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It's my buzzer!

Homestar Runner usually wears a blue and red propeller cap, commonly called a beanie. He calls the propeller a "buzzer." In an interview with Wonkavision Magazine, he claimed that he was born with his hat on.


Homestar's hat has been mentioned or featured in a noteworthy way in the following toons:

  • Where My Hat Is At? — Homestar must find his hat in order to play in the Big Game.
  • Email super powersStrong Bad uses his blue diamond to make Homestar's hat pop off.
  • Email car — Homestar claims to have tricked out his propeller cap so that it plays the theme from the '80s sitcom Night Court when the buzzer is spun.
  • TrogdorCon '97 — Homestar wears a second propeller cap as part of his Homestar Runner costume.

Homestar Runner without his hat

"I point the blame squarely at tight pants."

Homestar Runner is occasionally seen without his trademark hat:

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