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|| 8/23/05 || [[User:|]] ([[Special:Contributions/|all edits)]] || [[Games]] [], [], [] || Spammer
|| 8/23/05 || [[User:|]] ([[Special:Contributions/|all edits)]] || [[Games]] [], [], [] || Spammer
|| 8/23/05 || [[User:The Fucking Frink|The Fucking Frink]] ([[Special:Contributions/The Fucking Frink|all edits]]) || [[strongbad_email.exe Disc One]], [[Talk:strongbad_email.exe Disc One]], [[Old Man]] || Page move vandal. Doesn't the username sound like a vandal, too?
|| 8/23/05 || [[User:The Fucking Frink|The Fucking Frink]] ([[Special:Contributions/The Fucking Frink|all edits]]) || [[strongbad_email.exe Disc One]], [[Talk:strongbad_email.exe Disc One]], [[Old Man]] || Page move vandal.
|| 8/23/05 || [[User:|]] ([[Special:Contributions/|all edits]]) || [[What's Her Face]] [] || Inappropriate edit/troll.
|| 8/23/05 || [[User:|]] ([[Special:Contributions/|all edits]]) || [[What's Her Face]] [] || Inappropriate edit/troll.

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This is an archive of HRWiki:WikiTroll from September 2004 through early March 2006, before it was decided that listing trolls and vandals was unnecessary.



Date IP Address and Contributions Pages defaced Description
Sept 26, 2004 defaced Main Page, Homsar Main Page, comic, pom pom, and M.J. Blocked.
Sept 26, 2004 defaced Bubs' Concession Stand, Strong Badia, Strong Bad's Basement, Computer Room, The Stick, Free Country, USA and Crazy Go Nuts University.
Sept 27, 2004 User gokugod defaced Main Page.
Sept 29, 2004 defaced Talk:Main Page
Oct 2, 2004 defaced Dangeresque (film series)
Oct 4, 2004 added profanity to HRWiki:Sandbox
Oct 4, 2004 added profanity to the Main Page.
Oct 5, 2004 deleted Fun Facts from other days and time capsule, defaced time capsule
Oct 8, 2004 trolled Quotes
Oct 9, 2004 added pointless comment to Main Page
Oct 10, 2004 added pointless Fun Fact to time_capsule
Oct 12, 2004 - Replaced all text in the HRWiki:Sandbox with a link to the "page" ALL IS ON! FEEL IT FEEL IT FEEL IT FEEL IT!
Oct 13, 2004 Removed much of the material from Quotes that he apparently didn't like.
Oct 13, 2004 Removed the Main Page, and trolled... the WikiTroll section
Oct. 14, 2004 Added mature content to Senor Mortgage, Main Page and Marshmallow's Last Stand
Oct. 16, 2004 Created fake "Television Show" page
Oct. 16, 2004 Trolled Glossary
Oct 16, 2004 Vandalized HRWiki:About
Oct 17, 2004 Added profanity to Characters
Oct 19, 2004 Immature addition in Fun Facts on sibbie.
Oct 19, 2004 Trolled woddfellow2
Oct 20, 2004 Added rude comment to Legal
Oct 22, 2004 Trolled Main Page
Oct 22, 2004 Blanked and trolled Dangeresque (film series)
Oct 22, 2004 Defaced Teen Girl Squad Issue 1
Oct 22, 2004 Trolled halloweener and HRWiki:Sandbox
Oct 22, 2004 Immature addition to Talk:Senor Mortgage
Oct 22, 2004 Trolled Cheap as Free, Peasant's Quest, and the Main Page
Oct 24, 2004 Trolled TROGDOR!
Oct 24, 2004 Defaced duck pond
Oct 25, 2004 Created Talk:Teen Girl Squad Issue 5 and made profane comments.
Oct 25, 2004 Trolled Super Kingio Brothers, Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 10.2, and Pom Pom, Too
Oct 25, 2004 Trolled Under Construction
Oct 26, 2004 Added pointless links to Main Page
Oct 27, 2004 Added unecessary punctuation and pointless comment to Strong Bad Email
Oct 29, 2004 Created "The Simpsons" page
Oct 31, 2004 Defaced Main Page, Toons and Halloween Fairstival.
Oct 31, 2004 Defaced ghosts
Oct 31, 2004 Trolled labor day
Nov 1, 2004 Defaced Nighttime Driving Type Game by adding profanity to the Easter Egg transcript.
Nov 1, 2004 Defaced Dangeresque (film series)
Nov 3, 2004 Trolled HRWiki:Sandbox
Nov 3, 2004 Trolled User:spellchecka
Nov 4, 2004 defaced labor day
Dec 5, 2004 defaced Fortune Cookies
Nov 4, 2004 Trolled Legal and made several nonsense pages
Nov 4, 2004 Deleted portions of the Main Page and Strong Bad Email
Nov 5, 2004 Trolled Main Page and Everybody Knows It
Nov 8, 2004 Deleted everything in Help:Contents and Powered by The Cheat, deleted portions of Peasant's Quest Walkthrough
Nov 8, 2004 Trolled Pom Pom's Girls
Nov 9, 2004 Trolled Stickly Man, Category:Main Characters, and Experimental Film
Nov 10, 2004 Defaced Main Page
Nov 10, 2004 Added spam to Kobe #1
Nov 12, 2004 Trolled japanese cartoon
Nov 13, 2004 Added spam to strongbad_email.exe and cheat talk, and tons of other stuff, including this very page!
Nov 13, 2004 deleted large portions of "Rejects" page.
Nov 16, 2004 Trolled Main Page by adding "homsar woot woot" and a broken image link.
Nov 16, 2004 Trolled Main Page multiple times.
Nov 18, 2004 Created Fhqwhgads (karaoke), Dangeresque (karaoke), Nite Mamas (karaoke), and Trogdor! (karaoke) and placed profanity and offensive statements on the pages.
Nov 18, 2004 Replaced Main Page, Talk:Main Page with one word, and Strong Bad Email, and Talk:Strong Bad Email with no words.
Nov 18, 2004 Added rude comment to Day at the Park
Nov. 14, 2004 Defaced "Cheat" in Sightings by adding a fictional statement
Nov 19, 2004 Defaced Main Page
Oct 13, 2004 Added a talk page to gimmicks consisting of little but rather explicit descriptions of mature content.
Nov 19, 2004 Deleted content on the Main Page, replacing it with a very rude comment.
Nov 20, 2004 Added a terrible comment to Craig Zobel.
Nov 20, 2004 User SonicTailsKnuckles Defaced's talk page with personal insults, added spam to Main Page then deleted it
Nov 20, 2004 Created Ryan Sterritt page and added rude comment
Nov 21, 2004 Added unneccesary external links to "Rejects" page
Oct 16, 2004 Added fake dialogue to the Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 11.2 transcript
Nov 21, 2004 Created "Puppet Homestar Runner" page, added characters to Puppet Time and Puppet Jam: Tropical Lazor Beams that don't appear in them, added fake dialogue to the virus transcript
Nov 21, 2004 Created page "The weather in London" (that isn't supposed to be created)
Nov 21, 2004 Trolled FireBird's userspace
Nov 22, 2004 Added "Matt is so cool" to Fluffy Puff Malloweens
Nov 22, 2004 Defaced virus and severely defaced pom pom
Nov 22, 2004 Defaced Sandbox
Nov 22, 2004 Trolled the Main Page twice
Nov 22, 2004 Created page "The weather in London" (that isn't supposed to be created)
Nov 22, 2004 Deleted most of Quote of the Week, trolled Senor Cardgage
Nov 22, 2004 Trolled The Brothers Chaps many times.
Nov 23, 2004 Created "No Loafing" and "Scroll Button Songs" pages with junk in them, defaced Strong Badman, trolled User Talk:Stu, and defaced Strong Bad Email.
Nov 24, 2004 User ryanasaurus007 Put unneeded comment on Main Page
Nov 24, 2004 Put a bad external link and ad on top of Main Page.
Nov 24, 2004 'Dillon' Trolled Strong Bad Email and Main Page.
Nov 24, 2004 Trolled Pom Pom
Nov 24, 2004 Trolled Image:the cheat.PNG
Nov 24, 2004 Changed "Decemberween" to "Novemberween" on Litigation Jackson.
Nov 26, 2004 Added very profane comment to the Peasant's Quest Walkthrough.
Nov 26, 2004 Defaced Main Page.
Nov 27, 2004 Replaced most of Holiday with "YOUR SITE IS BROKEN"
Nov 28, 2004 Defaced a section on Thy Dungeonman.
Nov 28, 2004 Trolled Main Page
Nov 28, 2004 Trolled making out
Nov 29, 2004 Severely defaced Main Page
Nov 29, 2004 Trolled the Main Page
Nov 29, 2004 Blanked Peasant's Quest Walkthrough
Nov. 30, 2004 Added random and useless links to Main Page.
Dec 1, 2004 Trolled stunt double, created "blank page", "blargidy borfs", and "sjkergshkergh" pages. Also trolled the Main Page, but reverted his trolling.
Dec 1, 2004 Added rude comment to Naked Ned
Dec 1, 2004 Created "tgies" page
Dec 2, 2004 Defaced Strong Bad Email
Dec 2, 2004 Blanked image and large section of Cold One
Dec 3, 2004 Deleted paragraph of Cold One, again
Dec 3, 2004 Personally attacked User:Cheatasaurusrex by putting "I am a stupid guy" in the black space.
Dec 3, 2004 Placing derogatory marks on Talk:Main Page
Dec 3, 2004 Removed a section on HRWiki:About
Nov 7, 2004 Defaced Main Page and added horrible comment to Toons, but removed his/her comment in Toons.
Dec 4, 2004 Trolled Happy's userspace four times (left horrible comments three times, deleted a large portion of the page once)
Dec 4, 2004 Changed "Decemberween" to "Christmasween" in The Best Decemberween Ever.
Dec 4, 2004 Added a degrading comment to Image:trogdor.png
Dec 6, 2004 Trolled HRWiki:Select The Usable Fun Facts twice
Dec 6, 2004 Created user page with foul language
Dec 6, 2004 Added "har har har" to HRWiki:About.
Dec 7, 2004 Defaced Strong Bad Email.
Dec 7, 2004 Defaced Strong Bad Email and Main Page.
Dec 7, 2004 Removed the {{sandbox}} template from HRWiki:Sandbox
Dec 7, 2004 Added unneccesary comment to Main Page 22
Dec 7, 2004 Spammed cheatday and created twenty useless pages devoted to his/her spam.
Dec 7, 2004 Vanalized Main Page
Dec 9, 2004 Added keyboard mashings to army.
Dec 9, 2004 Created worthless Wilbur page
Dec 9, 2004 Spammed Main Page and HRWiki talk:FAQ.
Nov 10, 2004 Trolled User Talk:FireBird twice by adding "I am dumb" and "I spelled Mozzillaa and grammar wrong", but then removed comments.
Dec 11, 2004 Added rude and insulting comment to User Talk:FireBird. ("I don't like you.")
Dec 11, 2004 Trolled Firebird's user page by deleting it and talk by rewording it.
Dec 11, 2004 Added a false Linking Rule to the Links Page.
Dec 11, 2004 Spammed animal.
Dec 12, 2004 Spammed 30+ pages, including Homestar Runner, Strong Sad, The Cheat, and Strong Bad several other biography pages similarly. Also spammed Help:Contents, Marzipan's Answering Machine, and the Main Page repeatedly
Dec 2, 2004 Trolled The Real Zajac's user page by adding "I'm a dork. A huge dork and loser. DELORTED!"
Jan 3, 2004 Went into HRWiki:WikiTroll and deleted everything after the sample troll report, throwing in the phrase "omg pwnage!" like a 14-year-old gamer/hacker wannabe. We have to figure out how to block this IP. Doesn't look like it's his first attempts, according to the history.

