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[[Image:homestarmy.png|thumb|right|220px|The few. The proud.]]
[[Image:homestarmy.png|thumb|right|220px|Come on, soldiers. Let's go get a sack lunch and 5 bucks. March!]]
[[Image:Fallen_Ben.PNG|thumb|right|200px|Never leave a man behind!]]
[[Image:Fallen_Ben.PNG|thumb|right|200px|Never leave a man behind!]]

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Come on, soldiers. Let's go get a sack lunch and 5 bucks. March!
Never leave a man behind!

Homestarmy is a fighting force led by Colonel Homestar Runner (pronounced "col-o-nel" by Homestar). Homestar is very confident in his meager army and has been known to try to get $5 from his soldiers often. In their first and greatest known campaign, they tried to invade Strongbadia. As the events in the Strong Bad Email army show, the Homestarmy never sees combat; Homstar makes the mistake of trying to recruit Strong Bad, giving him plenty of warning of the invasion. When the invasion finally begins, Homsar goes AWOL, Homestar cancels the invasion so Strong Bad and Strong Mad can play badminton, and their disorganized retreat results in the wounding of Third-Style Private Bennedetto.

With Frank Bennedetto fully healed, the Homestarmy returned to their duties of ensuring that no one worked on Labor Day.

It appears that cereal bowls are the Homestarmy uniform: all members except Frank Bennedetto wear one. They carry no weapons though Homestar claims that any who oppose them will feel their "fluoride sting".



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