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"How does football work again?"

Japanese Culture Greg loves Japanese popular culture, and as a stereotypical otaku this interest is mainly focused on entertainment media and consumer goods. Cultural elements he has expressed interest in include anime, manga, drift racing, mecha, and vinyl figurines.

Japanese Culture Greg first appeared, unnamed and wearing a different shirt, in Teen Girl Squad Issue 9 as a friend of Sci-Fi Greg. His next appearance, in 4 Gregs, established his name and characterization.


[edit] Japanese Vocabulary


Greg will occasionally use a Japanese word when speaking, shouting it out with an exaggerated enunciation. As he does this, he takes on a stereotypical anime appearance with spiky hair, large shiny eyes, a sweat drop, and a ridiculously huge mouth; he instantly returns to his normal appearance after the single word.

  • Otaku (4 Gregs) — Someone with an obsessive, consuming interest, often to their social detriment. As a loanword in English, it typically refers to obsessive fans of anime and manga (or Japanese culture in general).
  • Okasan (4 Gregs) — Typically written as "okaasan", this is a formal and respectful way to refer to someone else's mother. Greg's speech bubble initially reads "moms", with it switching to "okasan" as he says it.
  • Akihabara (4 Gregs) — A shopping district in Tokyo, extremely popular with otaku due to its offerings of anime, manga, video games, and similar goods.
  • Chizuko (Teen Girl Squad Issue 15) — The name of a Japanese robot who is Greg's date for the Priggidy Prizom.

In Fan Costumes 2016, he states that he has not learned the Japanese word for "accurate" yet.

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[edit] Fun Facts

  • Japanese Culture Greg typically refers to generic tropes of Japanese media, rather than referring to a specific character, series, or product. The only anime Japanese Culture Greg has directly referred to is Star Blazers, seen printed on his shirt in a scene set in 1981 showing era-appropriate versions of the Gregs' namesake interests. At the time Star Blazers (an adaptation of the Japanese series Space Battleship Yamato) was one of the few, if not the only, English-translated anime series with an overarching plot and storyline.

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