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*Email [[old comics]] — In [[Castlefunnies|The Castlefunnies]], Strong Bad punches Homestar in the face.
*Email [[old comics]] — In [[Castlefunnies|The Castlefunnies]], Strong Bad punches Homestar in the face.
*Email [[time capsule]] — Strong Bad tells Homestar he hates him.
*Email [[time capsule]] — Strong Bad tells Homestar he hates him.
*Email [[do over]] — Strong Bad smacks Homestar with his keyboard for imitating The Cheat. Later, Strongbad's serenade to Ali and her sister causes Homestar to profess love for him.
*Email [[do over]] — Strong Bad smacks Homestar with his keyboard for imitating The Cheat.
*Email [[bottom 10]] — Homestar makes Strong Bad hug a tree for reasons unknown, and later does his [[buttdance]] in front of Strong Bad, causing him to [[Puking|puke]] all over the Lappy's keyboard.
*Email [[bottom 10]] — Homestar makes Strong Bad hug a tree for reasons unknown, and later does his [[buttdance]] in front of Strong Bad, causing him to [[Puking|puke]] all over the Lappy's keyboard.
*Email [[]] — In a parody of Marshmallow's Last Stand, Strong Bad uses several wrestling moves on Homestar, but ends up blowing himself up.
*Email [[]] — In a parody of Marshmallow's Last Stand, Strong Bad uses several wrestling moves on Homestar, but ends up blowing himself up.

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Homestar and Strong Bad as enemies.

While Homestar Runner and Strong Bad started off as enemies, both characters have since evolved from the polar-opposite personalities they began with. Homestar has become less heroic and more of a "lovable oaf" who often tries to be Strong Bad's friend. Strong Bad, meanwhile, now seems to regard Homestar as more of a nuisance than an arch-enemy, and occasionally shows a soft side for the terrific athlete (though he would never openly admit to it).

Homestar and Strong Bad's Rivalry

Homestar and Strong Bad were originally rivals, with Homestar being the hero and Strong Bad the antagonist. Although this rivalry still exists today, it is greatly reduced, and usually occurs in the form of jokes and pranks.

