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The Homestar Runner logo before things became cool

Hamster Ruiner is primarily a hand-drawn, early/mid-1990s style cartoon available through Although originally conceived as a retarded Flash cartoon, the site is perhaps most popular with young adults, crackheads, smart people, and people who win at life.


Hamster Ruiner is the YTP and 90s-cartoon looking version of Homestar Runner who smokes crack and hangs out with String Bed, Coach Zeta, Marxipan, Pok Pok, The Cheese, Bebs, Shitmeister, Strung SAS, Strang Mod, The Tsar of Country, and other characters TBC have made up.

Real World

Charlie Adler, Billy West, Tone Loc, John Rhys Davies, and Doug Lawrence provides the voices of the male characters, while Katey Sagal does that of Marxipan. Mr. Doug Lawrence provides the stilted voices for the Eastern European cartoon variants (along with Billy West) and voices The Cheese. Many other people also help with the series.

As an afternote, this kind of show should've existed before H*R because Homestar Runner is fucking terrible.

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