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== Fun Facts ==
*Homsar is the only main character with no [[Old-Timey]] or [[Dangeresque (film series)|Dangeresque]] counterpart. In fact, he has only one character variation (not including style changes)— the least of any main character.
*Homsar's coloring is similar to that of the unused character [[Homeschool Winner]].
*Homsar is the only male character with an animated girl variation, Modestly Hot Homsar. (see [[#Variations|below]])
*The [[font]] on Homsar's shirt is [[Fonts#B|Bauhaus93]].
*Besides Homestar, Homsar was the only one not to get the [[Jibblies]] in [[Jibblies 2]]. In fact, the opposite effect occurs when the [[Jibblies Painting]] gets the Jibblies instead.
== Relationships ==
== Relationships ==

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Character: Homsar
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