Homestar Runner and The Cheat's Relationship

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"Let me outline my master plan. I will (a) drop my grapes, and (b) uncover that cheat!"

Homestar Runner and The Cheat have a generally antagonistic relationship. The Cheat usually enjoys tormenting Homestar Runner, usually at the request of Strong Bad, but he has gone out of his way to hurt or inconvenience him of his own initiative as well. Homestar is generally oblivious to The Cheat's attempts to antagonize him but will, through ignorance more than malice, insult or degrade him in turn.

There have also been a few instances where the two were at peace, with Homestar being friendly to the little guy and The Cheat helping Homestar out, usually in a "professional" capacity.

[edit] The Cheat Antagonizing Homestar

[edit] Homestar Antagonizing The Cheat

[edit] Homestar and The Cheat getting along

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