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== Upload. ==
== Upload. ==
[ oa][ 网络电话][ 单片机][ 数据恢复][ 数据恢复][ 升降机][ 升降机][ 聚氨酯][ 发电机][ 汽车团购][ ][ 数据恢复][ 数据恢复][ 数据修复][ 升降机] [ 激光雕刻][ ][ 数据恢复][  ][ ci设计][ GPRS][ 抛丸机][ 电子白板][ 深圳机票][ led显示屏][ lcd显示屏][ ups电源][ 麻将机][ 起重机][ 成人用品][ 叉车][ ]大家不要相信地下香港[ 六合彩]公司内幕,[ 香港六合彩]相关介绍是[ 香港六合彩][ 床上用品][ ][ led显示屏][ 升降机][ ][ 激光切割机][ 翻译][ 陶瓷][ 打标机][ 伺服电机][ 活性炭][ 电动车][ 标准件][ 钢管][ 风机][ 锅炉][ 离合器][ LED][ 注册香港公司][ 增高][ 白癜风][ 集团电话][ 电机][ 注册英国公司][ erp][ vpn][ 货架][ 展架][ 货架][ 标签打印机][ 单片机][ LCD][ 鲜花][ GPS系统][ VOD][ ][ 铃声][ 手机铃声][ 手机铃声下载][ 彩铃][ 短信][ 美女][ 美女图片][ 美女写真][ 视频美女][ 美女图][ 手机短信][ 手机图片][ 铃声下载][ 彩信][ 免费手机铃声下载][ 三星手机铃声下载][ 手机图片下载][ 免费手机铃声][ 手机彩铃][ 手机游戏下载][ 诺基亚手机铃声下载][ 免费铃声下载][ 和弦铃声][ 免费铃声][ 小灵通铃声下载][ 彩秀][ 彩铃下载][ 移动彩铃][ 中国移动彩铃][ 12530彩铃][ 联通彩铃][ 幽默短信][ 搞笑短信][ 短信笑话][ 经典短信][ 免费短信][ 免费发短信][ 爱情短信][ 联通手机铃声下载][ 三星手机铃声][ 手机彩铃下载][ tcl手机铃声下载][ 三星手机图片][ 手机下载][ 波导手机铃声下载][ 手机彩信][ 手机彩图][ 手机玲声][ 手机铃音][ tcl手机铃声][ 彩玲][ 中国移动12530彩铃][ 12530移动彩铃下载][ 小灵通彩铃][ 手机彩铃下载][ 中国联通彩铃][ 浙江移动彩铃][ 广东移动彩铃12530][ 彩信图片][ 彩信铃声][ 彩信相册][ 彩信下载][ 2004幽默搞笑短信息][ 手机幽默短信][ 短信息][ 手机短信笑话][ 免费发手机短信][ 免费短信息幽默笑话][ 重阳节短信][ 经典手机短信][ 手机短信息][ 网上免费发短信][ 手机短信息幽默笑话][ 免费发短信软件][ 免费手机短信][ 搞笑手机短信][ 彩信动画][ 免费彩信][ 手机图片下载][ 三星手机铃声下载][ 手机铃声下载中心][ 手机铃声下载][ 短信精品幽默][ 索尼爱立信铃声][ 摩托罗拉手机铃声][ 手机铃声下载][ 手机铃声下载中心][ 手机短信精品幽默][ 40和弦下载][ 免费手机铃声下载][ 免费手机铃声][ 波导手机铃声下载][ 三星手机铃声下载][ 三星铃声下载][ tcl手机铃声下载][ 手机铃声下载][ 手机室][ 手机彩信][ 手机图片下载][ 手机彩信铃声][ 彩信图片下载][ 彩信下载][ 动画图片下载][ 手机铃声下载][ 三菱手机铃声下载][ 手机彩信铃声][ 三星手机铃声][ 诺基亚铃声][ 手机铃声下载][ 手机铃声下载网][ 待机彩图][ 手机铃声下载][ caishow手机铃声下载][ 下载手机彩图][ 手机铃声下载][ 手机铃声][ 和弦铃声][ 手机铃声下载][ 手机铃声下载][ 手机彩信下载]
Oops. I apparently did something wrong when I tried to upload an image. Could an admin please delete it? I guess I'm just not cut out to upload images. How do you, anyways? -- [[User:FireBird|FireBird]] [[User_Talk:FireBird|Talk]]
Oops. I apparently did something wrong when I tried to upload an image. Could an admin please delete it? I guess I'm just not cut out to upload images. How do you, anyways? -- [[User:FireBird|FireBird]] [[User_Talk:FireBird|Talk]]

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Have a question? Post it here and we will try to answer it as soon as possible. (Possibly a matter of minutes.)