December 2004

Date IP Address and Contributions Pages defaced Description
12/13/2004 (all edits) HRWiki:About [1] Added "say werd" to the About page.
12/13/2004 (all edits) HRWiki:Sandbox [2] Removed header at the top of the HRWiki:Sandbox.
12/13/2004 (all edits) Matt Chapman [3] (15 edits) Drastically defaced Matt Chapman.
12/13/2004 (all edits) Main Page [4], Strong Bad Email [5] Defaced Strong Bad Email and Main Page for a second time. Last time was on Dec 7th.
12/13/2004 (all edits) super powers [6] Added "DOUGLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" to Fun Facts in super powers.
12/15/2004 (all edits) Main Page [7] Defaced Main Page with advertisement.
12/15/2004 (all edits) Decemberween Sweet Cuppin' Cakes [8] Trolled with "virus" quote, followed by "LOL!"
12/15/2004 (all edits) Main Page [9] Defaced several pages, including the Main Page.
12/16/2004 (all edits) extra plug Added his name to many a places in the transcript.
12/16/2004 (all edits) Peasant's Quest Walkthrough Removed the inventory section and added "No Way!"
12/16/2004 (all edits) Whaddya Know, Haddi-Man? Added nonsense
12/16/2004 (all edits) [Image:sbemail50.PNG][10] Trolled [Image:sbemail50.PNG].
12/16/2004 (all edits) Peasant's Quest Walkthrough [11] Removed "DRESS like a peasant" in Peasant's Quest Walkthrough.
12/16/2004 (all edits) User: [12], Homsar Runner[13] Created two pages apparently meant to troll users.
12/16/2004 (all edits) Main Page [14], User:TheRealZajac [15], Whaddya Know, Haddi-Man?[16]User:[17] Trolled several pages including the Main Page, added obscenities to User:TheRealZajac, also threatened the site [18](riiiiight...).
12/17/2004 (all edits) Main Page, Strong Bad Email, and WikiTroll Defaced all three pages
12/17/2004 (all edits) 3 Wishes [19] Deleted page
12/17/2004 (all edits) User:Mr. Strong Bad [20] Created and added gibberish to page
12/18/2004 (all edits all edits on fanstuff wiki) Several pages on the Fanstuff Wiki; Strong Mad's Room [21], HRWiki:Projects [22], HRWiki:Cleanup[23], Main Page[24] Trolled several pages, including making rude and very obscene comments. Should be blocked.
12/18/2004 (all edits) Ballad of The Sneak [25] Added rude comment
12/16/2004 (all edits) Main Page, Strong Bad Email, HRWiki:WikiTroll SEVERELY defaced Main Page, Strong Bad Email and this page.
12/16/2004 (all edits) [Image:pomgirls.PNG][26] Defaced [Image:pomgirls.PNG].
12/18/2004 (all edits) Homestar Runner [27] Defaced Homestar Runner.
12/18/2004 (all edits) Strong Sad[28] Replaced text in Strong Sad's bio with "Homsar rules".
12/18/2004 (all edits) radio[29] Filled radio with links to online stores.
12/18/2004 (all edits) Gavin[30] Created Drasticpasticbarfmosis and included it on Gavin's page.
12/20/2004 (all edits) User talk:Kilroy [31], HRWiki:Projects [32], Talk:Floppy Disk Container Plus [33], Talk:your friends [34] Spammed several pages by adding useless links.
12/20/2004 (all edits) HRFWiki:Other Character Email The Poopsmith Blanked page.
12/20/2004 (all edits) User talk:JoeyDay, User Talk:FireBird, and HRWiki:Welcoming committee [35] Spammed page by adding useless links
12/20/2004 (all edits) for kids Added a fake transcript consiting of what seems to be a conversation with itself.
12/21/2004 (all edits) Homestar vs. Little Girl [36] Blanked transcript.
12/21/2004 (all edits) Main Page Changed Secret Pages link, then reverted.
12/21/2004 (all edits) Talk:Homestar's house Added some immature comments.
12/21/2004 (all edits) User:The Paper [37] Added keyboard mashings to User:The Paper
12/21/2004 (all edits) Secret Pages [38] Cleared "Puppet Stuff" section, then adding "no more haha".
12/21/2004 (all edits) HRWiki:Sandbox [39] Deleted the message at the top that clearly says "Don't Delete".
12/21/2004 (all edits) radio [40], Main Page [41], Neuconsin [42] (Warning: This takes forever to load due to extent of trollage.) Trolled radio, Main Page, Neuconsin, and created er.
12/22/2004 (all edits) Snow Globe [43] Made horrible, terrible curses on Snow Globe.
12/22/2004 thatkidsam (all edits) User:pixelated [44], User:screetchy cello Created fake users pixelated and screetchy cello
12/22/2004 (all edits) HRWiki:Sandbox [45] Specifically removed "Do not remove" line.
12/23/2004 (all edits) strongbad_email.exe DVD Artwork [46] Added, "I suck so bad," and British curse words to strongbad_email.exe DVD Artwork.
12/26/2004 (all edits)/spacemonkey(all edits) User:Renegade Master [47] Trolled User:Renegade Master. This is a repeated offense.
12/26/2004 (all edits) Talk:The Future Animators of the Future [48] Made obscene comments on Talk:The Future Animators of the Future.
12/26/2004 (all edits) HRWiki:Sandbox [49], HRWiki talk:Sandbox [50] Deleted HRWiki:Sandbox and wrote a racial slur on HRWiki talk:Sandbox.
12/27/2004 (all edits) sugarbob [51] Added twenty six pages worth of spam all labeled SsS*, with * being a letter A-Z, and linked them to sugarbob's 'External Links' section.
12/27/2004 (all edits) User talk:Kilroy Spammed
12/28/2004 (all edits) Main Page [52] Deleted everything on page and added small piece of text. Note: trolling is similar to that of
12/27/2004 (all edits) Original Book [53] Trolled Original Book.
12/28/2004 (all edits) Peasant's Quest Walkthrough [54] Changed "arrow" to "poo" in Peasant's Quest Walkthrough.
12/28/2004 (all edits) radio [55] Added profanity to radio.
12/29/2004 (all edits) Lookin at a Thing in a Bag [56], Strong Bad Email [57], Help:Contents [58], Marshmallow's Last Stand (place) [59] Trolled Help:Contents, Strong Bad Email, and more.
12/30/2004 (all edits) User talk:Renegade Master [60] Trolled/spammed User talk:Renegade Master.

January 2005

Date IP Address and Contributions Pages defaced Description
1/1/2005 (all edits) User talk:Renegade Master [61] Trolled User talk:Renegade Master. This user has been a nuisance (see above), and banning his IP won't work. Most likely it is a dynamic IP that can be reassigned at request. Tom banned, so the troll just requested a new IP -- that's why the first three numbers are identical. I don't know what further measures we can take against someone so stupidly determined to troll, but that's most likely what's happening.
1/2/2005 (all edits) Quote of the Week [62] Blanked Quote of the Week.
1/3/2005 (all edits) Mrs. Bennedetto [63] Added "SsSs" and a link to the same. Also created various spam pages, including SsSa, SsSb, SsSc, etc. Same M.O. as
1/3/2005 (all edits) Many Changed text to 'defaced'd' on several pages, including main page and this page
1/4/2005 (all edits) Many Changed text to 'defaced'd' on several pages, including main page and this page
1/4/2005 (all edits) Starts on Phonetime Xl8 Style defacement
1/5/2005 (all edits) Characters [64] Trolled Characters.
1/5/2005 (all edits) Strong Bad [65] Added obscenities to Strong Bad.
1/5/2005 (all edits) Sightings [66] Added obscenity to Sightings.
1/5/2005 (all edits) The Paper [67] Defaced The Paper.
1/5/2005 (all edits) Main Page [68] Trolled Main Page.
1/6/2005 (all edits) 3 Wishes [69] Trolled 3 Wishes with
1/6/2005 (all edits) 3 Wishes [70] Trolled 3 Wishes with
1/6/2005 (all edits) Main Page [71] Spammed Main Page.
1/6/2005 (all edits) Main Page [72] Spammed Main Page
1/6/2005 (all edits) Teen Girl Squad [73] Deleted portion of Teen Girl Squad.
1/7/2005 (all edits) User talk:Kilroy [74] User Talk:JoeyDay Trolled User Talk:Kilroy and User Talk:JoeyDay with those now-common useless links.
1/7/2005 (all edits) Main Page [75] Vandalized Main Page.
1/7/2005 (all edits) Salad Turning Created Salad Turning.
1/7/2005 (all edits) Main Page [76] Vandalized Main Page.
1/7/2005 (all edits) Homestar's Twirly Hat [77] Created Homestar's Twirly Hat.
1/8/2005 (all edits) Graffiti Wall [78] Deleted portion of Graffiti Wall.
1/8/2005 (all edits) Homestar Runner [79] Trolled Homestar Runner.
1/8/2005 (all edits) Image:thydungeonman.png [80] Trolled Image:thydungeonman.png.
1/10/2005 (all edits) property of ones [81] Spammed property of ones.
1/10/2005 (all edits) Main Page 19 [82], SsSa, etc. Created various spam pages, including SsSa, SsSb, SsSc, etc. Same M.O. as,
1/11/2005 (all edits) english paper [83] Defaced english paper.
1/11/2005 (all edits) Main Page [84], Strong Bad Email [85] Defaced Main Page and Strong Bad Email.
1/11/2005 (all edits) Main Page [86], [87], etc. Defaced Main Page and trolled several users in a flurry of activity. After a break of a few hours, resumed trolling.
1/12/2005 (all edits) Main Page [88] Trolled Main Page.
1/12/2005 (all edits) Main Page [89], HRWiki:WikiTroll [90] Trolled Main Page and HRWiki:WikiTroll. Same as
1/12/2005 (all edits) Stuffinged Ham [91], Gravied Yams [92] Created nonsensical pages Stuffinged Ham and Gravied Yams.
1/13/2005 168.169.x.x (all edits) (all edits) (all edits) Main Page [93], [94], [95], [96] Repeatedly defaced Main Page with juvenile comments about squirrels. Similar to 128.205.x.x.
1/13/2005 (all edits) homsar [97], old comics [98] Changed the words on both pages.
1/14/2005 (all edits) Main Page [99] [100] HRWiki:WikiTroll [101] Captain's Hat [102] Strong Bad Email [103] Defaced pages. Childish.
1/14/2005 (all edits) Main Page [104] Strong Bad Email [105] Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 4.0 [106] Defaced pages. Childish.
1/14/2005 (all edits) Stinkoman [107] [108] Stickly Man [109] 20X6 Homestar [110] Homestar Runner [111] Where the Crap Are We? [112] [113] 20X6 Homestar [114] [115] [116] [117] Defaced pages with
1/14/2005 (all edits) Stinkoman [118] 20X6 Homestar [119] [120] [121] Where the Crap Are We? [122] [123] Defaced pages with
1/14/2005 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [124] Trolled/spammed Strong Bad Email.
1/14/2005 (all edits) Peasant's Quest Walkthrough [125] Mild trolling on Peasant's Quest Walkthrough. This IP has a previous offense listed; see 1/5/05.
1/15/2005 (all edits) pom pom [126] Trolled pom pom, at one point with obscenities.
1/16/2005 (all edits) Peasant's Quest Walkthrough [127] Defaced Peasant's Quest Walkthrough.
1/16/2005 (all edits) dreamail [128] Trolled dreamail.
1/16/2005 (all edits) dreamail [129] Trolled dreamail.
1/17/2005 (all edits) dreamail [130], Teen Girl Squad [131] , Teen Girl Squad Issue 8 [132] , Template:Teen Girl Squad [133], part-time job [134] Spammed and created a series of useless pages called "DraGon" and a letter.
1/18/2005 (all edits) User_talk:Kamek [135] Defaced User_talk:Kamek.
1/18/2005 (all edits) Homsar [136] Defaced Homsar character page
1/18/2005 (all edits) Teen Girl Squad Issue 8 and HRWiki:Sandbox Defaced and added profanities to TGS8, deleted everything (including untouchable header) in Sandbox.
1/18/2005 (all edits) Strong Bad [137] Defaced Strong Bad character page. This IP is a repeat offender; also defaced Main Page in Decemeber.
1/19/2005 logan386 (all edits) Main Page 9 [138] Strong Bad Email [139] Toons [140] Office Computer [141] animal [142] Secret Pages [143] Harmless Junk, Inc. [144] Logan again. Defaced several pages.
1/20/2005 (all edits) User:Renegade Master [145] Trolled User:Renegade Master.
1/20/2005 (all edits) trevor the vampire [146] Added profanities. Also, although it went relatively unnoticed at the time, defaced part-time job some time ago.
1/20/2005 (all edits) Ted Kotsaftis [147] Spammed page with useless nonsense.
1/20/2005 (all edits) Links [148] Blanked Links.
1/21/2005 (all edits) Many Blanked All main character Pages
1/21/2005 (all edits) pom pom [149] crazy cartoon [150] Replaced pages with online poker/casino links.
1/23/2005 (all edits) Rabbit Algebra [151] Added profanity.
1/25/2005 (all edits) colonozation, Email Processing Room, Cutesy Buttons, User:Renegade Master Added "i like pie" many times. This is logan.
1/25/2005 (all edits) Teen Girl Squad Issue 8 [152] Defaced transcript. Repeat offender; see edits from December.
1/25/2005 (all edits) Strong Bad Email and others [153] The old blank and deface trick.
1/26/2005 (all edits) trevor the vampire [154] Defaced a Fun Fact and added profanity
1/26/2005 (all edits) Sketchbook [155] Blanked Sketchbook.
1/26/2005 (all edits) Where's an Egg? [156], QWERTY [157] [158], Sundae Drivin' [159] Made personal comments on games pages, signing them "monkeydude."
1/27/2005 (all edits) Teen Girl Squad [160], Teen Girl Squad Issue 8 [161] Added random spaces to both pages (in some cases, rendering links unusable)
1/27/2005 (all edits) Links [162] HRWiki:WikiTroll [163] Defaced Links and HRWiki:WikiTroll. Quite profane.
1/27/2004 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [164], HRWiki:About [165], HRWiki:WikiTroll [166] [167] Troll is blanking pages and replacing them with VERY rude comments.
1/29/2005 (all edits) Image talk:pysiology of the cheat.jpg [168] Wrote rude comment in Image talk:pysiology of the cheat.jpg.
1/29/2005 (all edits) Image:poptiregame.PNG [169] Trolled Image:poptiregame.PNG. May also be trolling User:Scottman13, but due to the nature of that page, it's difficult to determine whether those edits are unwarrented.
1/29/2005 (all edits) HRWiki:Naming conventions (technical restrictions) [170], Main Page 1 [171] Removed a few characters from each page
1/29/2005 (all edits) Homestar Runner [172] Blanked costume section of Homestar Runner.

