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This is the intro for Homestar Ruiner, Episode 1 of SBCG4AP


Strongbad: (strongbad is Sleeping on the couch and a bag of potato chips is on his left boxing glove.) Rhino Rhino feeder.. (gets up) Huh? {shakes head} I was dreaming about… muffins. (stands on the arm of the couch) I wake up every morning feeling awesome, (looks at the couch) even though I slept on the remote again last night. (kicks The Cheat in the dryer) Ow!

Time to tear up another day. The Strong Bad freaking way! Like an imploding star, like a burning car, (jumps and gives Strongmad a high-5) my style shines so bright!

Please, stop trying, To handle my style. (puts a box of cereal where the bag if potati chips are) 'Cause you can’t, No you can't ugh Handle my style (walks up the stairs Strongsad is seen in front of his door) Seriously, quit trying, to handle my style.

Unless you’re a lady. (throws the box of cereal at Strongsad's head) Strongsad:OH! Strongbad: then you’re cordially invited (jumps on the stool then sits down) To have a giant slice of my style!!! (stops singing) (sitting in front of the lappy) I'm gonna check m' e-mail, m' e-mail I'm gonna check m' what?

(Pronounces don't as dont seeing that don't is spelled without an appostrophie and pronounces confused as con-fussed) (Typing) First of all, I Don't think a Frenchy Like Yourself isn't any position to be calling any one "chicken". Comprende Vu Cordon Bleu? Secondly I'm pretty I don't want to beat the Snot out of homestar I mean have you ever listened to the guy? He's Obviously got a LOT of gunk up there. I could probobly handle beating,the tar, the stuffing or the Into next week out of him, though. (get's up) I could probobly find Homestar at Coach Z's Track running in place or something.


  • When Strongbad says "I'm pretty sure I don't wanna beat the snot out of homestar", He says "wanna" but types want to.
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