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"OK! Let's go!"

The new version features the same zany design as the old one, although they look slightly different. It also features a large mountain scene.

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner, Coach Z, Pom Pom, The Alien Guy, The Mountain Goat, The Yello Dello, Strong Sad, Strong Bad, Marzipan, The Announcer, Strong Mad

Places: The Athletic Field, Coach Z's Locker Room, A Mountain, Far Off Lands, Various Fields, Marzipan's Garden, Homestar Runner's House

Date: Thursday, May 4, 2000

Running Time: 6:45

Page Title: Yello Dello v2.0

Earlier Page Title: IN SEARCH OF THE YELLO-DELLO v2.0


[edit] Transcript

{Homestar, Coach Z, and Pom Pom are on the athletic field. Pom Pom is chasing a basketball in the background whilst Homestar kicks a can, depressed}

THE ANNOUNCER: {voiceover} One day after sports practice, Coach Z noticed Homestar Runner looking dejected.

COACH Z: Hey, what's the praeblem there, Homestar?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh man, Coach Z, I guess I just don't understaaand the ladies!

COACH Z: Oh jeez, I figured it was girl trouble. {pats Homestar twice} Step into my arfice.

{Cut to the locker room}

COACH Z: So, tell me what's the matter.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Well, it's Marzipan's birthday, and I don't know what to get her!

{The alien in the shower's towel falls off}

COACH Z: Well, Homestar, I tell you. Girls are like a great sports play. {a blackboard with a game play on it is shown} You can't just rush in to the score zone! You kiddin' me? You'd be clobbered! {the play on the blackboard illustrates this} You've gotta stick and move and zig and zag to get past the defenses, so you can score! {blackboard writing forms a skull and crossbones}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: BUT COACH, I DON'T UNDERSTAND. {Homestar's mouth simply stays open through the entire sentence here}

COACH Z: Don't just get her a flower. {Scene showing Homestar giving Marzipan a regular flower; Marzipan looks mad, flower droops.} Get her some rare flower from the tallest mountain! {Scene showing Homestar at the top of a mountain with a rare flower wearing lederhosen, then a goat pops out.} That way she knows how much she means to ya!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Thanks Coach! {Levitates and flies away to the sound of squealing tires}

{Homestar is sitting on a rock next to a tree. The sun and moon rise and set several times}

THE ANNOUNCER: {voice-over} And so he thought...and thought...and thought...and thought...and thought...until finally...

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I think I has the solution! The Yello Dello! {Scene changes to the Yello Dello on the "Discover Network." A Steve Irwin-type host describes the bird}

HOST: {voice-over} Found only in north-eastern Potamia, the Yello Dello is the most rare and beautiful bird in this entire cartoon.

{Strong Sad, Pom Pom, and Homestar are about to set out on their journey. Homestar picks up his knapsack, which accidentally hits Strong Sad in the face.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: OK, you guys, we're about to embark on a very serious journey. I can't promise you it will be easy, rewarding, or even any fun, really.

{Pom Pom and Strong Sad exchange a sidelong glance}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: But you guys will do it because you're my friends, right? OK, any questions?

{Strong Sad raises his hand}

STRONG SAD: I have a question—


{A map appears and red dotted lines track their route through Far Off Lands, Prance, Dortugal, and Potamia}

THE ANNOUNCER: {voice-over} And so they traveled many miles...

{The adventurers are in a game of Pitfall.}

THE ANNOUNCER: {voice-over} Encountered many dangers...

{Homestar swings over the alligators}

THE ANNOUNCER: {voice-over} Until at last they reached their destination...

{The Yello Dello is shown atop a mountain. The three approach the base of the mountain}

STRONG SAD: Oh, I don't know Homestar, that looks really dangerous.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Ah, come on guys, let's do it for Marzipan!

STRONG SAD: Well, I already got Marzipan a present and I don't really—

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Right, right. We do it for Marzipan.

{Cut to Marzipan watering some flowers with a watering can that says "H2Oh!".}

MARZIPAN: {singing to herself} My birthday, my birthday, it's almost my birthday. Yeah yeah yeah...

{Strong Bad flies on screen, wearing what appear to be oven mitts}

MARZIPAN: {surprised} Oh!

STRONG BAD: Hey, Marzipan.

MARZIPAN: Oh hi, Strong Bad. Are those my oven mitts?

STRONG BAD: What? No! These are my training gloves...probably... Uhh, anyways, I heard Homestar's getting you the Yello Dello for your birthday.

MARZIPAN: {drops watering can} Yello Dello?

STRONG BAD: You wanna know what I got you?

MARZIPAN: My oven mitts?


{Strong Bad jumps backwards. Marzipan starts thinking about the Yello Dello}

MARZIPAN: {happily} Oh, my very own Yello Dello!

