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(Inside References)
(Inside References)
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*The page title quotes [[Marshie]] in [[Malloween Commercial]]. The full line is "Boogidy boogidy! I'll scare your dad!".
*The page title quotes [[Marshie]] in [[Malloween Commercial]]. The full line is "Boogidy boogidy! I'll scare your dad!".
*Marzipan's blue dress is the one the one she used for [[The Angel]] in [[A Decemberween Pageant]].
*Marzipan's blue dress is the one the one she used for [[The Angel]] in [[A Decemberween Pageant]].
*Marzipan has Homsar's "pumpkin" from [[Pumpkin Carve-nival]] (an eggplant with a spoon taped on it) among the other fruits on her shelf.
*Marzipan has Homsar's "pumpkin" from [[Pumpkin Carve-nival]] (an eggplant with a spoon taped on it) among the other vegitables on her shelf.
===Real-World References===
===Real-World References===

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Bobbin' for turduckens

The Cheat gets the hiccups on Halloween and Strong Bad sets out to cure him.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Strong Mad, The Cheat, Coach Z, Strong Sad, Bubs, The King Of Town, Pom Pom, The Poopsmith, Homsar (easter egg), Marzipan, Homestar Runner

See Halloween Costumes for more information on what everyone was wearing.

Places: The Field, Spooky Forest, Coach Z's Locker Room, Bubs' Concession Stand/Bubs' Ha-Ha-Halloween Comedy Club

Page Title: A Boogidy, Boogidy

Date: October 29, 2004



{Strong Bad, Strong Mad and The Cheat are walking along in regular clothing during the daytime. Then, a nighttime background scrolls onscreen, stitched right onto the daytime background. As the trio cross the terminator into nighttime, they get changed in to their costumes (with a slight slurping noise) as the opening credits roll;
"Halloween Fairstival" / Spoken By Matt and Missy / Maken By Mike and Matt / Here go the first scene...}

STRONG BAD: All right boys, it's Halloween night, what we gonna do?

{The Cheat hiccups}

STRONG BAD: Come again?

{Again, The Cheat hiccups}

STRONG BAD: What's wrong there, Philly Cheat-steak? You got-a some Hiccups?

{Again, The Cheat hiccups}

STRONG BAD: Well, you picked the perfect night to have them. We shouldn't have a problem scaring those hiccups out of you on Halloween. Let's see what's going on tonight. There's gotta be something scary.

{Zoom in on poster with "Coach Z's Haunted Locka-room" adorned on it}

STRONG BAD: Ooh, that's perfect! I've seen some stuff in that locker room that would scare more than just the hiccups out of you, let me tell ya. Let's check it on out!

{Again, The Cheat hiccups}

{Cut to a haunted locker room with a dark screen and green gas along the floor}

STRONG BAD: You scared yet, The Cheat? What about that drippy towel over there? That's pretty scary, huh?

{The Cheat hiccups}

STRONG BAD: {in a mock-scared voice} Oh no, please don't drip on me!

{The Cheat hiccups}

STRONG BAD: You smell like shin guards!

{The Cheat hiccups. Coach Z appears.}

COACH Z: {in a frightening voice} Crackity towel! Tommy John surgery!

STRONG BAD: {clears throat} Coach, we're trying to scare the hiccups out of The Cheat.

{The Cheat hiccups}

STRONG BAD: You got anything that's not just gross and moist?

COACH Z: {holding up some Blue Star Ointment} What could be scarier than Blue Stair Ointment?! Aawooooeeeeorrrrre!

STRONG BAD: All right, this has gone from weird and kinda gross to a serious health risk. {The Cheat hiccups} Let's bolt.

COACH Z: Hey! You guys didn't even get your candy out of the terlet there!

{Cut to Strong Sad under a banner that says "Strong Sad's Haunted Haikus"}

STRONG SAD: {speaking a Haiku}

This night. Black as pitch.
Doom from inside me wells up.
Pray I don't get egged.

STRONG BAD: I don't know or care what a Hai-oo-koo is. {The Cheat hiccups} But we need to scare The Cheat.

