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A WikiTroll is a person who purposefully defaces a document on a wiki. There are a few methods in place for dealing with WikiTrolls.


How to revert a page

Any page can be reverted back to a previous version. Here's how:

  • sysop: Simply click "history" at the top of the page you wish to roll back. Position the radio buttons at the current version and the version you want to roll back to, then click "Compare selected versions". Next, click the "rollback" link near the upper right side of the page (directly to the right of the most recent author's name).
  • non-sysop: Simply click "history" at the top of the page you wish to roll back. Then click on the time and date of the archived version you want to revert back to. The page will appear with the version indicated at the top of the page, just underneath the page title. Next, click "edit" at the top of the page. Add a note in the Summary box that you are reverting the page because of a troll, and then click "Save page".

After repeated defacings, an offender's IP address can be blocked by several users who have admin rights. These admins pay careful attention to this page, and will block IP addresses where/when appropriate.

Known Offenders

If you see any suspicious, defamatory, or objectionable behavior by any individuals on our wiki, please add their IP address to the list following the same format as the example shown below. For our purposes, an "offense" is defined as the defacement of a single document of our wiki.

Now, this table format might be a bit confusing, so if you can't figure out how to add people to it, just toss the date, IP address, and pages defaced down at the bottom of the page and someone will add it in for you. We're flexible like that.


Date IP Address and Contributions Pages defaced Description
12/13/2004 (all edits) Page Defaced actual edit Description of dastardly deed.


For a listing of older offenders, please see the archive.

Date IP Address and Contributions Pages defaced Description
4/02/05 all edits PAY PLUS! [1], H* updates 2001 [2], H* updates 2002 [3] Removed transcript section of the page H*R Pay Plus!, blanked out the other two pages.
4/6/05 all edits Strong Bad Email [4], long pants [5] General word replacement - a repeat offender
4/6/05 all edits StrongBadZone [6], homsar [7], Strong Bad Email [8], Planet K [9], weird dream [10], sisters [11], DELETED [12] General trolling and stupidity
4/7/05 all edits main page (sic) [13] Created utterly worthless fake main page.
4/7/05 all edits weird dream [14], old comics [15], Strong Bad Email [16] [17] Changed the picture names (making them unusable) and attempted to link Strong Bad Email to itself
4/7/05 all edits Strong Bad Email [18], Teen Girl Squad [19] Filled Strong Bad Email and Teen Girl Squad with tons of links.
4/8/05 all edits Blue Laser minion [20] Added spam links to Blue Laser minion.
4/8/05 all edits colonization [21], lunch special [22] Added fake Easter eggs and dialogue (subtle trolling is still trolling)
4/8/05 all edits Strong Bad Email [23] Attempted to form a petition to un-ban him from the forums (somewhat ironic if you think about it...)
4/8/05 all edits the basics [24] [25] Added fake dialogue. Then blanked the page.
4/8/05 all edits Pom Pom [26] [27], Category:Character Variations [28], Female Lappy 486 [29] Added explicit comments on several pages.
4/8/05 and similar others all edits (187.213) all edits (187.91) all edits (184.89) all edits (184.218) all edits (166.4) all edits (184.211) all edits (184.219) all edits (166.3) Peasant's Quest [30] [31], HRWiki:FAQ [32] [33] [34], Talk:FAQ [35] [36] [37], HRWiki talk:FAQ [38] [39] [40] Filled pages with spam links.
4/9/05 all edits 50 emails [41] [42] [43] [44], POOP [45] Made juvenile edits, created useless POOP page.
4/9/05 all edits long pants [46] Removed Fun Facts and replaced with "Hola".
4/10/05 all edits Snow Globe [47] Replaced the Snow Globe text with an extremely "witty" comment.
4/10/05 all edits Strong Bad Email Sketchbook (video) sibbie booOOMbox Decemberween Email Menu take-a-break.exe The Birds video games Ghetto Blastro Marzipan's Gazebo Keyboard Strong Bad Third Games Menu Teen Girl Squad Replaced words on many pages with a line about McDonalds sucking.
4/10/05 all edits long pants [48] [49], Sightings [50] Replaced words on Sightings page and replaced long pants with mindless crap.
4/10/05 all edits Coach Z's Team [51] Talk:Coach Z's Team [52] Removed Coach Z's Team from deletion category, and edited other user's comments from disparaging to supportive.
4/11/05 all edits

