie." Second offense: last one was very similar.
2/26/05 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [71] Replaced the word "Emails" in the heading with the word "Poots."
2/27/05 Pop tire (all edits) Superbowl Dealie [72] Removed the transcript and replaced it with a personal commentary about the quality of the 'toon. Even signed it!
2/27/05 pertmywert (all edits) Sandbox [73] Blanked out sandbox template. This is not a first time offense for this user.
2/27/05 (all edits) Sandbox [74] Removed sandbox template
2/27/05 (all edits) rock opera [75] DraGona, DraGonb, DraGonthis, DraGonthat... It's dragonloser all over again. Everyone who's been here for a while knows how he works; spam on one page linking to a bunch of DraGon pages that repeat the spam.
3/1/05 (all edits) Sandbox [76] Removed sandbox template
3/2/05 (all edits) PhoneTime XL8 [77] Tried to convince readers that in inanimate object's butt is stupid and it's IQ is zero.
3/3/05 (all edits) Strong Bad's Message Bored [78] Blanked part of Strong Bad's Message Bored and replaced with a spam link.
3/3/05 (all edits) Strong Bad's Message Bored [79] Same as edit above.
3/6/05 (all edits) Strong Bad's Message Bored [80] He's at it again.
2/24/05, 3/4/05, 3/7/05 (all edits) HRWiki:About [81] [82] [83] Added spam links on three separate occasions but somehow missed the WikiTroll page in the meantime.
3/7/05 (all edits) Strong Bad's Message Bored Take a wild guess. This time he kept on doing it, over and over again, to the point reverting was a pain in the rear end (waaaay too many edit conflicts).
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