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Homestar Runner
Homestar as a puppet



Homestar is a terrific athlete. And he looks good in red. He's also the star of the show, but he probably doesn't realize it. Ever the butt of jokes, Homestar is an earnest character with a clean heart and nothing but love for the rest of mankind. Unfortunately, his absolute cluelessness and clumsiness keep him from realizing his full potential. You can never be quite sure whether he and Marzipan are going out or not, but he sure seems to think they are.

Character Video Transcript

{Page Title: Homerun Hitter!}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, hello. Greetings, one and everyone. Welcome to me... Homestar... Runner... Homestar Runner. Um... what else? I pretty much run the show around here. I date the only girl, I have the only propeller cap. And can run, and jump, and kick the fastest, highest and like nobody's business. If I had to pick one word to describe myself, it would probably be... Fluffy Puff Marshmallows. Or Homestar. Either one, really. They both fit.

STRONG BAD: Don't forget doofus/moron/um...Lionel Richie. {The last word Strong Bad says is randomly selected}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Yeah, that too. That's another good one. In closing, I look good in red. Check it out. {turns around, sings} Butt dance, butt da-a-ance!

Also known as...

Halloween Costumes

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