STRONG SAD: Ooh, I got just the thing! {speaking another Haiku}

Rapping at the door.
Fills up agèd pillow case.
So sick of Smarties.

STRONG BAD: Oh, I get it. Let me try one! {speaking his own Haiku}

A butt for a face.
Little brother: dork, dork, dork.
Stay out of my room.

{The Cheat hiccups}

STRONG BAD: I'm sorry, The Cheat, looks like we got to find some other way to scare the ever-loving hiccups out of you.

{The Cheat hiccups}

STRONG SAD: You don't scare the hiccups out of somebody! You gotta laugh 'em out!

STRONG BAD: Whoa! That sounds like a segue!

{Segue to Bubs, against the side wall of his concession stand, under a neon sign reading "Bubs' Ha-Ha-Halloween Comedy Club"}

BUBS: I mean, seriously, people, it's the 90s! {Strong Mad laughs} Am I right? {The Cheat hiccups} Am I left? {Strong Mad laughs again}

STRONG BAD: Say, Bubs, your comedy club bears a striking resemblance to the side of your concession stand.

BUBS: Aww, that's rich. You know something else that bears a striking resemblance to something else?


BUBS: Women can't drive!

{Strong Mad laughs again}

STRONG BAD: Awwwww, {The Cheat hiccups} let's get out here, my bad pennies.

{Strong Bad and The Cheat leave}


BUBS: And, airline food! I mean, humminah-what? {Bubs hits his head with his microphone. Strong Mad laughs again}

{cut to sign 'The KOT's verry Halloween related turducken bob'; pan to the King of Town with three turduckens in mashed potatoes}

KING OF TOWN: Hurry, hurry, hurry! Before I eat it all! Step right up and get your Halloween on! Bobbin' fer Turduckens!

STRONG BAD: {In a similar style when reading one of his emails}

Dear Oldie,
Shut up!
Your pal, Strong Bad.

KING OF TOWN: Howdy, boys. Either of you got a wicked mashed potato jones?

STRONG BAD: Whoa! Mashed Potato Jones. Now there's a fella I'd like to meet!

{The Cheat hiccups}

STRONG BAD: Oh yeah, we need to get rid of The Cheat's hiccups. You got any grody old man remedies?

KING OF TOWN: Sure! You gotta feed and feed the hiccups until they mature into liver failure! And then...

STRONG BAD: We're not trying to kill The Cheat! Don't ya have anything that could just scare him?

KING OF TOWN: I have this X-ray of my heart.

{The King of Town holds up an X-ray showing a ham where his heart should be, labelled 'General Caveat Lower Eclusal'. The Cheat hiccups.}

STRONG BAD: That's not scary. That's... promising! Come on, The Cheat. Let's let the King die in peace.

{The King of Town's mask spins into a sad face, like the character he's dressed up as}

KING OF TOWN: Yes. Let's.

{Cut to Pom Pom and the Poopsmith who are holding a silent auction}

STRONG BAD: What's up, no-talkers? Keep on... no-talking.

{The Cheat hiccups}

{This is only if you click on The Poopsmith's belt: Homsar pops out of the sign and stands upside down on the top of the border.} HOMSAR: AaAaAa... I blew it, man! I lose my touch. {He runs around the border while The Poopsmith and Pom Pom watch.}

{Cut to Marzipan standing with a guitar next to a stall of fruit.

STRONG BAD: What is this mess?

MARZIPAN: Ready, everybody? A-one, and a-two, and a-here we go! {Marzipan sings}

STRONG BAD: The Cheat, this is it! This is the most terrifying thing I have ever seen!

{The Cheat hiccups}

STRONG BAD: Oh, man!

MARZIPAN: Good job, The Cheat! Now try harmonizing with the butternut squashes! {sings}

STRONG BAD: This might not get rid of the hiccups, but it's about to give me the throw-ups!

MARZIPAN: Oh yeah! Lay it on me, Mr. Corn!