February 2005

Date IP Address and Contributions Pages defaced Description
2/1/2005 (all edits) crazy cartoon [173] Added "Mason" after all istances of "Josh" in crazy cartoon.
2/1/2005 (all edits) date [174] Replaced "Dynomite!" with "butthole" in date.
2/2/2005 (all edits) Mr. Bland [175], Talk: H* updates [176], eh al, Talk:eh al Defaced Mr. Bland, Talk: H* updates; added eh al, Talk:eh al, impersonated FireBird.
2/2/2005 DragonDj (all edits) DraGonx, etc. Created several spam pages and linked to them from other articles. See
2/2/2005 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [177] Talk:Strong Bad Email [178] Talk:H* updates [179] replacement [180] Fluffy Puff Air-Puffed Sugar Delights [181] Talk:Main Page [182] HRWiki:WikiTroll [183] User:FireBird [184] [185] User talk:FireBird [186] Trolled several pages. Impersonated Joey Day, FireBird, and daunrealist.
2/4/2005 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [187], HRWiki:WikiTroll [188] Defaced Strong Bad Email and HRWiki:WikiTroll.
2/4/2005 (all edits) flashback [189] Blanked Trivia section
2/5/2005 miniman (all edits) Defaced User:Renegade Master.
2/4/2005 (all edits) HRWiki:Standards [190] Spammed HRWiki:Standards.
2/6/2005 (all edits) Pom Pom's girls [191] Blanked out Complete Filmography section
2/7/2005 (all edits) HRWiki:WikiTroll [192], Talk:Main Page [193] Impersonated FireBird and Tom by adding rude, fake comments to Talk:Main Page. Also added FireBird to WikiTroll.
2/7/2005 (all edits) Super Kingio Brothers [194] Added profanity to Super Kingio Brothers
2/11/2005 (all edits) Strong Bad Evolution [195] Defaced pages
2/11/2005 (all edits) Toons [196] Defaced pages (same as above troll; dynamic IP?)
2/11/2005 (all edits) HRWiki:Select The Usable Fun Facts [197] Added HTML mouseover spam and attempted to pose as The Pardack. Has also previously impersonated Lord Pikachon
2/12/2005 (all edits) Decemberween Email Menu Trolled by adding "DORKS!" to the page.
2/12/2005 (all edits) strongbad_email.exe [198] Added "Like Woah." to the page.
2/12/2005 (all edits) Bear-Shark [199] Erased it; added "hi".
2/16/2005 (all edits) Swiss Cake Rolls [200] Added some incredibly immature content, including extreme cursing and inappropriate words.
2/16/2005 (all edits) User:Drhaggis [201], Strong Bad Email [202] Blanked pages, replacing them with obscene comments.
2/16/2005 (all edits) Shopping for Danger [203], Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon [204], Salad Daze [205], for kids [206]. pom pom [207] Blanked several transcripts.
2/17/2005 (all edits) Strong Bad's Message Bored [208], Blanked page, advertised some crap.
2/17/2005 (all edits) Broken Compy Menu [209], Blanked "external links".
2/17/2005 (all edits) HRWiki:WikiTroll [210], Blanked WikiTroll, added "butts" numerous times and also added profanity.
2/18/2005 (all edits) Help:Editing [211], Malloween Commercial [212], various spam pages Filled Help:Editing, Malloween Commercial, and other pages that they created with tons of garbage links
2/18/2005 pertmywert/ (forgot to log in) (all edits) User:InterruptorJones [213], User:TheNintenGenius [214], Erased IJ's and TheNintenGenius's pages, because they "edited his site" (apparently, he thinks that no one is allowed to edit his talk page). IJ left a comment, which linked to TheNintenGenius's user page, so this guy just erased them both.
2/20/2005 (all edits) Peasant's Quest Walkthrough [215] Blanked part of page
2/21/2005 (all edits) Strong Bad's Message Bored [216] Spammed.
2/21/2005 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [217], Template:Strong Bad Email [218] ??? sbmail125 Quotes[219] Created pages like ??? and sbmail125 that only said "unreleased." Kept insisting on adding sbem125 on the Strong Bad Email page and on the email template. Also got rid of to be deleted tag on Quotes page.
2/21/2005 (all edits) HRWiki:Protected page [220] Went on about the advantages of eating feces.
2/22-23/05 (all edits) (all edits) (all edits)
Strong Bad's Message Bored [221] [222] [223] Yet more spam cluttering this poor page; will it never cease?
2/23/2005 (all edits) Thy Dungeonman II [224] [225] Blanked out whole sections and replaced them with obscene and pointless comments.
2/24/05 User: (all edits) User:Happy [226] [227] [228] Defaced User:Happy and replaced it with a nonsense comment, but then attempted to revert the edit several times. This is their second offense.
2/24/05 User: (all edits) Strong Bad's Message Bored [229] Spammed Strong Bad's Message Bored. Will the spamming never cease?
2/24/05 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [230] [231] [232] Talk:Strong Bad Email [233] Spammed Strong Bad Email. This is this IP's second offense. Also complained about the ads he put up on the talk page
2/24/05 (all edits) Strong Bad's Message Bored [234] Spammed Strong Bad's Message Bored. More Spam...
2/24/05 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [235] [236] Spammed with a twisted link to its own edit page over and over and over and over... A repeat offender, but apparently never WikiTrolled in the past.
2/24/05 DragonOj (all edits) The Chekt [237], Weclome, Experimental Film, Killingyouguy, DraGona, DraGonb, etc. etc. etc. Not him AGAIN...
2/25/05 (all edits) Strong Bad's Message Bored [238] Spammed Strong Bad's Message Bored again with the spamming!
2/25/05 (all edits) HRWiki:Sandbox [239] Blanked HRWiki:Sandbox and replaced it with a childish remark.
2/25/05 (all edits) Coach Z Talker [240] Changed some of the words in the Coach Z Talker
2/25/05 (all edits) "Select The Usable Fun Facts Archive" [241] Removed "Homestar Presents: Presents" section of STUFF archive page
2/26/05 (all edits) Characters [242] Replaced all the text on the page with "logan likes pie." Second offense: last one was very similar.
2/26/05 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [243] Replaced the word "Emails" in the heading with the word "Poots."
2/27/05 Pop tire (all edits) Superbowl Dealie [244] Removed the transcript and replaced it with a personal commentary about the quality of the 'toon. Even signed it!
2/27/05 pertmywert (all edits) Sandbox [245] Blanked out sandbox template. This is not a first time offense for this user.
2/27/05 (all edits) Sandbox [246] Removed sandbox template
2/27/05 (all edits) rock opera [247] DraGona, DraGonb, DraGonthis, DraGonthat... It's dragonloser all over again. Everyone who's been here for a while knows how he works; spam on one page linking to a bunch of DraGon pages that repeat the spam.

