Homestar Runner Evolution

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Image Info Created Appearances What's Changed?
This is the first "The" Homestar Runner design. June 1996 Original Book, Super NES, flashback, Main Page 20 N/A
2.jpg This is the second Homestar Runner design. June 1997 Where my hat is at?, Marshmallow's Last Stand, personal favorites No hat, eyes are now ovals, mouth is smaller, underbite has a "point".
hr3.jpg The third design November 1999 Old loading screen Hat is back.
hr4.jpg The fourth design May 2000 A Jumping Jack Contest, Dancin' Bubs, The Reddest Radish, Theme Song Video, The Luau His shirt has gotten darker, outline is thinner, eyes are more detailed, taller.
hr5.jpg This is the current design February 2001 A Jorb Well Done, Just about everything after The Luau Taller, standing position has changed, outlines are thicker.
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