Homestar Runner and Coach Z's Relationship

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"I definitely say it's just a result of tight pants."

Homestar Runner and Coach Z's relationship is mostly a good one. Homestar and Coach Z are usually seen together when they are having a friendly (and often confusing) conversation, or earlier on, when Homestar would go to Coach Z for advice. Of course, like most character relationships, they occasionally have bad moments, but these are not very frequent.

Homestar and Coach Z Getting Along

  • A Jorb Well Done — Coach Z tells Homestar that he did a great job at practice. A little while later, Homestar (along with others) attempts to help Coach Z fix his accent.
  • Homestarloween Party — Homestar invites Coach Z to his Halloween party.
  • In Search Of The Yello Dello — Coach Z helps Homestar with Marzipan's birthday present.
  • Email super powers — Homestar and Coach Z are talking about tight pants. When Homestar's hat keeps popping off, Coach Z asks him if he's all right.
  • Strong Bad Is In Jail Cartoon — Coach Z and Homestar (along with Bubs) are in some sort of police force together.
  • No Hands On Deck! — Homestar tells Coach Z about the deck he's going to build(of course, he appears to be telling everyone).
  • Happy Hallow-day — Coach Z makes "squeaky wheelchair noises" for Homestar.
  • Homestar Presents: Presents — Homestar gets Coach Z a Decemberween present, which was a rusty old steak knife.
  • Fall Float Parade — Coach Z calls Homestar's Swe At Shirt float adorable.
  • Decemberween Short Shorts — Homestar sings a song to Coach Z so he won't have to spend Decemberween all alone, again.
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 1.0 — Coach Z calls Marzipan just so Homestar won't look so sad at practice.
  • The Best Decemberween Ever — Coach Z attempts to help Homestar choose a present for Strong Bad.
  • Email anything — Coach Z compliments Homestar's shoes made out of shoe boxes by calling them "some fresh kicks".
  • Email impression — Coach Z tells Homestar that he has some nice hippo slippers. Later, at the afterparty, Coach Z is talking to Homestar again, saying that he meant to tell him that he thought the sock on his head was a nice touch.
  • Email labor day — Homestar invites Coach Z as one of his guests to his labor day party.
  • The Homestar Runner Gets Something Stuck In His Craw — Coach Z tells The Homestar Runner he likes his wig. Later he compliments on Homestar's star shirt, then Homestar gets him, Bubs, Strong Bad, The Cheat, and himself meatball subs.
  • Email trading cards — Homestar proudly tells Strong Bad that he was the recipient of all of Coach Z's butt pats except for one in 1984.
  • Jibblies 2 — Homestar considers Coach Z one of the "good characters".
  • Baddest of the Bands — Coach Z watches Homestar and Pom-Pom's band rehearse, and seems to be falling for Homestar.

Homestar Runner and Coach Z in Conflict

  • The Best Decemberween Ever — Homestar gets annoyed with Coach Z's repetitive and irrelevant advice.
  • Halloween Potion-ma-jig — Coach Z gets annoyed with Homestar's requests for something watery.
  • Decemberween Short Shorts — Homestar asks Coach Z not to come to his house for Decemberween, and mentions that he's "creepy and depressing all the time".
  • A Jorb well Done — Homestar and Pom Pom laugh at Coach Z's accent, and at the end of the cartoon, Homestar gets annoyed at Coach Z mispronouncing his name.
  • Strong Badia the Free — Coach Z betrays the Homestarmy, resulting in Homestar going after him in the Maps and Minions game.
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