  • Original Book — Homestar and Strong Bad compete for the title of "Strongest Man in the World".
  • Marshmallow's Last Stand — Homestar and Strong Bad battle it out in a tag-team wrestling match after Strong Bad rips the star off of Homestar's shirt. Homestar and Pom Pom come away victorious.
  • The Reddest Radish — Strong Bad steals one of Marzipan's radishes to win a contest. When Homestar discovers the theft, he fights with Strong Bad to try and get it back.
  • A Jumping Jack Contest — Strong Bad uses all sorts of tricks to try to beat Homestar at the jumping-jack competition.
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 3.0 — Strong Bad tells Marzipan to punch Homestar in the face as many times as she can and as hard as she can.
  • The King of Town DVD — In the commentary, Strong Bad mocks Homestar, finishing with "I hate everything about that guy."
  • A Mother's Day Message — Homestar takes pleasure in Strong Bad's discomfort throughout the toon.
  • Strong Bad's Room Main Page — When the user hovers over the Toons button, darts are thrown at a poster of Homestar and Strong Bad says, "Oh man, I hate this guy!"
  • Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon— Homestar turns in Strong Bad and The Cheat for trying to break into Bubs' Concession Stand.
  • Halloween Potion-ma-jig — Strong Bad tricks Homestar into running off a cliff, then tells The Cheat to "throw a TV on 'im".
  • Strongest Man in the World — This is an animated remake of the original book where Homestar Runner made his debut. Homestar and Strong Bad's participation in the "Strongest Man in the World" competition is revisited.
  • Ever and More! — Strong Bad goes into a long rant about why he should be leader of the Broternal Order of Different Helmets instead of Homestar. However, afterwards he addresses Homestar as "Supreme Overlord".
  • Bug In Mouth Disease — Homestar asks Strong Bad for help, and it ends in Strong Bad calling Homestar "McDorkle" and hits him in the head with a skillet. Later in the toon, Strong Bad throws a remote at Homestar's face for killing his favorite TV show.
  • Jibblies 2 — Strong Bad views Homestar as one of the "lame characters" (Homestar actually knows this).
  • Email credit card — Strong Bad gets Homestar's credit card information by tricking him via email.
  • Email the bird — Strong Bad and Homestar flip each other off.
  • Email Super powers — Strong bad makes Homestar's hat pop off his head.
  • Email invisibility — An invisible Strong Bad punches Homestar in the gut.
  • Email your friends — Strong Bad attempts to make Homestar put his head in a pool of lava.
  • Email techno — Strong Bad tells The Cheat to break a glowstick open and pour it into Homestar's Mountain Dew.
  • Email army — The Homestarmy attempts to invade Strong Badia, with minimal success.
  • Email stupid stuff — Homestar cheats Strong Bad out of the Grumblecakes by tricking him into saying something stupid.
  • Email kids' book — In an Easter egg, Strong Bad edits the Original Book to make fun of Homestar.
  • Email car — Strong Bad "tricks out his fist" and punches Homestar in the face.
  • Email pom pom — Blindfolded, Strong Bad mistakes Homestar for Pom Pom and pokes him with a pin, but continues doing it despite discovering his mistake.
  • Email old comics — In The Castlefunnies, Strong Bad punches Homestar in the face.
  • Email time capsule — Strong Bad tells Homestar he hates him.
  • Email do over — Strong Bad smacks Homestar with his keyboard for imitating The Cheat.
  • Email bottom 10 — Homestar makes Strong Bad hug a tree for reasons unknown, and later does his buttdance in front of Strong Bad, causing him to puke all over the Lappy's keyboard.
  • Email — In a parody of Marshmallow's Last Stand, Strong Bad uses several wrestling moves on Homestar, but ends up blowing himself up.
  • Email lady fan — When Homestar tells Strong Bad that he needs to work his "buttweesimo," Strong Bad tells Homestar that he doesn't want him to say "twees it out" ever again. Later, Strong Bad yells at Homestar and tells him to "get it out of here."
  • Email keep cool — Strong Bad makes Homestar swim in the pool with an antenna during a lightning storm.
  • Email secret recipes — Strong Bad gives Homestar a concoction made up of cottage cheese and The Cheat hair. Homestar replies that he was told it was sour cream and The Cheat hair, and attempts to pull a similar prank on Strong Bad.
  • Email mascot — Strong Bad mentions a difficult upcoming game of Golf Club (which involves hitting the "opponents" with a golf club) against Homestar's Knees Tech.
  • Email crying — Strong Bad says that he can make Homestar cry using a picture of a one-legged puppy named Li'l Brudder. Strong Bad makes Homestar do so with the aforementioned picture soon afterward.