March 2005

Date IP Address and Contributions Pages defaced Description
3/1/05 (all edits) Sandbox [248] Removed sandbox template
3/2/05 (all edits) PhoneTime XL8 [249] Tried to convince readers that in inanimate object's butt is stupid and its IQ is zero.
3/3/05 (all edits) Strong Bad's Message Bored [250] Blanked part of Strong Bad's Message Bored and replaced with a spam link.
3/3/05 (all edits) Strong Bad's Message Bored [251] Same as edit above.
3/6/05 (all edits) Strong Bad's Message Bored [252] He's at it again.
2/24/05, 3/4/05, 3/7/05 (all edits) HRWiki:About [253] [254] [255] Added spam links on three separate occasions but somehow missed the WikiTroll page in the meantime.
3/7/05 (all edits) Strong Bad's Message Bored Take a wild guess. This time he kept on doing it, over and over again, to the point reverting was a pain in the rear end (waaaay too many edit conflicts).
3/7/05 (all edits) Strong Bad's Message Bored Made roughly 100 edits to the Bored article, all with advertisements for "cheap lasix".
3/7/05 (all edits) Strong Bad's Message Bored Same problem as last troll, with about 42 edits. Also for "cheap lasix."
3/7/05 (all edits) Strong Bad's Message Bored Say it ain't so! Not another dozen-edit troll spamming the Strong Bad's Message Bored page with advertisements for "cialis levitra!" But alas, it's true...
3/8/05 (all edits) Strong Bad's Message Bored You know the drill. This time, "Linktrim" spam.
3/8/05 (all edits) Poot Slap [256] Added some inappropriate words to the Poot Slap page.
3/8/05 (all edits) Strong Bad's Message Bored The usual spam, now about cheap fosamax.
3/8/05 (all edits) best thing [257] Blanked the page
3/9/05 (all edits) best thing [258] [259] [260] Added the most swear words I have ever seen to 3 seperate edits. Replaced other parts of page with something he/she got by mashing his/her keyboard. Childish.
3/9/05 (all edits) The Cheat [261] Turned The Cheat's biography into gibberish.
3/9/05 (all edits) Toons [262], User:Renegade Master [263] Blanked toons except for a link to his crappy freewebs site, added his crappy freewebs site to Renegade Master's "favorite sites". (I'm assuming it's one of Renegade Master's friends, since that's all Renegade Master uses this place for, anyway.)
3/9/05 (all edits) Sightings [264] [265] Filled Sightings with an incredible amount of porn-type links.
3/12/05 (all edits) rock opera [266] Replaced words with random letters numerous times.
3/12/05 (all edits) Puppet Stuff [267] Blanked the entire page, replacing it with a childish message.
3/14/05 (all edits) A Jumping Jack Contest [268] Changed the dialogue and stage directions. A repeat offender.
Pi day '05 (all edits) Main Pages [269], Toons [270], take-a-break.exe [271] Added random garbage to the pages
3/15/05 (all edits) That A Ghost [272] Added spam links
2/16/05 (all edits) Tandy 400 [273] Added swearing to this page.
3/16/05 (all edits) Strong Bad [274], Main Page 11 [[275], Strong Bad Email [[276]] Deleted entire articles.
3/17/05 (all edits) On Point Kings [277] Blanked page.
3/17/05 pertmywert (all edits) User: Uh! Bob [278] Second offence. Trolled Uh! Bob's user space with "you suck real bad", but then deleted it on another edit.
3/17/05 (all edits) A Jumping Jack Contest [279], Talk:A Jumping Jack Contest [280] Blanked "A Jumping Jack Contest" and replaced user comments on its talk page with a stupid message.
3/17/05 (all edits) virus [281] [282] [283] [284] [285] Blanked virus page
3/18/05 (all edits) Pom Pom [286] Added many spam links to Pom Pom's page.
3/18/05 (all edits) Peasant's Quest Walkthrough [287] [288] Changed formatting so page glitched up, blanked parts of DRESS Like A Peasant.
3/18/05 (all edits) Homestar Runner [289] [290] Changed heading and link text; replaced part of article with gibberish.
3/18/05 (all edits) 12:00 [291], Toons [292], Glossary [293], the Sandbox [294], Strong Bad Email [295], Old Intro 2 [296], STUFF [297] [298], and the WikiTroll page itself [299] Multiple offender: blanked pages, added nonsense info, etc.
3/19/05 all edits) Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer [300] Altered Known PQ Trailer Dialogue
3/20/05 all edits) Help:Contents [301] Added spam links to the Help page.
3/23/05 all edits virus [302], User:Dark Grapefruit [303], Strong Bad's Message Bored [304], The Goblin [305], Double Deuce [306], Everybody to the Limit [307], Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer [308] Removed transcript and easter eggs on Virus page, removed content of userspace, adding offensive context to some pages including The Goblin, blanked part of Strong Bad's Message Bored, changed parts of Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer transcript
3/24/05 all edits Stinkoman 20X6 [309], [310], [311] Repeatedly blanked/ replaced with useless fun facts the Real World References section of Stinkoman 20X6.
3/24/05 all edits Strong Mad Evolution [312] Blanked Strong Mad Evolution.
3/24/05 internettroll all edits theme party [313] Blanked Easter egg transcript in theme party.
3/25/05 all edits Strong Bad Email [314], [[Template:updates]] Changed some of the email titles to false names, then turned most of the updates into stupid comments.
3/25/05 all edits Where's The Cheat? [315], The Cheat [316] Filled Where's The Cheat and The Cheat pages with tons of porn links. (Repeat offender; see 3/9/05)
3/26/05 User:Pop tire all edits "Jesus Christ is Lord" [317] Created page stating his/her beliefs, added same link to Songs.
3/27/05 all edits best thing [318], Items [319], Minor Teen Girl Squad Characters [320], "english cartoon," "The Chekt," "homestar's intestines," HRWiki:Sandbox [321], HRWiki:WikiTroll [322] Vandalised many pages, created useless pages, etc.
3/28/05 all edits User_talk: ([323],[324]) Impersonated a mod, attempting to convince people to un-block a troll.
3/28/05 all edits Teen Girl Squad [325], QWERTY [326], [327], [328], the facts [329], King of Town Main Page [330] Repeatedly replaced existing content with false information on multiple pages
3/28/05 all edits Labor Dabor, huttah! Defaced both.
3/28/05 all edits Killingyouguy [331], Characters [332], time capsule [333], Toons [334] Blanked and defaced all listed pages.
3/28/05 all edits Strong Bad's Message Bored [335] Blanked Strong Bad's Message Bored
3/28/05 all edits User talk: [336] Impersonated a mod.
3/30/05 all edits huttah! [337] Added trollish material to the huttah! transcript.

April 2005

Date IP Address and Contributions Pages defaced Description
4/02/05 all edits PAY PLUS! [338], H* updates 2001 [339], H* updates 2002 [340] Removed transcript section of the page H*R Pay Plus!, blanked out the other two pages.
4/6/05 all edits Strong Bad Email [341], long pants [342] General word replacement - a repeat offender
4/6/05 all edits StrongBadZone [343], homsar [344], Strong Bad Email [345], Planet K [346], weird dream [347], sisters [348], DELETED [349] General trolling and stupidity
4/7/05 all edits main page (sic) [350] Created utterly worthless fake main page.
4/7/05 all edits weird dream [351], old comics [352], Strong Bad Email [353] [354] Changed the picture names (making them unusable) and attempted to link Strong Bad Email to itself
4/7/05 all edits Strong Bad Email [355], Teen Girl Squad [356] Filled Strong Bad Email and Teen Girl Squad with tons of links.
4/8/05 all edits Blue Laser Minion [357] Added spam links to Blue Laser minion.
4/8/05 all edits colonization [358], lunch special [359] Added fake Easter eggs and dialogue (subtle trolling is still trolling)
4/8/05 all edits Strong Bad Email [360] Attempted to form a petition to un-ban him from the forums (somewhat ironic if you think about it...)
4/8/05 all edits the basics [361] [362] Added fake dialogue. Then blanked the page.
4/8/05 all edits Pom Pom [363] [364], Category:Character Variations [365], Female Lappy 486 [366] Added explicit comments on several pages.
4/8/05 and similar others all edits (187.213) all edits (187.91) all edits (184.89) all edits (184.218) all edits (166.4) all edits (184.211) all edits (184.219) all edits (166.3) Peasant's Quest [367] [368], HRWiki:FAQ [369] [370] [371], Talk:FAQ [372] [373] [374], HRWiki talk:FAQ [375] [376] [377] Filled pages with spam links.
4/9/05 all edits 50 emails [378] [379] [380] [381], POOP [382] Made juvenile edits, created useless POOP page.
4/9/05 all edits long pants [383] Removed Fun Facts and replaced with "Hola".
4/10/05 all edits Snow Globe [384] Replaced the Snow Globe text with an extremely "witty" comment.
4/10/05 all edits Strong Bad Email Sketchbook (video) sibbie booOOMbox Decemberween Email Menu take-a-break.exe Birds (Teen Girl Squad) video games Ghetto Blastro Marzipan's Gazebo Keyboard Strong Bad Third Games Menu Teen Girl Squad Replaced words on many pages with a line about McDonalds sucking.
4/10/05 all edits long pants [385] [386], Sightings [387] Replaced words on Sightings page and replaced long pants with mindless crap.
4/10/05 all edits Coach Z's Team [388] Talk:Coach Z's Team [389] Removed Coach Z's Team from deletion category, and edited other user's comments from disparaging to supportive.
4/11/05 all edits

The Reddest Radish [390] [391] [392], User:Homestar Coder [393], rampage [394], Strong Bad's Website [395] [396], Larry Palaroncini [397],

General trolling.
12/4/05 all edits

Quote of the Week [398]

Blanked all the quotes from the page
4/12/05 all edits HRWiki:FAQ [399] Dirty rotten spammer (has similar IP to an above user, probably the same person. Responsible for other spam as well with other slightly different IPs.)
4/13/05 all edits Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 1.0 [400] Added loads of swears.
4/13/05 all edits Coach Z's Team Keeps creating the frigging page over and over again, even though it's useless. Has yet to say why he keeps re-creating it.
4/14/05 all edits caffeine (mostly) HRWiki:Select The Usable Fun Facts Keyboard Strong Bad The System Is Down (song) ABA Basketball Pom Pom King Dingo The Goblin HRWiki:WikiTroll Little Strong Sad gimmicks Archibald Powered by The Cheat secret recipes Duck Pond Teen Girl Squad Old Man Strong Bad Clock Legal HRWiki:Welcoming committee Homestar vs. Little Girl In Search of the Yello Dello Edgarware interview website Anonymous The Office Blue Laser Minion and H* updates 2003! Constantly trolled very many pages, including adding insults to the users who attempted to revert said trolling and blanking pages.
4/14/05 all edits Quote of the Week [401] The Guys [402] User:Jay [403] Added enough exclamation points to QoW to mess up the page, added obscenity to The Guys, and erased a section of Jay's userpage while making suicide threats.
4/15/05 all edits Talk:Main Page [404] Blue Laser Minion [405] Strong Bad Email [406] User:acekirby13 [407] Blanked pages, replaced text with vulgar language, replaced words, and lots of other annoying stuff. Also made Asian-character spam links near the middle of the Strong Bad Email page. Subtle trolling is still trolling.
4/16/05 all edits HRWiki:FAQ [408] [409] Talk:FAQ [410] [411] HRWiki:FAQ [412] Peasant's Quest [413] Talk:H* updates 2001 [414] Limozeen Thanksgiving E-cards [415] Zubs and Coach B [416] Talk:H* updates 2005 [417] Added heaps of inappropriate external links.
4/16/05 all edits secret recipes [418] A very repeat offender. As per usual, he adds wrong Easter Eggs and dialogue to transcripts. Do the mods even care?
4/16/05 all edits fingers [419] Trolled the DVD commentary
4/17/05 (all edits) User:TheRealZajac [420] [421] Made an edit asking "hey guys whats up", and immediately reverted his own edit to a previously reverted edit/threat by
4/18/05 (all edits) Duck Pond [422] Replaced External Links with an immature message.
4/19/05 (all edits) theme party [423] [424] [425] [426] Repeatedly added immature comments.
4/20/05 (all edits) HRWiki:About [427] Spammer.
4/21/05 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [428] Marzipan's Answering Machine [429] [430] Teen Girl Squad [431] Help:Editing [432] Glossary [433] Sightings [434] Deleted entire sections.
4/21/05 (all edits) Help:Contents [435], HRWiki:About [436] Spammer
4/21/05 (all edits) HRWiki:Sandbox [437] Removed sandbox template
4/21/05 (all edits) rampage [438] [439] Added fake Easter eggs and "DVD version" info to rampage (Repeat offender)
4/22/05 (all edits) Strong Bad Email By Length [440] Replaced the page with stupidity.
4/22/05 (all edits) Character Cards [441] Replaced the page with stupidity.
4/23/05 (all edits) long pants [442] Pom Pom [443] A Jorb Well Done [444] Puppet Stuff [445] Games [446] Powered by The Cheat [447] Quote of the Week [448] The Cheat [449] Replaced links with wrong locations, among other things.
4/23/05 (all edits) HRWiki:WikiTroll [450] [451] [452] [453] [454], HRWiki talk:WikiTroll [455], Quote of the Week [456] Blanked links to various IP addresses, messed around with the links on WikiTroll, made life threats, and messed up the table in Quote of the Week.
4/23/05 (all edits) Downloadable Icons [457] HRWiki Talk:WikiTroll [458] [459] [460] Inside Jokes [461] Various trolling remarks, including threats on people's lives (sometimes impersonating other Wiki members). Likely the same user as the above troll.
4/24/05 (all edits) A Jorb Well Done [462], Teen Girl Squad [463], Character Cards [464], theme party [465], HRWiki:WikiTroll [466] [467] [468] [469], numerous others, trolling still in progress at time of writing. Various trolling, mainly replacing an entire pages text with "DELORTED!!". Probably same person as two other trolls above.
4/27/05 (all edits) HRWiki:Sandbox [470] Removed sandbox template.
4/28/05 (all edits) Floppy Disk Container [471] Removed game entries, added half-gibberish in summary paragraph

