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The King of Peasantry, as seen in the animatic for the movie trailer
The King of Peasantry, as seen in the movie trailer

King of Peasantry is the monarch of Peasantry. It is apparently not uncommon to go to him to seek aid and/or advice about life. This is shown when he is consulted by Rather Dashing about his burninated house, and gets in an argument in doing so. The King strongly believes that the land is at peace with Trogdor, and argues that Rather Dashing would upset the balance with his Peasant's Quest. He's also not one to be sassed back at, as evidenced in his scolding of Rather Dashing when he did just that. His speaking voice suggests that of Sean Connery.

He is played by Z. Gillispie, and is the only character in the trailer not found in the game.

The material for the animatic is taken from King's Quest I.


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