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A Jhonka sketch
In Peasant's Quest
In Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer

Jhonka was the name Strong Bad created for the writer of the email impression when none was given.

Jhonka shows up in the game Peasant's Quest. The Jhonka is very rich and lives in a cave as shown in Peasant's Quest. He is deathly afraid of the Kerrek and is kind of gullible.

Jhonka vaguely resembles the character Gollum from the Lord of the Rings books and movies. This may be referred to in the Peasant's Quest game, where if you try to "give" the Jhonka something he'll reply with "Don't need nothing from no filthy peasantses!!", echoing the Tolkien character's unique style of speech.

The Easter egg in impression provides an interesting description of the Jhonka:

The Jhonka are one of many
tribes of primitive, troll-like
creatures found in the lowlands
and throughout lesser dungeons.

Their low intelligence makes
them quite susceptible to toilet
humor and cheap gags such as
"Gimme five.  Up high.  Down
low.  Too slow."


This is a reference to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, in which the entries for monsters followed a similar, albeit more detailed, format.

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