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Principal Strong Bad offers cookies for a job well done

This is a quiz on your knowledge of the website. It also seems to be an application form to CGNU.

Page Title: Smell that purple ink!!



After you've taken the quiz, Strong Bad analyzes the results and tells you how you did. Below are the details of what he says depending on how many answers you got right.

When you get all ten answers correct:

Strong Bad: Well, you obviously cheated, which means you're my kind of person. Have a cookie. [Strong Bad holds up a cookie sheet with some cookies on it. A 3x5 card comes onto the screen with a recipe, below.]

The Poopsmiths Super Deluxe You-Know-What Cookies
1 1/2 cup flour
1 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp cinammon
Mix everything together in a toilet bowl. Spoon onto ungreased, rusty cookie sheet. Bake at 800 degrees until golden black.

When you get eight or nine answers correct:

Strong Bad: Oh, man. I knew you had crap for brains, but, I mean, it's like the crap in your brains has crap for brains.

When you get seven answers correct:

Strong Bad: [In his best mother's voice] Sweetheart, wake up! It's time for diaper school, where it's okay to be as stupid as you are!

When you get five or six answers correct:

Strong Bad: [singing] Da-da da-da da da! You're the stupidest guy and your probably a stupid pie, so go home and cry you really stupid GUY!!!

When you get three or four answers correct:

Strong Bad: Oh, brother. I know kids in diaper school that are smarter than you, man!

When you get one or two answers correct:

Strong Bad: Okay, that does it. You're the stupidest guy in the world -- Oh, or stupidest girl. Hey, you'll have to pardon me. I can't see very well from here without my glasses.

When you get it all wrong:

Strong Bad: [clears throat, then starts cracking up] You're so stupid! What a moron! You know nothing! He didn't get any right! It's so pathetic! [clears throat again]

List of Questions

  • 1. In the theme song video, Bubs is dancing in front of which of these arcade games?
a. Seicross
b. The Adventures of David Hasslehoff
c. Dokle II
d. Clu-Clu Land
  • 2. According to his bio, where does Bubs attend night classes?
a. Woodrow Roosevelt High
b. Disco Tech
c. Easy Living Candy Store
d. Canada
  • 3. On the beach menu page, what does the plane's sign say?
a. Dansk! what's that staunch
b. eat at bubs'!
c. take you shirt off!
d. wear a bikini!
  • 4. Who did the Cheat dress up as for Halloween?
a. Garfield
b. Pikachu
c. Heathcliff
d. Nermal
  • 5. In the luau episode, how many glasses of melonade did Homestar say he drank?
a. thirty-two
b. twenty-two
c. forty-two
d. tooty-two
  • 6. Which of these songs does not appear on "Strong Bad Sings?"
a. The Ladies in My Town All Know My Name
b. You've got an Ugly and Stupid Butt
c. Why Must You Suck So Bad?
d. The Only Thing Wrong with You is Everything
  • 7. According to the tape he gives Coach Z, how many times does Strong Sad say "job?"
a. 194,285
b. 285,194
c. a million
d. 2,167
  • 8. Where in the world is the Hairstyle Runner maufactured?
a. Prance
b. Dortugal
c. Potamia
d. Bungary
  • 9. Why doesn't the Poopsmith talk?
a. The smell is too much
b. Creative differences
c. He thinks his voice sounds funny
d. He took a vow of silence
  • 10. Marzipan warns herself not to let Homestar eat any leftovers of what?
a. strudel
b. bon bons
c. tort
d. meringue


1. c. Dokle II

Found in Theme Song Video See the video.

2. b. Disco Tech

This is the only answer you cannot find anywhere in the current version of the site. As the question itself states, it should be found in Bubs' biography, but when the new Characters page was created they failed to include this vital piece of information in Bubs' new bio. The old bio is still accessible, but you have to know the URL since there aren't any links to it anywhere on the site See the page.

3. d. wear a bikini!

Found on the beach menu page when you hover over "Store" See the page.

4. a. Garfield

Found in Homestarloween Party See the video.

5. a. thirty-two

Found in The Luau See the video.

6. c. Why Must You Suck So Bad?

Found in Strong Bad Sings See the video.

7. b. 285,194

Found in A Jorb Well Done See the video.

8. a. Prance

Found in the Hairstyle Runner game Play the game.

9. d. He took a vow of silence

Originally found in the Spin 'n' Say game (accessible through the Old Games Menu) Play the game. It's also in The Poopsmith's video biography on the Characters page See the video.

10. a. strudel

Found in Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 2, message 4 See the video.

Easter Eggs

  • You can scroll over different objects in Strong Bad's office (microphone, certificate, name plate) and Strong Bad will say different things.

Fun Facts

  • If you right click and zoom in on Strong Bad's paper on his desk at the end, you can read what it says. It reads:
Strong Bad isn't so strong after all. If he tried hard, which of the following could he lift?
a. an ounce c. a week
b. a weak d. pepper
  • The sign on Strong Bad's desk is misspelt as "Prinicpal Strong Bad".
  • The phrase "Daunsk! What's that staunch?" is used in the song "Poot Slap".
  • Cinnamon is spelled incorrectly as "cinammon" on the recipe card
  • The oven mitts Strong Bad wears when offering the cookies are the same he wore in the In Search Of The Yello Dello DVD.
  • If you really are Strong Bad's type of person, there's a glitch in the quiz that will allow you to cheat. Simply hold the mouse button down on an answer and it'll tell you if it's right or wrong, however, if you move your mouse over to another answer and let go, it won't count it as an answer, so you can pick again.
  • Clu Clu Land is a NES game.
  • Strong Bad's voice going high at the end of his song may be a reference to when he does the same thing in his song "How Awesome I Am" in Strong Bad Sings.
  • On the paper below all of the question papers, the words "had", "than", and part of "problems" are visible. This is most likely a reference to Coach Z saying he has more than 2 problems.

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