{Marzipan imagines the Yello Dello wearing a gardener's outfit}

MARZIPAN: She can assist me with my gardening!

{The Yello Dello is seen eating something pink out of what looks like a clam shell on top of the mountain. The camera moves slightly down the mountain where Homestar appears}


{Strong Sad appears}


{Pom Pom appears}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: DELLO! {stops singing} All right, you guys, any ideas?

{Pom Pom nods, and pulls out a pistol, which makes a clicking noise}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Um, I kinda wanted to take him alive, Pom Pom.

{Pom Pom shrugs, then tosses the pistol off the side of the mountain. Strong Sad raises his hand}

STRONG SAD: I have an idea—

HOMESTAR RUNNER: OH! OH! OH! I have the best idea! You guys stay here.

{Homestar peeks over the peak of the mountain, where we see the Yello Dello's legs}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, hello, Dello. Would you mind coming with us? You see, it's—

{The Yello Dello starts pecking Homestar furiously on the head. Homestar retreats back to the others all lumped up.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: OK, that didn't work.

STRONG SAD: {raising his hand again} I have an idea—

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Um... sooo...

STRONG SAD: I have an idea—

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Let me think...

STRONG SAD: I have an idea—

HOMESTAR RUNNER: ...of what to try...

STRONG SAD: I have an idea—



HOMESTAR RUNNER: OH! OH! OH! I've got an even BETTER idea!

{Homestar peeks over the peak of the mountain again, this time behind the Yello Dello}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, hello, Dello. Would you mind coming with us? You see, it's—

{The Yello Dello once again pecks Homestar furiously on the head, causing Homestar to once again retreat to his friends. Homestar is now lumped up and bleeding from under his cap}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: OK. Uh, Pom Pom, hand me that gun.

{Pom Pom produces another pistol to hand to Homestar}

STRONG SAD: Uh, wait, Homestar, I really have an idea that I think will work and we won't have to shoot the Yello Dello with that gun.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, Strong Sad! How long have you been standing there?

STRONG SAD: Oh, I've been here pretty much the whole time.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, I bet you have. Let's hear your idea.

{Cut back to the top of the mountain. We see the Yello Dello standing there once again. From the bottom of the screen, a pillar consisting of Pom Pom, Homestar, and Strong Sad raises itself up to the Yello Dello}

STRONG SAD: Oh, excuse me, Mrs. Dello, I don't mean to bother you. I just wanted to tell you a story about a little, grey, fat kid that nobody liked.

{Closeup on Homestar and Pom Pom. We continue to hear Strong Sad speak}

STRONG SAD: And the little grey fat kid had two horrible brothers.

{Some time later, Homestar and Pom Pom have fallen asleep, and Strong Sad is still talking}

STRONG SAD: In fact, there was this one time where they took his underpants and filled it with bologna.

{Cut to long shot featuring the silhouettes of Strong Sad, Homestar, Pom Pom, and the Yello Dello}

STRONG SAD: And then there was the time they took the only thing precious to him in the whole world, his journal...

{More time passes. It's now night, and the Yello Dello is sleeping as well. Strong Sad is still speaking}

STRONG SAD: —and they read his poems aloud to all the children and they laughed and laughed...

{Cut to Homestar and Pom Pom dozing again, and Homestar wakes up with a start, and gets up behind Strong Sad}

STRONG SAD: And the little gray fat kid was—

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I think that's enough, Strong Sad.

STRONG SAD: And the little gray fat kid was—
HOMESTAR RUNNER: {simultaneously} Strong Sad... Strong Sad!

STRONG SAD: {shrugs} Sorry.

{Back to our heroes at the bottom of the mountain. A burlap sack making snoring noises sits next to them.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {visibly tired} Okay, um... nice work you guys. Um... let's uh... let's go... um... home.

{Cut to Homestar's house. Marzipan walks up to the door.}

MARZIPAN: {singing to herself} I'm getting the Yello Dello... yeah yeah yeah...

{She opens the door to see Pom Pom, Strong Sad, Homestar, Coach Z, Strong Mad, and Strong Bad.}

STRONG BAD: {simultaneously} Happy freakin' birthday!

{Homestar hands Marzipan a roast turkey. Marzipan thinks the turkey is the Yello Dello.}

MARZIPAN: Oh, how awful! Homestar, how could you?!

{Marzipan slaps Homestar across the face, leaving a visible hand print and sending the turkey flying across the room.}

MARZIPAN: This is the worst birthday I've ever had...

{Marzipan walks off in a huff. The unharmed Yello Dello pops out of a gift box.}

YELLO DELLO: Gee, whaddya think her problem was?

{Cut back to outside the house}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I guess I just don't understaaand the ladies!

CAPTION: end. {The scorpion from the Pitfall scene crawls by and the Pitfall death music plays}

{Playback returns to the menu.}

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