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Prinicpal Strong Bad offers cookies for a job well done

This is a quiz on one's knowledge of the Homestar Runner body of work.

Page Title: Smell that purple ink!!

Date: June 27, 2001, or earlier



After taking the quiz, Strong Bad analyzes the results and tells you how you did. In all cases, he sits behind a desk, wearing a white button-down shirt and red tie. On his desk are a microphone, a piece of paper, and a plaque that reads "Prinicpal Strong Bad". Tacked to the wall behind him is a piece of notebook paper ripped from a ringed notebook with "strong bad's diploma from crazy go nuts university." written on it. Below are the details of what he says depending on how many answers you got right.

All ten correct answers

STRONG BAD: Well, you obviously cheated, which means you're my kind of person. Have a cookie.

{Strong Bad holds up a cookie sheet with some cookies on it. An index card comes onto the screen with a recipe:}

The Poopsmiths Super Deluxe You-Know-What Cookies
1 1/2 cup flour
1 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp cinammon
Mix everything together in a toilet bowl. Spoon onto ungreased, rusty cookie sheet.
Bake at 800 degrees until golden black.

Eight or nine correct answers

STRONG BAD: Oh, man. I knew you had crap for brains, but, I mean, it's like the {beating fist on desk} crap in your brains {stops hitting desk} has crap for brains.

Seven correct answers

STRONG BAD: {in a mother's voice} Sweetheart, wake up! It's time for diaper school, where it's okay to be as stupid as you are!

Five or six correct answers

STRONG BAD: {singing} Da-da da-da da da! You're the stupidest guy and you probably eat stupid pie, so go home and cry, you very stupid GU-UY!

Three or four correct answers

STRONG BAD: Oh, brother. I know kids in diaper school that are smarter than you, man!

One or two correct answers

STRONG BAD: Okay, that does it. You're the stupidest guy in the world. Oh, or stupidest girl. Hey, you'll have to pardon me. {squints} I can't see very well from here without my glasses.

No correct answers

STRONG BAD: {clears throat, then collapses onto the desk laughing, pounding his fist} You're so stupid! What a moron! You're so dumb! You didn't get any right! That's so pathetic! {sits back up and clears throat again}

List of Questions

  1. In the theme song video, Bubs is dancing in front of which of these arcade games?
    a. Seicross
    b. The Adventures of David Hasslehoff
    c. Dokle II
    d. Clu-Clu Land
  2. According to his bio, where does Bubs attend night classes?
    a. Woodrow Roosevelt High
    b. Disco Tech
    c. Easy Living Candy Store
    d. Canada
  3. On the beach menu page, what does the plane's sign say?
    a. Dansk! What's that staunch
    b. eat at bubs'!
    c. take your shirt off!
    d. wear a bikini!
  4. Who did the Cheat dress up as for Halloween?
    a. Garfield
    b. Pikachu
    c. Heathcliff
    d. Nermal
  5. In the luau episode, how many glasses of melonade did Homestar say he drank?
    a. thirty-two
    b. twenty-two
    c. forty-two
    d. tooty-two
  6. Which of these songs does not appear on "Strong Bad Sings?"
    a. The Ladies in My Town All Know My Name
    b. You've got an Ugly and Stupid Butt
    c. Why Must You Suck So Bad?
    d. The Only Thing Wrong with You is Everything
  7. According to the tape he gives Coach Z, how many times does Strong Sad say "job?"
    a. 194,285
    b. 285,194
    c. a million
    d. 2,167
  8. Where in the world is the Hairstyle Runner maufactured?
    a. Prance
    b. Dortugal
    c. Potamia
    d. Bungary
  9. Why doesn't the Poopsmith talk?
    a. The smell is too much
    b. Creative differences
    c. He thinks his voice sounds funny
    d. He took a vow of silence
  10. Marzipan warns herself not to let Homestar eat any leftovers of what?
    a. strudel
    b. bon bons
    c. tort
    d. meringue


