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*'''Debut:''' [[Family Resemblence]]
*'''Debut:''' [[Family Resemblence]]
*[[Trogdor Board Game Kickstarter Video]]
*[[Trogdor!! The Board Game (video)]]

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"Goodtime Family Fun"

The Game of Jurvy-Skat is a board game manufactured by Boardelectrix. It claims to be both "The classic game of 'Oh, no you don't!'" and "Goodtime Family Fun™." It apparently involves picking (or not picking) cards labeled either "Jurvy" or "Skat", and has over 900,000 pieces. Because of the large number of pieces, Strong Bad implies that it can take over three hours just to set up, and that there is a bathtub piece which may be missing. Jurvy-Skat can be played by 1-43 players of ages 2 to filing cabinet. Pom Pom's hypothetical family was seen playing Jurvy-Skat in an advertisement for the game (however, playing the game only infuriated Stom Stom and led to the entire hypothetical family fighting each other).


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