May 2005

Date IP Address and Contributions Pages defaced Description
5/1/05 (all edits) The King Of Town [472] Created this page (which I changed to a redirect to King of Town), and posted garbage on it.
5/1/05 (all edits) HRWiki:Sandbox [473] [474] [475] Deleted the template from the sandbox.
5/3/05 (all edits) Strong Sad's Lament [476] Defaced Strong Sad's Lament. Replaced "Posts" section with the word "poop."
5/4/05 Ganome (all edits) HRWiki:Select The Usable Fun Facts [477] Blanked out the "Aunt Gert" fun fact in the garage sale section.
5/4/05 (all edits) garage sale [478] Deleted the external links section.
5/6/05 (all edits) HRWiki:The Stick [479] [480] Defaced the page a couple times.
5/8/05 (all edits) Cheerleader [481] Defaced Cheerleader with purposfully wrong and explicet information.
5/8/05 (all edits) HRWiki:Introduction [482] Deleted Template.
5/9/05 (all edits) Help:Contents [483], 20X6 Marzipan [484], Strong Bad Email [485], HRWiki:The Stick [486], HRWiki:Sandbox [487] [488] [489] Blanked several pages.
5/11/05 (all edits) Bug In Mouth Disease [490], [491], [492], [493] Defaced page through series of edits and continued after reversions of said edits, defacing included removal of valid Fun Fact
5/15/05 (all edits) HRWiki:The Stick [494], Bug In Mouth Disease [495] [496] [497], HRWiki:Cleanup [498] Replaced various words with nonsensical ones, removed portions of pages..
5/22/05 (all edits) HRWiki:Sandbox [499] Removed the text that reads {{sandbox}} from the top of the page.
5/22/05 (all edits) HRWiki:Sandbox [500], rock opera [501] et al, Sketchbook (museum) [502] et al, and many others Removed line that reads "do not remove this line" in Sandbox, repeatedly added the word "squib" to several pages.
5/24/05 (all edits) many pages blanked pages with offensive language (aka Megajake)
5/25/05 (all edits) many pages blanked pages
5/25/05 (all edits) Stinkoman 20X6 [503] Changed "stuck" to "f***", added random remarks about characters peeing.
5/25/05 (all edits) Many pages. Added a small bit of vandilism, then reverts it.
5/27/05 (all edits) QWERTY [504], Rabbit Algebra [505] Added things like "cheese with snoggin" and "poop".
5/27/05 (all edits) HRWiki:About [506], User:pertmywert [507] Added things like Adult website links.
5/28/05 (all edits) Decemberween Sweet Cuppin' Cakes [508] Changed "pulling" to "puking".
5/28/05 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [509] Replaced most of the page with == Headline Text == and "GAAAAAAAY"
5/28/05 (all edits) Main Pages [510] Erased "Main Pages" and replaced with 'delorted'
5/28/05 (all edits) 12:00 [511] Added a "My butt itches" header with bullet points spelling "does yours?"
5/28/05 (all edits) HRWiki:Standards [512], Talk:Main Page [513] Ad spamming

June 2005

Date IP Address and Contributions Pages defaced Description
6/1/05 (all edits) Main Pages [514], Downloads [515], Characters [516], Games [517], kind of cool [518], Store [519] Added offensive text.
6/3/05 (all edits) Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 12.2 [520] Added pointless text under "Message 4" and breaking the links to related pages
6/3/05 (all edits) Ol' Fatty's [521] Added unnecessary text in page description
6/4/05 Eh steve (all edits) HRWiki:Recent changes patrol [522] Added a fake (and offensive) username to the list of members.
6/4/05 (all edits) HRWiki:About [523] Spam links.
6/4/05 (all edits) Yearbook Character Page [524] Defaced Page With Explicit Language.
6/6/05 (all edits) Many Pages, inc. Strong Bad Email [525] [526], Homestar Runner [527], and The Stick [528][529] Blanked, even immediately after reversion
6/6/05 (all edits) Making of Email 100 [530] Blanked the page, added "Buongiorno"
6/6/05 (all edits) The Junkyard[531][532][533][534] Defaced multiple times, often explicitly
6/6/05 (all edits) User talk:Tom [535], User:Tom [536], Senorial Day [537] Trolled several pages
6/8/05 (all edits) kids' book [538] Added "i farted" to the page.
6/8/05 (all edits) boring (really) [539] [540] [541] Deleted various parts of/all of the page
6/9/05 (all edits) many pages, including Secret Pages[542], Nicknames[543], H* updates 2005[544] Blanked pages, added explicit language and junk.
6/9/05 (all edits) H* updates 2005 [545] Defaced page, explicit language. Prior offenses in May, June 2005
6/10/05 (all edits) boring (really) [546] [547] [548] Changed transcript with comments about poop
6/10/05 (all edits) several new pages, including [549] [550] [551] [552] [553] Created several new pages, including ones called "F***!" and "The Weather in London", with inappropriate or offensive content. Repeat offender.
6/10/05 (all edits) Powered by The Cheat [554], Sketchbook [555], Weekly Fanstuff [556], boring (really) [557], Quote of the Week [558], HRWiki:Protected page [559] Blanked pages, added F*** YOU!!!
6/13/05 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [560] [561], User talk:FireBird [562], HRWiki:The Stick [563] Added link to fake email, imitated FireBird, annoying edit of HRWiki:The Stick
6/13/05 (all edits) HRWiki:The Stick [564], Template:whatsnew [565] Creating and applying unnecessary templates
6/13/05 (all edits) HRWiki:The Stick [566], Strong Bad Email [567], Stinkoman 20X6 Walkthrough [568], Template:whatsnew [569] Defaced HRWiki:The Stick, Strong Bad Email; Added fake new Stinkoman level and SB email.
6/13/05 (all edits) Game Sightings [570] [571] Added "God I Love Men" and changed "coach Z" to "coach Goku"
6/14/05 (all edits) Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 4.0 [572] Spammer
6/14/05 (all edits) haircut [573], Archibald [574], Keyboard Strong Bad [575], island [576], Willem Hartong [577], Yearbook Character Page [578] added, "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US"
6/16/05 (all edits) Cheerleader [579] Your normal troll, but with explicit language.
6/17/05 (all edits) Cheerleader [580], Stinkoman 20X6 Walkthrough Level 5 [581] Pretended to revert a pretend troll edit - but actually deleted a large chunk of valid text. Previous trolling 4/24/05.
6/22/05 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [582], long pants [583] removed email from list; blanked transcript
6/23/05 (all edits) H* updates 2005 [584] Blanked page; previously blocked 19 Jun 2005 for trolling.
6/23/05 (all edits) Parsnips A-Plenty [585], 50 emails [586] [587]Immature troll. Previous trolling 15, 16, 19 Jun 2005
6/25/05 (all edits) HRWiki:The Stick [588], Strong Bad Email [589] [590] Blanked pages

July 2005

Date IP Address and Contributions Pages defaced Description
7/2/05 (all edits) Floppy Disk Container [591], HRWiki:Featured articles [592] Blanked pages. Previous trolling 20 Jun 2005
7/3/05 (all edits) Yearbook Character Page [593] Added "you suck" to page.
7/5/05 (all edits) Happy Fireworks [594], [595], [596], [597], [598], [599], [600] Immature troll. Changed words like "loafing" to "pooping" and "facts" to "fats."
7/5/05 (all edits) HRWiki:The Stick [601] Recurring troll.
7/6/05 Fricky Dee (all edits) Many pages, including island [602], long pants [603], The Barbershop Trio [604], Keyboard Strong Bad [605] Typical trolling, insulted Joey Day. Somehow used Kinsey's Ip address.
7/6/05 (all edits) HRWiki:STUFF [606], Template:STUFF/time capsule [607], Template:STUFF/boring (really) [608], Toons [609] Added gibberish to pages.
7/7/05 (all edits) PAY PLUS! [610], HRWiki:The Stick [611] [612], Teen Girl Squad [613], Teen Girl Squad Issue 3 [614], Coach Z Ale, Puppet Stuff [615] [616], H* updates 2005 [617] Blanked parts of pages, added typical troll-remarks to others.
7/9/05 (all edits) Peasant's Quest [618] Added an obscene comment.
7/10/05 (all edits) Help:Contents [619] Spam
7/11/05 Tri-8 (all edits) Many Pages, including Toons, They Might Be Giants, Marzipan's Answering Machine, Puppet Jam: Vitamins/Celebrities and Puppet Jam: Mission Control Moved to troll pages, such that insult other members and use explicit language. Has earned a permanent ban.
7/12/05 (all edits) The Kinda Long-Haired Band [620], Tastes Like Chicken Interview [621] [622] Spam
7/12/05 (all edits) Talk:bottom 10 [623] Being insulting
7/13/05 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [624], Mary Palaroncini [625], Limozeen [626], Talk:depressio [627] Replacing legit content with garbage like "keep ip da good work k? ur fan, aaron s"
7/14/05 (all edits) Population: Tire [628], [629], [630], [631] Blanking
7/15/05 (all edits) HRWiki:The Stick [632], [633], [634] Explicit content
7/17/05 (all edits) Secret Pages [635], [636] Blanked a section, added nonsense and fan raves.
7/17/05 (all edits) Stinkoman 20X6 [637] Spamming; uses same network ip (different subnetwork) as similar spammer blocked 4 hours ago.
7/17/05 (all edits) band names [638], [639], [640], [641], [642], [643], [644], [645], [646] Adds vandalism, then reverts it.
7/17/05 (all edits) User talk:Tom [647] Similar spam as and
7/17/05 (all edits) Talk:dangeresque 3 [648] Spam
7/17/05 (all edits) do over [649] Blanked much of the transcript. Has a history of bad edits, including some insultish remarks on talk pages.
7/17/05 (all edits) do over [650] Blanked Fun Facts section.
7/18/05 (all edits) Nibbles [651], [652] Added junk to the page.
7/18/05 (all edits) HRWiki:STUFF [653] Spam.
7/19/05 (all edits) HRWiki:Sandbox [654], [655], [656] Removed sanbox template.
7/19/05 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [657] Blanked page. Previously blanked montage and apoligized on 7/18/05
7/20/05 (all edits) Strong Bad Email[658], Puppet Time[659], Homestar Runner and Strong Bad Screensaver[660], Help:Contents[661], HRWiki:The Stick[662], and H* updates 2005[663]. Blanked Pages
7/20/05 (all edits) Lappy 486 [664] Blanked page.
7/20/05 (all edits)different town [665]Spam links
7/22/05 (all edits) Bug In Mouth Disease [666], [667], [668], [669], [670], [671]; stunt double [672] The "dollar" troll. History of troll edits throughout June and July.
7/22/05 (all edits) origins [673] [674] Blanked page à la The Virus
7/22/05 (all edits) HRWiki:FAQ [675] Blanked FAQ
7/24/05 (all edits) Many Pages, including HRWiki:Standards [676], [677], [678], [679], [680], [681], HRWiki:The Stick [682], [683], HRWiki:WikiTroll [684] Added needless commentary to pages, blanked sections.
7/24/05 (all edits) HRWiki:STUFF [685] Spam
7/27/05 (all edits) HRWiki:STUFF [686] Spam
7/27/05 (all edits) Strong Bad [687] Explicit spam