When searching a certain user, what does the 100%, or 92% or any other number mean? -- FireBird

(I'd like that answer too) ^ Thunderbird 08:52, 22 Oct 2004 (MST)

It's how close a match MediaWiki thinks the page is to your search term. -- Tom 16:15, 22 Oct 2004 (MST)

Wiki Troll

This is probably answered somewhere else, but I have to go out for the day, and I'm leaving in 5 minutes, so I'm just gonna ask and leave it with you. added Little Girl to the reject characters page, with the whole page simply 'bum hole'. Does this constitute a Wiki Troll? If it does, what steps do I take to insure that this Troller of Wikis is brought to justice? Is there any sort of general system of protocols?

The instructions for dealing with WikiTrolls can be found on the WikiTroll page. And I dealt with the situation. Thanks. -- Tom 16:15, 22 Oct 2004 (MST)

Category Redirect not working?

I moved the content from the "Inside Jokes" to the category of the same name. (First I made sure all the inside jokes had references to this category.) Then I tried to redirect "Inside Jokes" to the category, but it's not redirecting! Am I a bad boy? -- spblat 18:18, 24 Oct 2004 (MST)

Not so much. I'm not really sure the software will allow a redirect to a category, but its kind of a moot point in this situation. As noted correctly by User:The Paper, content should be on a main namespace page, not a category namespace page. I do understand where you are coming from though. Several of the pages in Category:Lists seem like they would be good candidates for just category pages. This is partly because of the way in which we use catagories around here and partly because of the way we list things. In fact, we actually kind of do something with the filmographies like what I think you tried to do. I'm not really sure what I just said will make any sense, but just know that content should be on good 'ol regular pages. -- Tom 19:10, 24 Oct 2004 (MST)

Thanks. Response posted to Talk:Inside Jokes. Thanks! spblat 20:05, 24 Oct 2004 (MST)


oa网络电话单片机数据恢复数据恢复升降机升降机聚氨酯发电机汽车团购[1]数据恢复数据恢复数据修复升降机 激光雕刻[2]数据恢复[3]ci设计GPRS抛丸机电子白板深圳机票led显示屏lcd显示屏ups电源麻将机起重机成人用品叉车[4]大家不要相信地下香港六合彩公司内幕,香港六合彩相关介绍是香港六合彩床上用品[5]led显示屏升降机[6]激光切割机翻译陶瓷打标机伺服电机活性炭电动车标准件钢管风机锅炉离合器LED注册香港公司增高白癜风集团电话电机注册英国公司erpvpn货架展架货架标签打印机单片机LCD鲜花GPS系统VOD[7]铃声手机铃声手机铃声下载彩铃短信美女美女图片美女写真视频美女美女图手机短信手机图片铃声下载彩信免费手机铃声下载三星手机铃声下载手机图片下载免费手机铃声手机彩铃手机游戏下载诺基亚手机铃声下载免费铃声下载和弦铃声免费铃声小灵通铃声下载彩秀彩铃下载移动彩铃中国移动彩铃12530彩铃联通彩铃幽默短信搞笑短信短信笑话经典短信免费短信免费发短信爱情短信联通手机铃声下载三星手机铃声手机彩铃下载tcl手机铃声下载三星手机图片手机下载波导手机铃声下载手机彩信手机彩图手机玲声手机铃音tcl手机铃声彩玲中国移动12530彩铃12530移动彩铃下载小灵通彩铃手机彩铃下载中国联通彩铃浙江移动彩铃广东移动彩铃12530彩信图片彩信铃声彩信相册彩信下载2004幽默搞笑短信息手机幽默短信短信息手机短信笑话免费发手机短信免费短信息幽默笑话重阳节短信经典手机短信手机短信息网上免费发短信手机短信息幽默笑话免费发短信软件免费手机短信搞笑手机短信彩信动画免费彩信手机图片下载三星手机铃声下载手机铃声下载中心手机铃声下载短信精品幽默索尼爱立信铃声摩托罗拉手机铃声手机铃声下载手机铃声下载中心手机短信精品幽默40和弦下载免费手机铃声下载免费手机铃声波导手机铃声下载三星手机铃声下载三星铃声下载tcl手机铃声下载手机铃声下载手机室手机彩信手机图片下载手机彩信铃声彩信图片下载彩信下载动画图片下载手机铃声下载三菱手机铃声下载手机彩信铃声三星手机铃声诺基亚铃声手机铃声下载手机铃声下载网待机彩图手机铃声下载caishow手机铃声下载下载手机彩图手机铃声下载手机铃声和弦铃声手机铃声下载手机铃声下载手机彩信下载

Oops. I apparently did something wrong when I tried to upload an image. Could an admin please delete it? I guess I'm just not cut out to upload images. How do you, anyways? -- FireBird Talk

Image:King Of Town Intro.png? I'm not really sure. Are you able to view the image on your computer okay? If so, then it's just a matter of knowing where on your computer it is located. -- Tom 23:20, 6 Nov 2004 (MST)
No, I can't see it on my computer. -- FireBird-Talk


Just out of curiosity, when a IP Address is banned, what does the page look like if that address trys to get back in? -- FireBird|Talk

