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There is a poster sold in the Store that features Homestar Runner and Strong Bad on it in The Field. Homestar Runner is standing, and Strong Bad is leaning in.

Fun Facts

  • There are differences between the poster and the site.
    • General Differences
      • The Field has a cloud (which isn't the wavy line, which is there too)
      • The Field has little stubs of grass
      • There's no shadow from the bushes in the background
      • The bushes have no shading
      • Shading ends before the end of where it should (in front of the border)
      • The characters are outlined in white
    • Homestar's Differences
      • The back of his "shirt" has a different shading
      • The front of his "shirt" has no different shading
      • Legs have shading
      • Feet have no shading (other than the leg shading)
      • Feet are considerably different (size, shape and shading)
    • Strong Bad's differences
      • Blue triangle has no shading on the left of it
      • Gloves have no window reflection
      • Eyes have no gradient
      • Black part of mask has no shading
      • Mouth shading is on a different side
      • Pants have no shading (although we can't see much of it)
      • Feet have different shading
  • This is what Homestar's Character Video might look like, zoomed out, when Strong Bad is leaning in to call him a doofus/moron/um...Lionel Richie.
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