August 2005

Date IP Address and Contributions Pages defaced Description
8/1/05 (all edits) Stinkoman 20X6 Walkthrough Level 8 [688], Talk:Stinkoman 20X6 Walkthrough Level 8 [689], [690] Page blanking
8/2/05 (all edits) HRWiki:The Stick [691] [692] [693] [694] [695] [696] [697] [698] [699], H* updates 2005 [700], Strong Bad Email [701] [702], Galoob [703] Page vandalism, worthless page creation. Wanted a dollar.
8/2/05 (all edits) HRWiki:The Stick [704] [705] [706] [707], HRWiki:Recent changes patrol [708] Page vandalism, worthless page creation.
8/4/05 (all edits) MegamanEXE (all edits) Template:STUFF/Stinkomanual [709], [710], [711], [712], User:BazookaJoe [713], [714], User talk: [715] Deletes and changes other users' votes in STUFF. Warned, but continues. Changes warning message to one that encourages trolling. History of trolling in the past month. Blanked parts of BazookaJoe's user page.
8/5/05 Zeenerman (all edits) HRWiki:WikiTroll [716], User talk:FireBird [717], strongbad_email.exe Disc Four [718], Stinkoman [719], Telebision Toons Menu [720] [721], Sickly Sam [722], The am morning "CRUDE" crew [723] [724], Secret Song (video) [725], Lappy 486 [726], kind of cool [727], comic [728], The Little Chef Guy [729], Puppet Stuff [730], HRWiki:The Stick [731], Peasantry [732], The Ghost [733], Main Pages [734], Strong Bad Email [735] Obscene, illicit, suggestive, and otherwise offensive edits; attacks on admins
8/5/05 Bubs@bubs.bubs (all edits) HRWiki:Sandbox [736] [737] Removed sandbox template. Suspected sockpuppet [738].
8/5/05 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [739] Extremely offensive edit summary and blanked page
8/6/05 (all edits) Talk:Marzipan [740] Talk:Witches' Brew [741] Spam
8/7/05 (all edits) Puppet Jam: Vitamins/Celebrities [742], Strong Bad Email [743], [744], [745], Holiday [746], [747], [748], Marzipan's Answering Machine [749] [750], Puppet Stuff [751], Main Pages [752], [753], User:BazookaJoe [754], [755], [756], Category:To be deleted [757], HRWiki:WikiTroll [758] [759] HRWiki:Sandbox [760], [761], [762], [763] Added derogatory comments to pages. Deleted sections. Added insults. Blanked BazookaJoe's user page. Warned but continued.
8/9/05 (all edits) brianrietta and others [764], [765], [766], etc. Potential troll. Tendency to add many of "iffy" fun facts of the "flash foward" and "first time this has happened" variety. Has added fun facts back in after they were reverted. See [767] and [768]
8/10/05 (all edits) Peasant's Quest [769] Spam.
8/11/05 (all edits) Homsar [770] Deleted all fun facts.
8/12/05 GeekyKing34 (all edits) Places [771] Tofu [772] The Brothers Chaps [773] [774] An average troll. Added insults and inappropriate context to pages.
8/12/05 (all edits) HRWiki:Main Page Talk Archive [775] Spam
8/13/05 SHITSMITH IS A FAG (all edits) The Poopsmith, The Devil [776], [777], User:It's dot com [778], User talk:It's dot com [779], User:BazookaJoe [780], [781], User:Some HSR themed username [782], User talk:Some HSR themed username [783] Page move vandalism. Trolled userspaces. Created pages with offensive names and content.
8/14/05 (all edits) User:, Don't click on this!, Toons [784], [785], HRWiki:The Stick [786], Image:sbcasio-1-.gif, User:BazookaJoe [787], [788], [789] Created anonymous user page identifying themself as a vandal, removed {{tobedeleted}} tag from page; created troll page; trolled other pages.
8/14/05 Tom Servo (all edits) The_Reddest_Radish [790] [791], A Jorb Well Done [792], Template:stub [793] MST3K-related trolling
8/14/05 WILLY ON WHEELS! (all edits) Moved Strong Bad Email, Talk: Strong Bad Email, Talk:strongbad_email.exe, strongbad_email.exe, Decemberween Sweet Cuppin' Cakes, Talk:Decemberween Sweet Cuppin' Cakes, H* updates 2004, Biz Cas Fri 1, Talk:Biz Cas Fri 1 Moved all of these pages to obscene names. Has earned a permanent ban.
8/16/05 (all edits) Cool Things [794] Blanked page, added explicit language.
8/16/05 (all edits) Marzipan's Answering Machine [795] Spam
8/17/05 (all edits) Whaddaya Know, Haddi-Man? [796], [797], [798], [799], [800] Trolled perfectly good content in the article. Warned but continued.
8/18/05 (all edits) Main Pages [801], [802], [803], Toons [804] Blanked pages, added words like "gay" and "black people."
8/18/05 QWERTYUIOP (all edits) The King of Town's Sheep [805] Yearbook Character Page [806] Teen Girl Squad [807] Powered by The Cheat [808] Homestar's Daisy Dukes [809] Marshmallow's Last Stand [810] Strong Bad Email [811] Changed article content to send message against admins. Sexual content and other trolling.
8/19/05 MetMan.EXE (all edits) virus [812], Free Country, USA [813], HRWiki:The Stick [814], User:Tom [815], Strong Bad Hurting Strong Sad, Talk:Strong Bad Hurting Strong Sad, monument [816], Yella Paint [817], funny [818], User:bkmlb, User talk:bkmlb, HRWiki:List of common misspellings [819], Cow Lamp [820], Pumpkin Carve-nival [821], User:Darklinkskywalker [822], [823] Massive trolling and page move vandalism
8/19/05 (all edits) Quote of the Week [824], Teen Girl Squad [825] Explicit spam links.
8/19/05 StnankLord (all edits) Cool Things [826], HRWiki:Featured article nominations [827], Homestar Runner (body of work) [828], Image:teengirlsquad.png [829], Strong Bad Email [830], Secret Pages [831], Castlefunnies [832], Marshmallow's Last Stand [833], Sketchbook [834] Expressed contempt for the wiki and H*R through a variety of page vandalism.
8/19/05 Jurvy-Skat (all edits) Styles Upon Styles [835], The Thnikkaman [836], Don and Harriet Chapman [837], flashback [838], The Dregs [839]], The Ghost [840], HRWiki:The Stick [841], Homestar Jr. [842], Fightgar [843], Snowglobe [844], Character Videos [845], The System Is Down (song) [846] Same M.O. as StnankLord; likely the same user
8/20/05 (all edits) Peasant's Quest Walkthrough [847], [848] Sneakily changed walkthrough to get player killed; spammed "Kill Poor Gary" on the page.
8/20/05 (all edits) Homestar Runner [849], [850] Deleted sections of the page. History of trolling.
8/20/05 (all edits) Template:whatsnew [851] Trolled whatsnew template with a message against H*R
8/20/05 (all edits) MediaWiki talk:Newarticletext [852] Spam links
8/20/05 (all edits) Template:whatsnew [853] Same troll as above, but with different IP
8/21/05 (all edits) Mr. Shmallow (toon) [854] Trolled the transcript. Also on 8/17/05 [855]
8/21/05 (all edits) Main Pages [856] Blanked page. History of trolling.
8/22/05 (all edits) Strong Bad [857], [858] [859] Anti-hrwiki themed trolling.
8/22/05 (all edits) Strong Bad Hurting Strong Sad [860], Duck Pond [861], [862], [863], [864] Blanked section, other trolling.
8/22/05 - 8/23/05 (all edits) User: Minor Teen Girl Squad Characters [865] Homestar's Pants [866] Marshie [867] Adventure Gamers Interview [868] Decemberween [869] Strong Bad 404 Error Page [870] Strong Bad hurting Strong Sad [871] Added obscene words to pages. Identified self as Willy of Wheels.
8/23/05 (all edits) lackey [872] Blanked section. History of trolling.
8/23/05 Lenofan19 (all edits) Strong Bad Clock Page move vandal.
8/23/05 (all edits) Games [873], [874], [875] Spammer
8/23/05 The Fucking Frink (all edits) strongbad_email.exe Disc One, Talk:strongbad_email.exe Disc One, Old Man Page move vandal.
8/23/05 (all edits) What's Her Face [876] Inappropriate edit/troll.
8/23/05 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [877], [878] Blanked sections with advertisement.
8/23/05 Thechamp (all edits) User: Created user pages to threaten trolls. Warned against this. Continued to feed the trolls. General disobedient and annoying behavior.
8/23/05 (all edits) The Mayor [879] Added rude comment on the page.
8/25/05 (all edits) HRWiki: The Stick [880] Weekly Fanstuff [881] Sketchbook [882] Blanked three pages.
8/25/05 (all edits) 50K Racewalker [883], [884], [885], [886], Talk:50K Racewalker [887], User:Homestar Coder [888], User talk:Homestar Coder [889], User:, User:The Fucking Frink Blanked pages, added inappropriate content to others.
8/25/05 BratzBaby (all edits) HRWiki:WikiTroll [890], take-a-break.exe [891], [[|Rejected Characters|Old Characters]] [892], Puppet Jam: Vitamins/Celebrities [893], Old Man [894], Moving Very Slowly [895], Running Gags [896], The Sturge [897], Places Strong Bad Made Up [898], Mellow Mushroom [899], Biz Cas Fri 2 [900], The Dancing Brothers [901] inappropriate, incorrect, and suggestive content; taunting
8/26/05 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [902] Spamming - of all things, for!
8/26/05 (all edits) Talk:Cheat Commandos [903] Same spammer as above - blanks the page, replaces it with link
8/26/05 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [904] The David Brown spammer (see previous two entries)
8/26/05 (all edits) Arcade Game [905] Blanked transcript
8/27/05 (all edits) Minor Alternate Versions [906], The Virus [907], Main Page 22 [908], virus [909] Mutilated virus-themed pages
8/27/05 WikiNazi (all edits) User:WikiNazi User Talk:WikiNazi HRWiki:The Stick [910] Rogue Leader [911] User Talk:Dripping yellow madness [912] Stinkoman 20X6 Walkthrough Level 1 [913] His name says it all. Added insult and adult content.
8/27/05 Soyboy83702 (all edits) HRWiki:The Stick [914] Spammed "Butt" on the page.
8/27/05 (all edits) Wagon Fulla Pancakes [915] Image:Strong Bads Website.png [916] Marshmallow's Last Stand (place) [917] HRWiki:The Stick [918] [919] [920] [921] Tandy 400 [922] Various Trolling
8/27/05 Some H*R themed username (all edits) (not to be confused with Some HSR themed username) and Philip (all edits) (not to be confused with phlip) King of Town Main Page, no loafing and many others Moved many pages to gibberish names
8/27/05 (all edits) Talk:Cheat Commandos [923] David Brown spammer
8/28/05 (all edits) The Barbershop Trio [924] Spam
8/28/05 (all edits) HRWiki:The Stick [925], [926], Places [927], [928], [929], User:BazookaJoe [930] Spam
8/28/05 άκρες αγελάδων (all edits) Marshmallow's Last Stand [931] HRWiki:Sandbox [932] Halloween Fairstival [933] some kinda robot [934] Added profanity to pages.
8/29/05 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [935] [936] [937] [938] HRWiki:The Stick [939] [940] [941] HRWiki:IRC channel [942] Adventure Gamers Interview [943] Sticky Notes [944] Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 3.0 [945] [946] [947] [948] Chinese link spamming
8/29/05 (all edits) Strong Bad Email [949] David Brown spammer
8/29/05 (all edits) HRWiki:Sandbox [950] Removed sandbox template. History of greenhorn trolling
8/29/05 (all edits) Template:whatsnew [951], [952], [953] Trolled by adding question marks and "i made a stinkey."
8/30/05 (all edits) Folk Tale World [954], Strong Bad Email Statistics [955] Blanked pages
8/31/05 (all edits) Shark-Tooth Bubs, Musical Sightings, website, Strong Bad Email, H* updates 2005 Chinese spam links
8/31/05 Stinkoman 20X6 (all edits) Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits [956] Insulted Thesmokingmonkey and added adult content.

