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Songs, Background Music, Jingles, and Worse

Homestar Runner Original Soundtrack Volume 1 was released on April 10, 2020, along with the other two volumes.

Running time: 38:41

[edit] Track Listing

Number Title Length Source Notes
1 Everybody, Everybody 0:25 Old New Intro Uses the same audio as the Old New Intro, including Homestar's singing.
2 Fisheye Lens 2:49 Fish Eye Lens The album version is shorter than the Quote of the Week release, cutting out The Cheat's menu clicking sound effects. However, it still includes the dialogue and "waughmp waughmp" sound at the end.
3 3 Times Halloween Funjob 0:51 3 Times Halloween Funjob Extended version of the intro/outro music, including solo keyboard and guitar parts.
4 C.G.N.U. Fight Song 0:19 mascot The lyrical version played after the Dumples' victory.
5 All Is On 0:06 for kids Plays once.
6 Harm Your Friends 0:33 your friends Played during the montage of Strong Bad fulfilling Andrew's wishes to harm his friends. Plays four times.
7 Today Is Alright 4 2nite 0:31 dangeresque 3
8 Whatever Happened to Capitalization? 0:09 local news Track 2 from Strong Bad's Rhythm N' Grammar.
9 Kick-A-Ball 0:32 Kick-A-Ball The track consists of the softer guitar music at the end of the toon. Plays once.
10 Cool Tapes Are Cool 0:16 Weclome Back
11 Stave It Off 0:14 for kids Plays twice.
12 She Partied Without Dancing 0:10 old comics Originally attributed to West Is Lip. Plays once.
13 Goes for the Gold Intro 0:20 Homestar Runner Goes for the Gold The music that plays as Homestar and Strong Bad walk to the shed. Plays once.
14 Different Town 1:00 different town Written by John Linnell and Matt Chapman.
15 It's Its! 0:11 local news Track 1 from Strong Bad's Rhythm N' Grammar, in addition to being sung by Strong Bad in the main toon.
16 DNA Evidence Upbeat 0:26 DNA Evidence Played in Homestar's and Coach Z's flashbacks. Plays four times; the first and last do not include the background percussion.
17 Fluffy Puff Marshmallows Jingle 0:12 Meet Marshie The jingle sung at the end of the toon. The slogan "Made from the Best Stuff!" is included prior to the jingle.
18 Cheat Commandos Theme 0:20 Cheat Commandos The lyrical theme played at the end of the toon.
19 Modeling 0:42 modeling The music played during the photo shoot.
20 Bread Sing-A-Longs 0:22 origins Includes each song in order.
21 Geddup Noise - Indietronic Remix 0:33 geddup noise Originally attributed to The Cheat under the moniker DJ Teh Cheat.
22 Skills of an Artist 0:32 dragon Played during the drawing process. Plays three times.
23 Laserdisc 0:12 Sung when The Cheat brings Strong Bad a laserdisc.
24 Techno Song 0:28 techno "The Cheat is grounded" is included at the end.
25 Don't Forget to Spellcheck 0:12 local news Track 3 from Strong Bad's Rhythm N' Grammar.
26 Strong Bad Is in Jail Cartoon 0:42 Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon The title theme of the toon.
27 An Important Rap Song (2 Many Knives) 1:23 An Important Rap Song
28 Caleb Rentpayer Love Theme 0:10 Bug In Mouth Disease The musical sting occasionally heard during Caleb Rentpayer.
29 Homestar Runner Will Be Right Back 0:15 the facts Sung during an Easter egg.
30 No Probalo 0:39 Senor Mortgage The track consists of the background music played throughout the short.
31 Sibbie 0:33 sibbie Extended version that combines "Song About Sibbie" and "I Freakin' Hate Sibbie".
And I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever write a song about Sibbie
And I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever make a song about Sibbie
And I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever write a song about Sibbie
