Inconsistencies within the Homestar Runner universe

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With such an expansive bank of cartoons, it would be near impossible for The Brothers Chaps to keep the Homestar Runner Universe completely consistent and have total continuity between cartoons. Because of this large size, various inconsistencies occur throughout the website and the DVDs. These are usually very minor.

Appearances of Inconsistencies

  • Strong MadHis height seems to be constantly questionable.
  • The King of Town DVD Commentary — Strong Bad claims The King of Town "lives in like some two bedroom job, like, next door to me", when in Where's The Cheat, the bet, and numerous other places, The King is shown living in his castle, not in the house Strong Bad proclaimed.
  • The King of Town DVD Commentary — Strong Bad also claims that Homestar can't read, and doesn't know the alphabet. But Homestar reads and writes in a number of toons, including Arcade Game, 50 emails, and Cool Things.
  • Email cheat talk — Strong Bad claims that The Cheat can't learn English, but The Cheat went on to make a number of cartoons with English voice acting.
  • Email flashback — The screen of the Compy 386 reads "Congratulations! You have answered 100 emails!", even though there were some episodes, such as 2 emails, where he answered more than one.
  • Email flashback — Strong Bad claims he lost count around email 51, but he began caffeine with "Coming in at number 91, it's, E-Maaaaaaaaaaail!"
  • Peasant's Quest — Trogdor says that he is invincible, but in TROGDOR!, he can be killed by touching a knight or an arrow.
  • Strong Sad's Lament — Strong Sad realizes that he can't jump, but he jumped in Jumping Jack Contest and Experimental Film.
  • Halloween Fairstival — Strong Bad states that he doesn't know or care what a haiku is, but he recited one in japanese cartoon.
  • Email highschool — In the email stand-up, Lil' Strong Bad is shown to be younger than Coach Z, but in highschool Coach Z is shown to be about the same age as him in middle school.
    • Note that this inconsistency is explained near the beginning when Strong Bad admits he has a doodle memory.
  • Email retirementStrong Bad states that the Lappy has a "5 meg hard-drive", although in animal it claimed to have only a 2 meg hard drive.
  • Email senior prom — After Strong Bad's pants are poofed away, he wears boxer shorts, but in New Boots, he reminds The Cheat that he doesn't wear underwear.
  • Email time capsule (DVD commentary) — Marzipan revealed that Homestar Runner's middle name was Hal, but in Halloween Potion-ma-jig Marzipan calls Homestar "Homestar Michael Runner".
  • Email what I want — Strong Sad asks Strong Bad if he "put wildebeest pheromones in my laundry again?", but in Strong Sad's Lament he says "I kinda don't wear clothes".
  • Email retirement — the hole in the screen of the Compy 386 is smaller than it was when Bubs shotgunned it in the end of virus.
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