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"Hot what?"

Hot Jones, a beverage associated with Decemberween, is a steaming white liquid with red sprinkles in it. It may be a coffee or chocolate drink topped with whipped cream. It first appeared in A Death-Defying Decemberween, in which Homestar Runner offers a cup to the viewer of his holiday special. The makers of Hot Jones have also made two other drinks: Hot Pooey and Strong Mad Oyster Smoothie Breath Caked Armpit Latte. There is also a company called "Hot Jones Investment". Homestar Runner wears its polo shirt at the office in the Strong Bad Email too cool, years after the events of the email. According to Dangeresque, the secret recipe is kept inside a security Turducken; a twelve-year-old's diary, inside a hotel safe, inside his seventh-grade locker. Hot Jones can be substituted with Warm Jenkins, which Reynold can drink.

The plot of Decemberween Dangeresque revolves around Hot Jones. Dangeresque gets an invitation to the Cheat Commandos Bring-Your-Own-Hot-Jones Decemberween party. Dangeresque goes to buy some, but it is sold out at both Price Style and Shady's Grocery Mart. After teaming up with Firebert, the two go to the Hot Jones factory to find the secret recipe. There, they encounter Stingy Relenque, the Decemberween-themed bad guy who stole the Hot Jones with a tanker truck. After an action scene, the truck explodes along with all the Hot Jones, so Dangeresque replaces it with a new drink, the Santaman's Chimney.


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