  • Email long pants — Strong Bad inadvertently makes Homestar go crazy after asking him to talk "about [his] pants" or "[his] lack thereof... Daisy Dukes aside."
  • Email pop up — One of the pages in Strong Bad's imaginary pop-up book shows a badly bruised Homestar with saws though his torso.
  • Email concert — Homestar thinks both Strong Bad and Strong Sad are lame for liking sloshy.
  • Email hygiene — Strong Bad makes Homestar's character in the video an outcast.
  • Email bike thief — Strong Bad tries to steal Homestar's bike, Homestar refuses to sign Strong Bad's petition, and Homestar makes a failed attempt to steal Strong Bad's Lappy 486.
  • Email slumber party — Strong Bad destroys Homestar's room during Homestar's slumber party.
  • Email yes, wrestling — Strong Bad and Homestar are again portrayed as rivals in the wrestling ring.
  • Email pet show — Homestar makes a failed attempt to give Strong Bad the "relish foot," but then uses it to beat him (Strong Bad) and The Cheat in the Cat Mess Inbredtational Pet Show.
  • Email licensed — Homestar plays the "Oppressive Authority Figure" of "Secret Princess" Strong Bad in a cheap knock-off DVD movie.
  • Email shapeshifter — When Homestar comes to Strong Bad's computer desk to talk to him, Strong Bad quietly says, "Oh crap!" and turns into a scarf that his Grandma knitted him.
  • SBCG4AP Advertisement — Strong Bad calls Homestar a dumb idiot.
  • The Homestar Runner Gets Something Stuck In His Craw — Strong Bad mocks Homestar for doing yard work and talking to his crawbject. At the end of the story, Strong Bad tells Homestar he still hates him and plans to cut him later.
  • Email specially marked — Homestar tries to show off his Crack Stuntman mask, but Strong Bad hits him with a die-cast chainsaw car.
  • Email love poems — Strong Bad complains that Homestar's love poem isn't a love poem and calls it a "lavishly produced grocery list."
  • Play Date — Strong Bad quickly turns down Homestar's invitation to hang out.
  • Email hiding — Strong Bad asks Homestar if he would like to play hide-and-seek just to make him go away.
  • Homestar Ruiner — Strong Bad plans to beat up Homestar, but Homestar reminds him they need to compete in the Tri-Annual Race to the End of this Race. Marzipan tells Strong Bad that Homestar might not like him very much. Strong Bad steals Homestar Runner's clothes, causing him to go around naked, and further ruins his reputation by losing a race while wearing Homestar's clothes and a mask as a disguise (although this backfires when Homestar is forced to live with The Brothers Strong). He also smacks one of the three Homestars on the head with the silver trophy, and in the main menu, if you run over "new game", Strong Bad might say "new game" while Homestar is in the middle of saying it, angering him.
  • Email magic trick — Strong Bad gets excited that the emailer wants him to take a saw and saw Homestar (and also the fact that the emailer is a girl).
  • Email being mean — Strong Bad kicks Homestar while he's holding a tall ice cream cone, causing ice cream to splatter all over him.
  • Place ya Bets! — Homestar places a bet that Strong Bad won't make it out of SBemail 200 alive while brandishing a handful of candles to look like dynamite.
  • Email email thunder — Homestar has his own rival email show stealing Strong Bad's 200th "email thunder". Strong Bad later destroys Homestar's laptop with a giant bottle of Mountain Dew.
  • A Death-Defying Decemberween — Homestar mocks Strong Bad for providing Hot Choco instead of "death-defying entertainment". Strong Bad steals the mattress from Steep Deep in hopes that Homestar would get killed when he performs his stunt later.
  • Best Caper Ever — Strong Bad has pulled a caper that somehow landed Homestar in the Arctic.
  • Kick-a-Ball — Strong Bad and Homestar are the captains of opposing teams. Strong Bad also expresses delight when it appears Homestar has cheated and the former has won, although Homestar has really used Strong Bad's own cheating method against him.
  • Donut Unto Others — Strong Bad, as the health inspector, comes to Homestar's donut shop to "hopefully shut [him] down." Later, while Homestar is distracted, Strong Bad knocks down Homestar's donut stand with Homestar in it, causing hot grease to splatter all over Homestar's face.
  • Hremail 7 — Strong Bad calls Homestar a "crap for nose" and steals his old computer. However, Homestar thanks him afterwards.
  • 79 Seconds Left — Strong Bad calls Homestar and Strong Sad's conversation "pathetic." Later, Homestar seems annoyed that Strong Bad won't tell him whether or not the latter's new nickname "The Ledge" is "short for leg."