And I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever make a song about Sibbie
I freakin' hate Sibbie
I really, really friggin' hate Sibbie
I freakin' hate Sibbie
I really, really friggin' hate Sibbie
32 Hey Homestar 0:49 The House That Gave Sucky Tricks Teaser
33 Photobooth Montage 0:33 Haunted Photo Booth
34 Band Names 0:17 band names Made up of the licks that play as Strong Bad says "Lazor", "Bigg Nife", "Taranchula", and "Limozeen", in that order.
35 The Ballad of the Sneak 2:07 Ballad of The Sneak Featuring Paul & Storm.
36 Smells Like Peanut Action 0:32 action figure Played when Strong Bad describes his action figure. Plays once, then continues playing while fading out.
37 Your, You're 0:19 local news Track 4 from Strong Bad's Rhythm N' Grammar.
38 Here Comes Li'l Brudder 0:55 The Li'l Brudder Show
39 Lures and Jigs 0:13 lures & jigs The track consists of Strong Bad's "fish" and "ladies" jig songs.
40 Yonder Website 1:15 Cartoon Characters Consists of the background music from the Skills of an Artist episode (also played in Characters from Yonder Website).
41 Where U Goin' 2 1:59 Where U Goin' 2?
42 Cheweh Cheweh 0:12 animal The vocal music being played as Powered by The Cheat Strong Bad dances atop the Deep-Sea Fangly Fish.
43 Limozeen (But They're in Space) 0:24 best thing The theme song.
44 Where's the Cheat? 0:32 Where's The Cheat? The title theme of the toon.
45 It's Tuff Bein' a Box 0:17 haircut Contains only Limozeen's cover; previously known as "Livin' It Up".
46 Written by A. Chimendez 0:33 Cheat Commandos...O's The theme that often plays in the first scene of Cheat Commandos episodes.
47 Rock Opera 1:41 rock opera
48 My Good Great Deck 0:15 No Hands On Deck! The music that plays during the montage. Plays once, as in the toon.
49 When You Email Me 0:21 local news Track 5 from Strong Bad's Rhythm N' Grammar.
50 Showdown 0:32 montage
51 Meet Marshie 0:12 Meet Marshie The background music from the toon. Plays once.
52 Teen Girl Squad 0:30 comic Includes the vocals introducing the squad, followed by 18 seconds of music, ending with Strong Bad's "it's over" announcement from Teen Girl Squad Issue 14 (without the rest of the song).
53 Feed the Childrens 0:18 bottom 10
54 The Luau 0:50 The Luau The title theme of the toon. Plays six times and fades out.
55 Here Comes the Strong Bad 0:12 pizzaz The theme from the Easter egg. Includes the shout and gunshot from the toon.
56 I Miss Video Games 0:15 Teen Girl Squad Issue 5 The remix from the Easter egg. Plays twice.
57 Lyrical Rampage 0:35 rampage Combines the original and the "bad at abbreviations" reprise. The Cheat's record scratching plays twice in between.
58 Jurvy Skat 0:30 Family Resemblence Plays three times.
59 Theme Song Ballad 0:38 theme song The "pop-ballad type" theme song.
60 Sbemail Songs, Pt. 1 4:48 Strong Bad Email Intros Includes the following intros, in order: some kinda robot, homsar, butt IQ, homestar hair (with one "doo doo doo" placed at the beginning instead of the end), making out, CGNU, 3 wishes, flag day, gimmicks, guitar, property of ones, vacation, little questions, lures & jigs, techno, your friends, 50 emails, cheat talk, dragon, marzipan, huttah!, fingers, the show, personal favorites, big white face, 2 emails (includes two extra versions with alternate lyrics), privileges, funny, suntan, the process, stunt double, impression, no loafing, mile (slightly extended), "new dance", local news, colonization, lackey, monument, stupid stuff, different town, flashback, lunch special, theme park, dangeresque 3, pom pom, crying, other days (including snail mail variant), and old comics

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