The Reddest Radish [53] [54] [55], User:Homestar Coder [56], rampage [57], Strong Bad's Website [58] [59], Larry Palaroncini [60],

General trolling.
12/4/05 all edits

Quote of the Week [61]

Blanked all the quotes from the page
4/12/05 all edits HRWiki:FAQ [62] Dirty rotten spammer (has similar IP to an above user, probably the same person. Responsible for other spam as well with other slightly different IPs.)
4/13/05 all edits Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 1 [63] Added loads of swears.
4/13/05 all edits Coach Z's Team Keeps creating the frigging page over and over again, even though it's useless. Has yet to say why he keeps re-creating it.
4/14/05 all edits caffeine (mostly) HRWiki:Select The Usable Fun Facts Keyboard Strong Bad The System Is Down (song) ABA Basketball Pom Pom King Dingo The Goblin HRWiki:WikiTroll Little Strong Sad gimmicks Archibald Powered by The Cheat secret recipes Duck Pond Teen Girl Squad Old Man Strong Bad Clock Legal HRWiki:Welcoming committee Homestar vs. Little Girl In Search Of The Yello Dello DVD Edgarware interview website Anonymous The Office Blue Laser minion and H* updates 2003! Constantly trolled very many pages, including adding insults to the users who attempted to revert said trolling and blanking pages.
4/14/05 all edits Quote of the Week [64] The Guys [65] User:Jay [66] Added enough exclamation points to QoW to mess up the page, added obscenity to The Guys, and erased a section of Jay's userpage while making suicide threats.
4/15/05 all edits Talk:Main Page [67] Blue Laser minion [68] Strong Bad Email [69] User:acekirby13 [70] Blanked pages, replaced text with vulgar language, replaced words, and lots of other annoying stuff. Also made Asian-character spam links near the middle of the Strong Bad Email page. Subtle trolling is still trolling.
4/16/05 all edits HRWiki:FAQ [71] [72] Talk:FAQ [73] [74] HRWiki:FAQ [75] Peasant's Quest [76] Talk:H* updates 2001 [77] Limozeen Thanksgiving E-cards [78] Zubs and Coach B [79] Talk:H* updates 2005 [80] Added heaps of inappropriate external links.
4/16/05 all edits secret recipes [81] A very repeat offender. As per usual, he adds wrong Easter Eggs and dialogue to transcripts. Do the mods even care?
4/16/05 all edits fingers [82] Trolled the DVD commentary
4/17/05 (all edits) User:TheRealZajac [83] [84] Made an edit asking "hey guys whats up", and immediately reverted his own edit to a previously reverted edit/threat by
4/18/05 (all edits) Duck Pond [85] Replaced External Links with an immature message.
4/19/05 (all edits) theme party [86] [87] [88] [89] Repeatedly added immature comments.
4/20/05 (all edits) HRWiki:About [90] Spammer.
4/21/05 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [91] Marzipan's Answering Machine [92] [93] Teen Girl Squad [94] Help:Editing [95] Glossary [96] Sightings [97] Deleted entire sections.
4/21/05 (all edits) Help:Contents [98], HRWiki:About [99] Spammer
4/21/05 (all edits) HRWiki:Sandbox [100] Removed sandbox template
4/21/05 (all edits) rampage [101] [102] Added fake Easter eggs and "DVD version" info to rampage (Repeat offender)
4/22/05 (all edits) Strong Bad Email By Length [103] Replaced the page with stupidity.
4/22/05 (all edits) Character Cards Replaced the page with stupidity.
4/23/05 (all edits) long pants [104] Pom Pom [105] A Jorb Well Done [106] Puppet Stuff [107] Games [108] Powered by The Cheat [109] Quote of the Week [110] The Cheat [111] Replaced links with wrong locations, among other things.
4/23/05 (all edits) HRWiki:WikiTroll More "onMouseOver" crap, and blanking of various links to IP addresses. On the troll page, to boot. At least that makes reporting him convenient...
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