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Origins Teen Girl Squad universe
Genre(s) Rock
Members Cheerleader (lead guitar)
So and So (keyboard)
What's Her Face (bass guitar)
The Ugly One (drums)
Backup A Shark
Discography Ooncha Ooncha (2005)
it's over!! (2005)
Producer N/A

Kissyboots is a band featured in Teen Girl Squad. The band members are:

Teen Girl Band
The genesis of the band took place in class at school with all four members present, in the week of their school's Battle of the Bands. The name Smartly Pretty was originally suggested by So and So, but was overruled by Cheerleader, who came up with the present name. After practices in Mrs. So-and-so-erson's Walk-in Closet they were ready for their debut at the Battle of the Bands, which was less than spectacular due to the swift and brutal deaths of band members meted out by Strong Bad's imagination.

At the end of Kissyboots' brief run,
"Augh! Bleh! Ewww! Grugh! No."
all the original members except for Cheerleader had been replaced by a shark, who broke into the band by inexplicably replacing What's Her Face's bass mid-performance and eating her "most of me". It is assumed that the shark then ate Cheerleader at the end of the song, as chomping noises were heard, and Cheerleader sings "everybody died 'cept me" and after the chomping she says "oh, crap".


  • Ooncha Ooncha (single, 2005)
  • it's over!! (single, 2005)


Fun Facts

  • Cheerleader is holding what looks like a Jackson King V, although it may be a Gibson Flying V.
  • Neither Cheerleader nor What's Her Face have a strap on their guitar, and the guitars don't seem to be plugged in.
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