{Strong Bad makes vomiting noises}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {appears from behind a tree, on which is a sign reading 'back alley dealings'} Hey guys, hey guys, hey guys guys guys! You guys...errrr...need some witches' brew? I got some right here. Two jars. Cold, hot, fresh witches' brew! Only ten bucks a pop! Side effects include wine, women, and song. {He holds up two jars labelled 'brüe'}

STRONG BAD: Witches' brew, eh? All right, we'll take one jar!


{The Cheat drinks it and hiccups}

STRONG BAD: Oh, crap! He's still got 'em!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: That'll be ten bucks! Please drive around to the second window!

{The Cheat hiccups}

STRONG BAD: Aww, okay... But, uhhh, can you pay us the ten bucks tomorrow?

{The Cheat hiccups}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Nah, I'm good for it. I'll pay you the ten bucks right now!

{Homestar gives the money to Strong Bad}

STRONG BAD: Hey, The Cheat, {The Cheat hiccups} I'll give you ten bucks if you stop hiccupping!

{The Cheat tucks the cash into his costume, says something, and stops hiccupping.}

STRONG BAD: Ooh! Hey, Homestar! I'll give you ten bucks if you stop breathing!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Okayyougotadeal! {Homestar tries for a couple of seconds} Strong Bad... I couldn't do it... for very long...

STRONG BAD: I'd try again. Ten is a lot of bucks.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Right right, a lot of ducks!

{He keeps trying during the fade-out}

Easter Eggs

  • During the cartoon, click on The Poopsmith's belt to unlock a scene with Homsar.
  • Clicking on Strong Bad, Homestar Runner, Pom Pom, The Cheat, Bubs and Marzipan at the end will unlock additional dialogue.
    • Strong Bad
    STRONG BAD: Hello, kiddies! A-meet the Joker!
    • Homestar Runner
    HOMESTAR RUNNER: I think I'm dressed up as some kind of a golf cart, so I've got that going for me, which is nice.
    • Pom Pom
    COACH Z: So, Big Boy, eh, Pom Pom? I was gonna go as Andre 3000 myself.
    • The Cheat
    HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh man, The Cheat, your pile of leaves costume is so adorable. It's...adorable.
    • Bubs
    STRONG BAD: So, Bubs, your approach this year was to ensure that absolutely no one recognized your costume?
    BUBS: You got it!
    • Marzipan
    STRONG BAD: Hey, Marzy, I just can't wait for you to get on the road again and get hit by a school bus.
  • Clicking on Strong Mad at the end reveals an additional scene.
{Cut to Bubs' Ha-Ha Halloween Club. Strong Mad is still watching Bubs' act.}
BUBS: And remember, like, ten years ago? People's clothes looked funny! {Strong Mad laughs} And the music sounded terrible! {Strong Mad laughs.}
  • If you unlock the scene with Homsar, Homsar will appear at the end of the cartoon with everyone else.
  • If you don't unlock the scene with Homsar, you can still get Homsar to appear at the end by clicking on Strong Mad. When the scene switches back to the group picture, Homsar will be there.
  • If you unlock the Homsar scene, the eggplant in Marzipan's vegetable choir will have a spoon taped to it, just like Homsar's "pumpkin" in his Easter egg scene from Pumpkin Carve-nival.

Fun Facts


  • A "jones" is defined as "an avid desire or appetite for something". Therefore, to "have a mashed potato jones" means to "crave mashed potatoes".


Halloween Festival
Coach Z's Haunted
Haunted Haikus
w/ Strong Sad
Bobbing for Apples
However, when the sign appears again before zooming in on the Coach Z part, it reads:
Halloween Fairstival
Coach Z's Haunted
Haunted Haikus
w/ Strong Sad
Bobbing for Apples