  1. c. Dokle II
    From Theme Song Video, as the question states.
  2. b. Disco Tech
    Although originally in Bubs's biography on the Yearbook Character Page, this information was not carried over to Bubs's Character Video which replaced the Yearbook. The Yearbook Character Page is still accessible, but not linked to from anywhere on the site.
  3. d. wear a bikini!
    From Main Page 3, triggered by hovering over "Store".
  4. a. Garfield
    Seen in Homestarloween Party.
  5. a. thirty-two
    From The Luau.
  6. c. Why Must You Suck So Bad?
    From Strong Bad Sings.
  7. b. 285,194
    From A Jorb Well Done.
  8. a. Prance
    From Hairstyle Runner.
  9. d. He took a vow of silence
    Originally from Who Said What Now?, later referenced in The Poopsmith's Character Video among other places.
  10. a. strudel
    From Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 2.0, message 4.

Easter Eggs

The mouse can be moved over the name plate, microphone and "diploma" in Strong Bad's office to make Strong Bad say a line of dialogue. This cannot be accessed if all ten answers are answered correctly, as the card will obscure the objects.

  • Name plate:
    STRONG BAD: Hey, keep your greasy fingers off that.
  • Microphone:
    STRONG BAD: Hey, don't touch that!
  • Diploma:
    STRONG BAD: Pretty impressive, huh? I bet you're pretty impressed.

Fun Facts


  • Ditto machines were a popular, inexpensive way to make copies of paper documents, frequently used in schools during the 20th century. Copies made from a ditto machine had a distinctive smell (referenced in the page title) and purple ink color.


  • Though illegible normally, the paper on Strong Bad's desk can be read if zoomed in:
Strong Bad isn't so strong after all. If he tried hard, which of the following could he lift?

a. an ounce c. a week
b. a weak d. pepper
  • This is the first mention of cinnamon.
  • This is the first time an index card has appeared.


  • The sign on Strong Bad's desk is misspelled as "Prinicpal Strong Bad". This spelling reappears in CGNU and Teen Girl Squad Issue 8, establishing it as the "correct" spelling for Strong Bad's academic title.
  • The second Dokle cabinet in Theme Song Video used the numeral "2", while the quiz refers to its name with the Roman numeral "II".
  • If you get a perfect score, Strong Bad jogs the papers on the desk wearing his boxing gloves as normal. His hands move down behind the desk, and seconds later, without moving, he is seen wearing oven mitts.


  • Cinnamon is spelled incorrectly as "cinammon" on the recipe card.
  • Manufactured is misspelled as "maufactured" on question number 8.


  • If you really are Strong Bad's kind of person, there's a glitch in the quiz that will allow you to cheat. Simply hold the mouse button down on an answer and it'll tell you if it's right or wrong. Keep holding the mouse button and move your mouse away from the answers before you let go. It won't count it as an answer, so you can pick again. The red X or check mark that appears will remain, however.
  • Very rarely, even without earning a perfect score, Strong Bad will stop in the middle of his line and start saying the "perfect score line".

Inside References

If Homestar drank 18 glasses of melonade, if coach z really had bkbkbkbkbkkbmore than
hjhjhjhjhj b problems, hjhkhjkhjkhs does he have?
  • "You-know-what" is another, rarely used name for whatsit.

Real-World References

  • Seicross and Clu Clu Land are NES games.
  • Question 2 contains several references to the 60s Batman TV show:
    • Woodrow Roosevelt High is the school that Dick Grayson (Robin) attends.
    • The Easy Living Candy Store is the location of the Joker's hideout in "The Joker Goes to School", an episode referenced many times by The Brothers Chaps.
    • Disko Tech (note the different spelling) is a rival school that competes against Woodrow Roosevelt High.
  • Heathcliff is a comic strip, occasionally compared to Garfield as both star mischievous orange cats.
    • Nermal is a character in the Garfield series who teases Garfield about his age, appearance and size.
  • Pikachu is a Pokémon species, a specific individual of which is often used as a mascot for the series. The Cheat has occasionally been compared to Pikachu, as they share certain visual similarities.

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