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Making! Out! With! Marzipan!

In this game you can click on bunch of words to make Homestar Runner say them.

Page Title: Homestar Talker



Make Homestar say Hilarious stuff! Make him say a certain 7-word phrase and you'll get a surprise! A star will appear for each word you get correct. This is gonna be awesome!


Homestar Talker

  • Homestar
  • Pom-Pom
  • delicious
  • to
  • going
  • I
  • the
  • is
  • win
  • great!
  • and
  • a
  • marshmallow
  • awesome
  • game
  • you
  • alright
  • Marzipan
  • it
  • out
  • with
  • are
  • totally
  • making
  • am
  • Strong Bad

Strong Bad Talker

  • beat
  • nothing
  • to
  • crap
  • out
  • holy
  • am
  • can
  • total
  • the
  • a
  • guy
  • loser
  • is
  • competition
  • brother
  • win
  • strong
  • of
  • bad
  • I
  • mad
  • get
  • sad
  • stupid
  • my
  • champion
  • but
  • Homestar

Easter Eggs

The secret Strong Bad Talker
  • If you make Homestar say, "Pom Pom and Strong Bad are totally going out," the hidden Strong Bad Talker becomes accessible.
  • On the Strong Bad talker, if you make Strong Bad say, "But Homestar can win the stupid competition," the Strong Bad's Room Main Page becomes available.

Fun Facts


  • Homestar and Strong Bad have their modern appearances in this game, but The Brothers Chaps obviously modified their faces to look like they do today, since they still have their original voices.
  • The original phrase to unlock the Strong Bad Talker was "Making out with Marzipan is totally awesome," a phrase that is still referenced on various parts of the site (such as The Cheat Theme Song video and virus.)
  • The original phrase to unlock the Strong Bad's Room Main Page was "Homestar is nothing but a total loser."
  • Strong Bad's "nothing" is from (or is very similar to that in) In Search of the Yello Dello.
  • Strong Bad's "competition" is from (or is very similar to that in) A Jumping Jack Contest.


  • Homestar pronounces his "R" correctly when clicking "are" and "marzipan."


  • If you click and hold the words, they don't move their lips. This also lets you make phrases without losing stars.
  • You can make Strong Bad say "loser" without losing stars.
  • Hitting fast-forward while right-clicking also accesses the Strong Bad's Room Main Page.
  • If you wait long enough on SB's main page, the game will automatically start over.

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