Homestar Runner and Strong Bad's Friendship

Over time, Homestar and Strong Bad seem to have developed a somewhat shaky friendship. Homestar occasionally tries to hang out with Strong Bad, his brothers and The Cheat. Most of the time, this results in him being embarrassed or shunned, but every now and then, Strong Bad will treat Homestar with a small amount of civility.

  • In Search of the Yello Dello commentary — Homestar thinks Strong Bad's imitation of him and Strong Sad is funny and tells him to keep on going.
  • The Best Decemberween Ever — Homestar says of Strong Bad, "He's kind of a jerk sometimes, and he says 'holy crap' a lot, but I think if I get him the perfect present, he just might like me again."
  • Where's The Cheat? — Homestar asks Strong Bad for help at the end of the toon.
  • Lookin at a Thing in a Bag — Homestar tries to be a cool guy, but ends up embarrassed by the group.
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 10.2 — Strong Bad attempts to teach Homestar the art of prank calling. Even though Strong Bad gives up, Homestar still claims it's the second best 500 bucks he ever spent.
  • Experimental Film — Homestar can be seen dancing together with Strong Bad and Strong Mad.
  • Malloween Commercial and Decemberween Sweet Cuppin' Cakes — Strong Bad can be seen hanging out with Homestar at his house.
  • Decemberween Sweet Cuppin' Cakes commentary — Strong Bad remarks that "It was a little spaecial. It was a spatial relationship. Between me and Homestar."
  • Cheat Commandos — Homestar plays Cheat Commandos with Strong Bad.
  • The Li'l Brudder Show — Homestar hangs out at Strong Bad's house with The Cheat.
  • Email flashback — Strong Bad basically tells Homestar a story, and starts to read a second one when everyone (including Homestar) congratulates him on his hundredth email.
  • Email old comics — Strong Bad admits Homestar is popular in comparison to the comics.
  • Email replacement — Homestar get's a "Perfect Score" from Strong Bad by making fun of the names "Dumbwiener" and so-on by responding with "Um... Crapface."
  • Email dangeresque 3 — Homestar is Strong Bad's co-star as Dangeresque Too.
  • Email extra plug — Homestar is the only one who likes Strong Bad's 'Lectric Boots.
  • Email do over — After they serenade Ali and Ali's Sister together, Homestar says that he's starting to fall for Strong Bad, although this is only in Strong Bad's imagination, and he is disgusted after he thinks this up.
  • Email portrait (Easter egg) — Strong Bad demonstrates his keyswordtar to Homestar.
  • Email highschool — Teenage Homestar and Strong Bad were in the same team of super sleuths; Homestar describes the team as his "friends" in their song.
  • Strongest Man in the World — Homestar attempts to get Strong Bad's autograph. In an Easter Egg, it is shown that Strong Bad almost gives Homestar an encouraging, thoughtful autograph. He catches himself, however, and writes that Homestar is dumb.
  • Email retirement — Homestar helps Strong Bad in blowing up the Tandy and sings "Deleted!!!" with him.
  • Email your funeral — Strong Bad imagines that Homestar conducts his funeral.
  • Date Nite — Homestar and Strong Bad attempt to sabotage Marzipan and The Cheat's date together.
  • Email underlings — Strong Bad and Homestar are barbecuing together. It is also mentioned that the two ate together at a Mexican restaurant.
  • Email mini-golf — Strong Bad congratulates Homestar for his findings in the Blue Family Recreation Water.
  • Email concert — Strong Bad and Homestar are playing with their Cheat Commandos while listening to sloshy.
  • Email slumber party — Strong Bad attends Homestar's slumber party.
  • Email business trip — Strong Bad and Homestar go on a business trip together; Strong Bad praises Homestar for sealing the deal with the King of Town.
  • Jibblies 2 — When Strong Bad realizes that he and Homestar are the only ones who are not yet affected by the jibblies, he suggests to Homestar that they have no choice but to evolve into mole people.
  • Email winter pool — Homestar and Strong Bad, along with Strong Sad, all wait for the gelatin in the pool to "achieve maximum jiggle." Later, Homestar calls Strong Bad a good friend after he "promises" to have Homestar's body preserved in the red jello when he dies.
  • SBCG4AP Gameplay Trailer — Strong Bad teaches Homestar how to use a Wii remote.
  • The Homestar Runner Gets Something Stuck in his Craw — Strong Bad basically tells Homestar a story, and starts to read a second one when Strong Sad interrupts.
  • Email love poems — Strong Bad lets Homestar read his poem because Strong Bad thought Homestar's "little song was kind of cool." They even sing said song together at the end.
  • Play Date — Strong Bad thanks Homestar for babysitting Strong Mad.
  • Somber Vacation — Strong Bad and Homestar, as well as Bubs, laugh at Strong Sad's moonburn.
  • Main Page 25 — Strong Bad goes for a coffee run, and asks Homestar if he wants anything.
  • Email being mean — Strong Bad compliments Homestar's shirt.
  • Homestar Ruiner — Strong Bad tries to fix Homestar's reputation to get him out of his house.
  • Strong Badia the Free — Homestar and Strong Bad form an army to overthrow the King of Town.
  • Baddest of The Bands — Strong Bad helps Homestar improvise lyrics to Food-Related Love to help Homestar get into Pom-Pom's band.
  • Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective — Homestar reprises his role as Dangeresque Too as well as playing the role of one of the villains, Uzi Bazooka.
  • 8-Bit Is Enough — Strong Bad frees Homestar from Trogdor's grasp.
  • A Death-Defying Decemberween — Strong Bad is impressed by Homestar's use of trickery, and attempts to duplicate it.
  • Career Day — Strong Bad shares a laugh with Homestar and the rest of the L.U.R.N. class, when Homestar wonders if Space Captainface explodes when he "makes bafroom in his pants".
  • Hremail 7 — Without trying to, Strong Bad takes out Homestar's garbage. Homestar thanks him and says he can do the dishes if he wants to.
  • 79 Seconds Left — Homestar invites Strong Bad to join his Wet Knee Gumption Club. When Strong Bad joins, he is pleasently surprised to find that Homestar is right: pouring water on one's knee does tickle.
  • 2 Part Episode: Part 1 (Easter egg) — Homestar is in Strong Bad's basement watching the episode with him.
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