Currently with MediaWiki, those on the Ipblocklist are only prevented from editing pages. They can still view pages normally. -- Tom 10:31, 18 Nov 2004 (MST)
Oh. -- FireBird|Talk


How do I get a username? I really want one. 10:31, 21 Nov 2004 (MST)

All you have to do is click the "Create an account or log in" link at the top-right hand corner of the page. Enter in a username, enter a password into both password boxes and click the "Create new account" button. It's that easy! --[[User:Kilroy|Kilroy/talk]] 11:17, 21 Nov 2004 (MST)

No. I mean a usernam on the Wiki itself. 11:44, 21 Nov 2004 (MST)

Just follow what Kilroy said. -- FireBird|Talk

Thanks. User:Clever Ben

Just remember to put "User:" in front of your name, or use the squigleys. (~~~~). -- FireBird|Talk

Joining the Forum

Can someone help me? I never got my confirmation email. I joined as "bottles98" with the email address a couple of weeks ago (yes, that's my real email address, my friend registered as a domain name and gave me a mail address at it.) I use Yahoo! Mail which may be the problem, is there anyway an admin could maybe auto-confirm my account or something? I'd really appriciate it. -- Homestar Runnar

Please send an email from the account you want to register with to We'll see what we can do. -- Tom 10:25, 1 Dec 2004 (MST)

Strong Bad hate mail

Please do tell me the names of all emails where Strong Bad was asked how he types with boxing gloves on. - Anonymous

I hope you mean "Please tell me all the emails where Strong Bad was asked how he types with boxing gloves on." And it won't be incredibly hard to find. It's called a search engine, right below the navitgation module. Look for it. Use it. It has a purpose. (Oh, and sign your comments.)→FireBird

Category Editing

I've been wanting to do some cleaning of the Category:Character Variations ... but when I go to edit it, the field for input only shows a tiny little bit of the page, not enough for me to work with. I swear to god that I have legitimately tried to figure this out on my own, but failed. Would someone please just let me in on whatever little secret I need to know? It's driving me mad.

If it has something to do with only super-duper Admins being able to edit these pages, could one of you please delegate the task of adding a new Dangeresque subcategory (if you deem it admissible)? It's been bugging me. But there is a distinict possibility that it is not there because it should not be there. I just need some closure. --Vannav 23:21, 30 Nov 2004 (MST)

When anyone edits a category page, the only thing available to edit is the text at the top of the page. The rest of the content is generated automagically by MediaWiki. That's how categories work. For example, Category:Strong_Bad_Email only contains a short note at the top of the page regarding the emails. The actual content of the page (the actual links to the email pages) is generated by MediaWiki. Of course, a much better and more detailed explanation of how categories work can be found in the user's guide. -- Tom 10:20, 1 Dec 2004 (MST)

The # character in page titles

Take a look at Special:Uncategorized Pages. Apparently there exist pages called "Kobe#1" and "Kobe#2" but whenever I try to get my browser to access these, it just loads Kobe (since the # character in a URL signifies an anchor identifier). I know that the pages are there and all different by entering "kobe" into the search, which shows that each of the three pages has a different number of bytes.

These pages should be moved by someone who can; also, # should be disallowed as a page title character if possible. Mister Mister 07:50, 2 Dec 2004 (MST)

The "#" character is disallowed. The links for "Kobe#1" and "Kobe#2" both just link to the Kobe page. The "#" on each doesn't do anything in this situation because MediaWiki uses the # to link to sections, like with Strong Bad Email#Strong Bad Email Raps. Since there aren't sections for "1" and "2" on the Kobe page, the software just sends the user to the top of the page. To fix this, all you have to do is create pages like Kobe 1 and Kobe 2, move the content, fix the links to the page, and mark the Kobe page for deletion. No special privileges are needed. -- Tom 10:14, 3 Dec 2004 (MST)
So what exactly are the three pages listed in [[8]]? The second one seems to contain the text "Very similar Strong Mad's character" which appears nowhere in Kobe. It looks to me like "Kobe#1" and "Kobe#2" somehow actually got into the database as separate pages. Mister Mister 19:07, 5 Dec 2004 (MST)
I think the existing Kobe page is sufficient for both characters. I've been trying to remove all #links to it to clear up the listing error. - Dr Haggis - Talk 11:31, 3 Dec 2004 (MST)
I think Kobe should be deleted and recreated. It should clean out all the database confusion. - Dr Haggis - Talk 19:19, 5 Dec 2004 (MST)
Okay, I tried a delete and then making the page again (from a copy and paste, not a restore or anything). That didn't seem to work, so I tried a delete, then I purged the page, then I made the page again, and that also didn't seem to work. Any other ideas? I guess I could manually go and edit the datebase if it comes to that. -- Tom 08:18, 6 Dec 2004 (MST)

Images in wiki tables - front page

How did you guys manage to put the images inside the tables on the front page?

-- 22:00, 2 Dec 2004 (MST)

With some CSS. You can read up on CSS Background Properties at the w3school. -- Tom 10:03, 3 Dec 2004 (MST)
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