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Happy 8600: Homestar Runner's Laptop.

Happy 8600 is the Laptop that Homestar Runner uses in email thunder. Strong Bad liberally applies a 10-liter bottle of Mountain Dew to the "Happy", with spectacular results.


Quick Facts

Debut. First seen in the email "email thunder".

Font: The is currently unknown, but seems similar to the Compy 386's font, [Commodore 64]

Emails checked on the computer so far: at least 49


Black: Background color

White: Text color


hremail — though the actual program name is unknown


The Happy 8600 is modeled after an XO-1, an inexpensive model distributed as part of the One Laptop Per Child project. The laptop was made available to North American consumers during the 2007 holiday season in a "Give 1 Get 1" offer. Ironically, the XO-1 keyboard is designed to resist liquids.

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