September 2005

Date IP Address and Contributions Pages defaced Description
9/1/05 (all edits) HRWiki:WikiTroll [957], the bird [958], [959], [960], [961] dismantled the bird section by section and blanked this page
9/1/05 (all edits) Template:whatsnew [962], [963], Pie [964], created hmmmmmmm!, HRWiki:canibalism, pieter pan, and a userpage page-creating troll
9/2/05 (all edits) privileges [965] Added the fake link "curious page" to the External Links section of "privileges". (And reverted it)
9/3/05 (all edits) Count Longardeaux's Book [966] Common trolling.
9/5/05 BlueJay (all edits) Talk:Homsar Main Page [967], Page move vandalism of Homsar Main Page Added pointless message to the talk page, referring to these incidents. This username is banned indefinitely, but likely is, who posted the original messages on Jay's talk page.
9/6/05 (all edits) Image:ccommandos.png [968] Trolled image description.
9/8/05 (all edits) guitar, Strong Bad Email, H* updates 2005, Wilbur Massive section spam
9/12/05 (all edits) Help:Contents [969] [970] Added porn links to Help page. A repeat offender.
9/16/05 (all edits) HRWiki:The Stick [971], [972] Copied all the text on the page and pasted it again.
9/16/05 (all edits) HRWiki:Recent changes patrol [973] Copied all the text on the page and pasted it again.
9/18/05 (all edits) Fonts [974] Blanked the page.
9/25/05 FizzLizz (all edits) Quote of the Week [975], Store [976], Image:sb-head.png [977] General trolling
9/27/05 (all edits) created caveman, Romance Evil Buggerdoo, and Minjah page-creating troll
9/27/05 Geddup Noise (all edits) Template:whatsnew [978], Cheat Commandos [979], geddup noise [980] Content vandalism

October 2005

Date IP Address and Contributions Pages defaced Description
10/2/05 (contribs | log | block) Help:Editing [981] [982], HRWiki:Sandbox [983], Wood-davers [984], Help:Contents [985] Garden variety vandalism, multiple attacks.
10/2/05 FlaminhairHR (contribs | log | block) HRWiki:Introduction [986], geddup noise [987], mile [988] Blanked the pages.
10/4/05 (contribs | log | block) HRWiki:Sandbox [989] Tampered with Sandbox line, used foul language, repeat offender.
10/7/05 (contribs | log | block) Large scale page creation Page creation Troll.
10/8/05 (contribs | log | block) link [990] Created page, removed deletion tag.
10/10/05 (contribs | log | block) HRWiki:The Stick [991] Strong Bad Email [992] Image:viderogames.PNG [993] Teen Girl Squad Issue 10 [994] Replaced various lines of text with comments about his or her face smelling.
10/12/05 (contribs | log | block) Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer [995] Blanked a section, added profanity.
10/14/05 (contribs | log | block) User:Phlip [996] Replaced page content with profanities.
10/14/05 (contribs | log | block) Category:HSR Navigation [997] [998], Grabbo Arm [999], HRWiki:IRC channel [1,000], Stong Bad, Homestarmy [1,001] Inappropriate links, replaced content with innapropriate words, created a page.
10/15/05 Familyguy (contribs | log | block) Britney Spears Talk:Britney Spears [1,002] Page creating troll
10/15/05 (contribs | log | block) vidioletrixs, geddup noise 1250, hey buddy, strong bad buddy, new stuff Page creating troll
10/17/05 (contribs | log | block) Strong Bad is a Bad Guy [1,003] User:Lapper [1,004] [1,005] [1,006] User_talk:Lapper [1,007] User:DorianGray [1,008] [1,009] User:E.L. Cool [1,010] Store [1,011] User:Homestramy20 [1,012] User:Some HSR themed username [1,013] User:JoeyDay [1,014] User:It's dot com [1,015] Page blanking troll, left offensive content
10/19/05 (contribs | log | block) army [1,016] [1,017] Replaced content with casino links
10/19/05 (contribs | log | block) Help:Contents [1,018] Appended pharmecutical links
10/20/05 (contribs | log | block) some kinda robot [1,019] [1,020] [1,021] [1,022] [1,023] [1,024] Page blanking troll
10/23/05 HomestarCoder (contribs | log | block) Large scale page moves Page moving troll
10/24/05 JimboWales (contribs | log | block) Large scale page moves Page moving troll
10/24/05 (contribs | log | block) bedtime story Added random message, possibly in Japanese
10/25/05 (contribs | log | block) Talk:Main Page [1,025] [1,026] Twice replaced contents with links involving names of prescription drugs
10/29/05 (contribs | log | block) Talk:Main Page [1,027] Same M.O. as the troll above.
10/29/05 (contribs | log | block) Talk:Main Page [1,028] Same M.O. as the troll above.
10/29/05 (contribs | log | block) The Reddest Radish [1,029] Replaced remark with random text.
10/29/05 Marshieman (contribs | log | block) funny [1,030] User:Homestar Coder [1,031] [1,032] Homestar Runner [1,033] Marshie [1,034] [1,035] User:DorianGray [1,036] [1,037]

Everybody Knows It [1,038] Puppets on the Road [1,039] HRWiki:About [1,040] [1,041] Missy Palmer [1,042] [1,043] User:Rogue Leader [1,044] [1,045]

Page Move Troll; vandalism
10/29/05 (contribs | log | block) HRWiki:2005 Fall Pledge Drive [1,046] Vandalized graph.
10/30/05 (contribs | log | block) The House That Gave Sucky Treats [1,047] [1,048] Added inappropriate messages.
10/30/05 (contribs | log | block) Help:Contents [1,049] Added hidden pharmaceutical links. Also added nonsense to some lines of text.
10/31/05 (contribs | log | block) Lookin at a Thing in a Bag [1,050] [1,051] [1,052] Added pharmaceutical links under External Links

November 2005

Date IP Address and Contributions Pages defaced Description
11/1/05 (contribs | log | block) bedtime story [1,053] [1,054] [1,055] Added various nonsense
11/2/05 (contribs | log | block) Halloween Potion-ma-jig [1,056] [1,057] Blanked page.
11/4/05 (contribs | log | block) Halloween Potion-ma-jig [1,058] [1,059] That A Ghost [1,060] [1,061] [1,062] [1,063] [1,064] Snowglobe [1,065] Blanked sections, spammer
11/4/05 (contribs | log | block) User:-erson [1,066] [1,067] [1,068] Defaced User Page
11/5/05 VovaKum (contribs | log | block) H* updates 2005 [1,069] WikiTikiTavi spammer
11/5/05 Puzo44 (contribs | log | block) Items [1,070] Secret Pages [1,071] WikiTikiTavts spammer
11/6/05 Vera63 (contribs | log | block) Stinkoman [1,072] H* updates 2005 [1,073] WikiTikiTavi spammer
11/6/05 PetaTom (contribs | log | block) Characters [1,074] [1,075] Stinkoman 20X6 [1,076] [1,077] [1,078] WikiTikiTavi spammer
11/6/05 Mama33 (contribs | log | block) H* updates 2005 [1,079] [1,080] WikiTikiTavi spammer
11/6/05 VovaPuk (contribs | log | block) Strong Bad Email [1,081] [1,082] WikiTikiTavi spammer
11/6/05 Nata76 (contribs | log | block) Stinkoman 20X6 [1,083] [1,084] WikiTikiTavi spammer
11/6/05 VasaLox (contribs | log | block) Stinkoman 20X6 [1,085] [1,086] [1,087] H* updates 2005 [1,088] [1,089] WikiTikiTavi spammer
11/6/05 Shiz57 (contribs | log | block) island [1,090] H* updates 2005 [1,091] WikiTikiTavi spammer
11/6/05 VasaZum (contribs | log | block) island [1,092] Coach Z [1,093] WikiTikiTavi spammer
11/6/05 ZenitBob (contribs | log | block) Pom Pom [1,094] WikiTikiTavi spammer
11/6/05 Puta26 (contribs | log | block) time capsule [1,095] [1,096] Planet K [1,097] WikiTikiTavi spammer
11/6/05 (contribs | log | block) bedtime story [1,098] Blanked the transcript
11/7/05 (contribs | log | block) Strong Bad doing stuff Lappy 486 doing stuff La la la la la!!! Page creating troll
11/7/05 (contribs | log | block) Halloween Potion-ma-jig [1,099] [1,100] [1,101] Added nonsense
11/8/05 (contribs | log | block) timtim the ascic/woodgate relationship Created pages requesting spam to be sent to someone he doesn't like.
11/8/05 (contribs | log | block) Talk:Main Page [1,102] Blanked a section, added spam relating to web hosting.
11/10/05 (contribs | log | block) Thorax Corporation [1,103] NGS - Unfortunately this is one of many IP addresses used in the trolling. It just happens that this one has 3 reverts...
11/11/05 (contribs | log | block) H* updates 2005 [1,104] WikiTikiTavi spammer
11/11/05 (contribs | log | block) HRWiki:2005 Fall Pledge Drive [1,105] WikiTikiTavi spammer
11/11/05 (contribs | log | block) HRWiki:2005 Fall Pledge Drive [1,106] WikiTikiTavi spammer
11/11/05 (contribs | log | block) Denial of Service Attack. Replaced approximately 480 main namespace pages with "N---- STOLE MY COW!" plus a number. Before editing was suspended, the vandalbot made approximately 850 edits. See also HRWiki:NSMC vandal.
11/11/05 (contribs | log | block) Denial of Service Stole My Cow
11/11/05 (contribs | log | block) Denial of Service Stole My Cow
11/11/05 (contribs | log | block) Denial of Service Stole My Cow
11/11/05 (contribs | log | block) Denial of Service Stole My Cow
11/11/05 (contribs | log | block) Denial of Service Stole My Cow
11/11/05 (contribs | log | block) Denial of Service Stole My Cow
11/11/05 (contribs | log | block) Denial of Service Stole My Cow
11/11/05 (contribs | log | block) Denial of Service Stole My Cow
11/11/05 (contribs | log | block) Denial of Service Stole My Cow
11/11/05 (contribs | log | block) Denial of Service Stole My Cow
11/12/05 (contribs | log | block) Denial of Service Stole My Cow
11/12/05 (contribs | log | block) Denial of Service Stole My Cow
11/12/05 (contribs | log | block) Denial of Service Stole My Cow
11/12/05 (contribs | log | block) Denial of Service Stole My Cow
11/12/05 (contribs | log | block) Denial of Service Stole My Cow
11/12/05 (contribs | log | block) Denial of Service Stole My Cow
11/24/05 HOLYCRAP (contribs | log | block) Teen Girl Squad [1,107] Homsar [1,108] Deleted most of article - Replaced with comments about Teen Girl Squad "Sucking." Deleted all of the Homsar article.