  • Strong Bad is actually wearing purple boxing gloves, which is something he complained about in New Boots.
  • It's kind of strange that Strong Bad doesn't know what a haiku is, considering that he used one in japanese cartoon.
  • Strong Bad's moustache, worn under his makeup, bears a striking (the same?) resemblance to Ozone's moustache (from 3 Times Halloween Funjob).
  • Strong Mad apparently has a thing for sports. He dressed as Kobe in A Decemberween Pageant, and has dressed as a professional sports player in two of the last three Halloween episodes (Refrigerator Perry, Ben Wallace), and wore a baseball cap with the Detroit Tigers' logo on it as Magnum, P.I. He also has a statue of a football player in his room.
  • This toon has reference to Pom Pom not speaking, even though everyone acts as though he is speaking normally all the time.
  • Despite being a "terrific athlete," Homestar doesn't have a very large lung capacity. It seems to have grown significantly smaller since his Yearbook page.
  • Coach Z's Tupac tattoo says "Thorg Life" which is "Thug Life" a'la Coach Z's accent.


  • When Strong Bad, the Cheat, and Strong Mad turn around to go to the "Haunted Locker Room" after they read the sign, Strong Mad's Pistons jersey reverses itself! Look very carefully at Strong Mad, or you will miss it. This is actually because instead of spending time reanimating Strong Mad so he walks the other direction, his animation was simply mirrored.
  • When The Cheat drinks the jar of Witches' Brüe, the jar is still full.
  • At the end of the cartoon, if you select Strong Bad, Homestar, Bubs, Pom Pom, Marzipan or The Cheat, you can highlight Homsar when they are still talking.
  • When Bubs says "Am I right?" he points to the left, and when he says "Am I left?" he points to the right.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • The tune that plays in the opening credits, in most scene changes, and that Marzipan hums is somewhat similar to the refrain from the song "I'm Your Captain" by the 1970s American rock & roll band Grand Funk Railroad.
  • The "is in" sign hanging from the bandstand for the Chorus of Autumnal Vegetable is a reference to Lucy Van Pelt's psychiatric help booth from the Peanuts comic strips.
  • "Philly Cheat-steak" is a variation on the popular sandwich "Philly Cheese Steak".
  • In A Decemberween Pageant, Strong Mad dressed as Lakers star Kobe Bryant. This year, the Lakers were beaten by The Detroit Pistons in the NBA championship. In this cartoon, Strong Mad dresses like Pistons star Ben Wallace.
  • When you click on Pom Pom, Coach Z will say "Big Boy, eh? I was gonna go with Andre 3000 myself." Big Boi and André 3000 are members of the band OutKast.
  • At the end, when you click on Marzipan, Strong Bad says, "Hey Marzi ... I just can't wait for you to get on the road again ... and get hit by a school bus." This is a reference to the song "On the Road Again" by Willie Nelson, whose costume Marzipan wears.
  • "Strong Bad-as Cesar Romero-as The Joker" is a reference to Pumpkin Carve-nival, which had "The Goblin-as-Strong Bad-as the Bee." It is also a reference to the well-known Batman television show starring Adam West, and Cesar Romero as... The Joker! Also, Strong Bad's white mustache is a nod to how Mr. Romero refused to shave his mustache before donning the white makeup to be The Joker.
  • The sign in the locka-room that reads "Don't go into the marsh!!!!" refers to a similar sign in the Monster Plantation ride at Six Flags Over Georgia.
  • "My bad pennies" is a reference to the name given to The Joker's henchmen on the in the Batman episode The Joker Goes To School.
  • Homestar's comment about the side effects of drinking witches' brew being "wine, women and song" probably refers to the popular waltz entitled "Wine, Women and Song", composed in 1869 by Johann Strauss.
  • Blue Star Ointment is a product used for ringworm and jock itch.
  • At the end when you click on Homestar he says, "So I've got that going for me. Which is nice." This line is spoken by Carl Spackler, the groundskeeper in the film Caddyshack, whom he is dressed as. (This line also appears in Peasant's Quest if you try to make Rather Dashing eat or drink.)
  • "Tommy John Surgery" is a procedure to replace a torn elbow ligament with a ligament or tendon from elsewhere in the body. The surgery is named after Tommy John, a pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers who was the first professional athlete to successfully undergo the operation.
  • When Homestar says 10 bucks is a lot of "ducks" he might be referring to Loonies (Canadian Dollars), they actually have a duck printed on a side.

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