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"Everybody! Lah-dee-dah-dee-dah!"

The main intro on the site, this can be reached from the Index Page.

Cast (In Order of Appearance): Homestar Runner

Page Title: Everybody! Everybody!

Running Time: 0:20



KIDS: {background music, continues throughout intro} Everybody! Everybody! Everybody! Everybody!

{A lit version of Homestar Runner, similar to graphics seen on sports scoreboards, runs in place. A smaller version of Homestar runs across the top of the screen, leaving the letters "H O M E S T A R" from left to right, then runs offscreen. He re-enters at the bottom right leaving the letters "R U N N E R" from right to left, then runs off the left side of the screen. Appearing slightly larger from the left, he runs across the middle of the screen, causing the words "HOMESTAR" and "RUNNER" to scatter. He leaves his logo behind as he runs. The star from the logo elongates itself into a star-shaped tunnel, alternating in red, white and blue. Homestar then is zoomed upon and stands in front of a blue background with light blue stripes eminating from the center.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {out of sync with the background music} Everybody! Laa dee da dee da! {background music fades out} Everybody! Laa dee da dee da!

Fun Facts



  • Sometimes on Halloween, the page is replaced with a Halloween Intro that shows Homestar wearing orange and black. This intro always takes you to Main Page 7, the Halloween graveyard main page.
  • The HTML filename (intro.html) does not match its SWF counterpart, named newintro.swf. intro.swf is the Flash file for the Old Intro.
  • Once the "skip" button disappears, you can click the star on Homestar's shirt to jump straight to the Main Pages without having to wait for Homestar to finish singing.
  • The lightbulbs that make up the outline of Homestar's picture are miraculously capable of having only a fraction of them glow.
  • The intro will only take you to Main Pages 1 through 14.


  • There is a single frame toward the end where most of Homestar's body should be visible, yet his legs are missing.
  • When Homestar opens his mouth his hat changes to a darker red and goes back when he closes it.

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