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Homestar Runner's face is animated such that there are separate sprites for each expression he makes. This page catalogs all of these expression sprites.


Mouth List

Image Description
Closed Mouth

This is the most common Homestar Runner sprite, it is simply Homestar Runner with a closed mouth.

Open Mouth

This is the one where Homestar has his mouth open, such as pronouncing A, E, or I.

Round Mouth

This is the one where Homestar has his mouth open to make an "oh" or "ooh" sound.

Curious Mouth

A newer mouth; Homestar has his mouth closed, but it is meant to indicate confusion or curiosity.

File:fff homestar.jpg
"Ffff" Mouth

From the older-inspired design used in Hremail 7, this version of Homestar has a unique mouth shape for the "F" sound.

"Ooh" Lips

One of the Mario Paint Thursdays from @StrongBadActual featured a looping animation of Homestar making "ooh" sounds over and over.

With Teeth

In the Strong Bad Email theme song, Homestar opens his mouth wide to take a bite out of a light bulb sandwich. His teeth normally aren't visible, however. In the email underlings, Homestar is confused about the idea that he has teeth, and the cilantro hanging from his mouth is not wedged between any teeth.


During a flashback in couch patch, Homestar lounges around and spits Teddy Grahams all over the place.


In older toons such as Marshmallow's Last Stand and A Jumping Jack Contest, Homestar makes a face when slurping up food or drinks.


In A Death-Defying Decemberween, Homestar makes a large round mouth, similar to Homsar's, as he sleds down the Steep Deep.

Eyes List

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