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On a rampage, yo

Hip hop music is a popular music genre highlighted several times in the Homestar Runner body of work.

Hip hop slang is often used by characters, such as the commonly uttered phrase "dag, yo" in Teen Girl Squad.


Coach Z

Coach Z is a rapper whose singles include Rap Song (accidentally featuring Peacey P), These peoples try to fade me, Hip Hop Dance, and Fish Eye Lens (with Strong Bad). He has dressed up as several rappers for Halloween, and he is also a fan of the Wu-Tang Clan. Coach Z went on a lyrical rampage with Strong Bad in rampage. He also accidentally recorded a song over Strong Bad's speech in your funeral. According to the Yearbook Character Page, Coach Z claims to have been a chart-topping rapper in his home country. In the drama club performance in being mean, Coach Z performed "Being Mean Ain't the Greatest Choice." In Strong Badia the Free, when Homestar describes to Marzipan that Coach Z joined the enemy, he calls him "the traitorous Coach Z" and claims that that is his "new rap name".

Hip Hop-themed Halloween Costumes

Strong Bad

Strong Bad is a fan of the genre and the show Yo! MTV Raps (12:00), and has been shown to rap a few times, including in Everybody to the Limit. He has collaborated with Coach Z on Fish Eye Lens. He has also created the Dog Food Gangstas. Also, many of his email intros feature a rap style.

The Cheat

The Cheat DJing at Club Technochocolate.

The Cheat is a DJ who plays hip hop and other genres, such as indietronic (geddup noise). He assisted Strong Bad in making the video for his rap song Everybody to the Limit (earning a pizza) and remixed the King of Town's "Not Talkin' 'bout Butter" in hip hop form (Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 13.2).


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