How do you type with boxing gloves on?

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I don't see any fingers, do YOU see any fingers?

"How do you type with boxing gloves on?" is a question that Strong Bad seems to be asked on a regular basis in his Strong Bad Emails. The Brothers Chaps obviously must have been asked it so often that they made it a running gag that pops up fairly often.

Strong Bad hates this question, as it is often seen to be DELETED. Strong Bad finally got a chance to exact his revenge in the Fan Costume Commentary, where he made fun of a fan's Strong Bad costume by saying, "Dear Strong Bad, how do you type with pieces of crappy red foam taped around your hands? Sincerely, Dress-up Donny." In the DVD commentary for the e-mail video games, the Brothers Chaps say that they might come up with a way to answer this question someday.

A related question that gets asked is how Homestar or Marzipan or the King of Town or Homsar are able to pick things up without having any arms. Strong Bad parodies this question along with the question of his boxing gloves in the email vacation, where, while imagining an email that he might be missing, he says "How does Homestar pick stuff up if he's not wearing any Marzi-pants?".


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