December 2005

Date IP Address and Contributions Pages defaced Description
12/04/05 Ex-troller (contribs | log | block) User:Ex-troller [1,109] Inappropriate user page; made comments about trolling before and planning to again. Also wrote a message saying, "this will probably get me banned, won't it?"
12/11/05 PFloydPotter (contribs | log | block) Homestar Runner [1,110] [1,111] [1,112] [1,113] Blanked portions of the page
12/14/05 Ava (contribs | log | block) User talk:Net [1,114] Deleted other users messages
12/19/05 Fullbide (contribs | log | block) Talk:Stinkoman 20X6 Enemies [1,115] [1,116] User Talk:Tampo [1,117] User:Bkmlb/welcome Repeatedly modified other users' comments and sections of their user pages, despite repeated warnings and requests, particularly by Tampo, to leave him alone. See page histories and diffs for more information.
12/21/05 Ciberdude444 (contribs | log | block), Quote of the Week [1,118] [1,119] User:Salty [1,120] [1,121] HRWiki:WikiTroll [1,122] Replaced text with random words/sentences. UPDATE: 12/24/05: Insulted Salty on his user page. Also vandalized this page. also created 4 sockpuppet accounts
12/23/05 Seriously (contribs | log | block) Strong Bad Email [1,123] Template:STUFF/That A Ghost [1,124] Added nonsense personal message to Strong Bad Email. Also messed up a STUFF page, although this may have been a mistake rather than vandalism. Is apparently a repeat offender (he's already been blocked for personal attacks; see his block log.)
12/27/05 Megajake (contribs | log | block) Day at the Park [1,125] Decemberween Sweet Cuppin' Cakes [1,126] The Cheat Theme Song [1,127] HRWiki:WikiTroll [1,128] User:The Chort [1,129] [1,130], User:DorianGray [1,131] [1,132], 3 Times Halloween Funjob Costumes [1,133] User talk:Invisible Robot Fish [1,134], pooooooop Added inappropriate content to pages, blanked one page, made an inappropriate page
12/27/05 Homsar_4591 (contribs | log | block) Fat Bluebird [1,135] Blanked the page. Has already been blocked for vandalism in the past.
12/29/05 (contribs | log | block) geddup noise [1,136] Added profanity and rudeness to defend addition of a Fun Fact.
12/30/05 (contribs | log | block) HRWiki:Introduction [1,137] Pharmaceutical links
12/30/05 (contribs | log | block) Fhqwhgads (karaoke) [1,138] Blanked
12/30/05 (contribs | log | block) Strong Bad Email [1,139], family [1,140] Pretended there was a new email out and made a page for it.
12/30/05 SuperKid (contribs | log | block) Homestar Jr. [1,141] Egg Throwing Game [1,142] Vandalism, added nonsense, moved Homestar vs. Other Little Girl, was warned.

January 2006

Date IP Address and Contributions Pages defaced Description
1/1/06 (contribs | log | block) guitar [1,143] Added a link to "A website that has totally nothing to do with this, but is really awesome."
1/1/06 (contribs | log | block) H* updates 2005, [1,144], Talk:H* updates 2005 [1,145] Added profane comments about TBC not updating H* on both pages.
1/1/06 (contribs | log | block) A Jorb Well Done [1,146] Where The Crap Are We? [1,147] Added "111" and "11" to the transcripts.
1/1/06 (contribs | log | block) User:Heimstern Läufer [1,148] User:Has Matt? [1,149] King of Town Email [1,150] Left insulting and sometimes inappropriate messages on user pages after blanking them.
1/2/06 (contribs | log | block) User:Happy [1,151] [1,152] Added profanity to user pages.
1/2/06 (contribs | log | block) User:Happy Added profanity to user pages.
1/3/06 (contribs | log | block) Peasant's Quest Walkthrough [1,153] Added rude comment.
1/3/06 Kwan3218 (contribs | log | block) Quote of the Week [1,154] Blanked and added nonsense.
1/3/06 Kwan3216 (contribs | log | block) See contribs Blanked various pages.
1/3/06 The_thing (contribs | log | block) Crap [1,155] [1,156] long pants [1,157] User talk:Krowlontheprowl [1,158], User:Homestramy20 [1,159] Added nonsense to pages. Added the word "no" to talk page. Added himself to another user's "Favorite users" list, then removed himself again.
1/4/06 (contribs | log | block) Tobias Created page saying "Thee coolest person EVER!! Enough said."
1/4/06 (contribs | log | block) The Li'l Brudder Show [1,160], Don and Harriet Chapman [1,161], Ready for Prime Time [1,162] IP address used by NSMC1 (contribs | log | block)
1/13/06 (contribs | log | block) time capsule [1,163] [1,164] Added various nonsense to page
01/15/06 Meeko (contribs | log | block) worst email ever [1,165] stunt double [1,166] Added uneeded pages on his opinion and put a swear word in his edit summary.
1/15/06 (contribs | log | block) PAY PLUS! [1,167] Put nonsense on page.
1/16/06 (contribs | log | block) User:Aram [1,168] Vandalized Aram's user page with inappropriate language.
1/22/06 (contribs | log | block) new hands [1,169] Put a swear word on the page.
1/21/06 Bkml (contribs | log | block) User:Tampo [1,170] Stinkoman 20X6 Enemies [1,171] Stinkoman 20X6 [1,172] Deleted Tampo's userpage and replaced it for an insult. Also blanked Stinkoman 20X6 Enemies and Stinkoman 20X6.
1/23/06 (contribs | log | block) Mysfit-steries (band) [1,173] [1,174] Random outburst
1/23/06 (contribs | log | block) Image:Ometar 2.JPG [1,175] Trogdor [1,176] Cow Lamp [1,177] Swearing, Blanking
1/23/06 (contribs | log | block) Strong Bad [1,178] Homestar Runner [1,179] Blanking
1/23/06 (contribs | log | block) Games [1,180] Blanking
1/24/06 (contribs | log | block) some kinda robot [1,181] [1,182] [1,183] Blanking, nonsense
1/24/06 (contribs | log | block) secret recipes [1,184] Blanked page
1/26/06 (contribs | log | block) cheat talk [1,185] Foul language, blanking
1/26/06 Ex-Tampo (contribs | log | block) User:Tampo [1,186] User talk:Tampo [1,187] Stinkoman [1,188] deleted Tampo's userpage and replaced it for "TAMPO IS A B****!!!!!" Insulted Tampo on his talk page. Also deleted the Stinkoman article.
1/28/06 USShomestar (contribs | log | block) User:Lapper [1,189] Blanked Lapper's userpage
1/28/06 (contribs | log | block) User:Heimstern Läufer [1,190] Puppet Jam: Tropical Lazor Beams [1,191] User:Some HSR themed username [1,192] and several other pages Blanking. Claims to be WoW.
1/28/06 Heimstern_Läofer (contribs | log | block) User talk:Heimstern Läufer [1,193] HRWIki:WikiTroll [1,194] Obviously impersonating User:Heimstern Läufer
1/28/06 (contribs | log | block) strongbad_email.exe Disc Three [1,195] Profanity
1/28/06 (contribs | log | block) strongbad_email.exe [1,196] Vandalism, explicit language, created inappropriate page
1/31/06 (contribs | log | block) The Cheat's Lightswitch [1,197] Vandalism, tried to replace article with an image of someone being "pwn3d"
1/31/06 Reply (contribs | log | block) Yelt guestbook Another Yelt Guestbook Yeltensic sock puppet

February 2006

Date IP Address and Contributions Pages defaced Description
2/1/06 Drwho? (contribs | log | block) (formerly Dr Who Strikes back) User:Dr Who Strikes back Sockpuppet; personal attacks on User:It's dot com and User:Thunderbird L17
2/1/06 Maulcaz (contribs | log | block) Scrolling Shooter Games Menu WoW-style page moves
2/3/06 (contribs | log | block) The Poopsmith [1,198] Blanking, profanity
2/3/06 Zabulash (contribs | log | block) Original Book, Teen Girl Squad WoW-style page moves
2/4/06 (contribs | log | block) Original Book [1,199] IP used by a friend of Yeltensic at his urging.
2/4/06 Heimstern_Laufer (contribs | log | block) User:Heimstern Läufer [1,200] [1,201] Personal attack on Heimstern Läufer.
2/5/06 (contribs | log | block) HRWiki:The Stick [1,202] Changed "The Stick" to "The Stupid Thingy"
2/6/06 (contribs | log | block) Whatsit [1,203] Blanked and replaced with message disparaging TBC and their fans.
2/9/06 (contribs | log | block) Multiple articles, User:it's dot com Dr.Who vandal, blanked a lot of pages and replaced them with threats to vandalize other wikis. Vandalized user pages for It's dot com, ACupOfCoffee, and KieferSkunk.
2/9/06 Reverted (contribs | log | block) Stinkoman 20X6 Enemies and Items [1,204] Replaced parts of character/enemy descriptions with "A fweakin' chair"
2/11/06 Drwho? (contribs | log | block) (formerly OhW .rD) The King of Town's Grill [1,205], User:Seriously [1,206], The Brothers Chaps [1,207] Page move vandal, blanked several Main space and user pages and replaced with random text.
2/12/06 (contribs | log | block) HRWiki:The_Stick [1,208] Inappropriate language.
2/14/06 (contribs | log | block) Strong Bad [1,209] Homestar Runner (body of work) [1,210] Blanking and spamming
2/14/06 Kittie_Rose (contribs | log | block) Podstar Runner [1,211] Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 12.2 [1,212] HRWiki:WikiTroll [1,213] [1,214] and many others Swore a cuss, explicit personal attacks.
2/19/06 (contribs | log | block) User:The thing [1,215] Blanked user page
2/19/06 (contribs | log | block) Spin 'n Say [1,216] Wrote innappropriate things, added useless text
2/19/06 More_than_four_vowels (contribs | log | block) User talk:More than four vowels [1,217][1,218]


Multiple drug references, warned to stop, also asks why he/she isn't blocked here.
2/21/06 (contribs | log | block) Game Sightings [1,221], These peoples try to fade me [1,222] Spam
2/21/06 (contribs | log | block) The Poopsmith [1,223] hello s*** Nonsense, page creation and very offensive language.
2/25/06 Killer_French_Fry (contribs | log | block) Template:whatsnew [1,224] Offensive language, nonsense, personal attacks
2/25/06 (contribs | log | block) Main Pages [1,225] [1,226] [1,227] Blanking

March 2006

Date IP Address and Contributions Pages defaced Description
3/2/06 (contribs | log | block) Strong Bad's Message Bored [1,228] [1,229] Profanity, blanking
3/5/06 Homestar_Swimmer (contribs | log | block) Too many to list Dr. Who vandalism, personal attacks, profanity.
3/5/06 The_Notorious_W.H.O. (contribs | log | block) Page blanking (Dr. Who)
3/5/06 Not_a_suckpuppet (contribs | log | block) HRWiki:The Stick [1,230], User:FireBird, User:It's dot com, The Diapersmith [1,231] Insulting page redirects, blanking
3/6/06 (contribs | log | block) pop-up [1,232], [1,233], [1,234] Spamming inappropriate content.
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