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Image:Little Chef Dude KOT DVD.PNG|<center>'''[[The Little Chef Guy]]'''</center>
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Image:yodeling man.png|<center>'''[[Unnamed Characters#The Yodeling Man|The Yodeling Man]]'''</center>
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Homestar with "arms"

One of the ultimate mysteries of is that Homestar Runner, Marzipan, The King of Town, Homsar, and many other characters all lack visible arms and hands. In spite of this, they have the ability to pick stuff up and carry it around. The most common explanations for the phenomenon are that they either have invisible arms or can manipulate objects with some kind of psychokinesis. Usually none of the other characters seem to pay attention to this curiosity, although sometimes their lack of arms is referenced.



  • Armless Invaders — Homestar is the "armless invader" of the title.
  • Email vacationStrong Bad imagines, in a hypothetical email from Monkey D, "How does Homestar pick stuff up if he's not wearing any Marzi-pants?"
  • Email action figure — Homestar's action figure box reads "No arms! Like real life!"
  • The Interview — Strong Bad refers to Homestar as a "no-armed whitey".
  • Email fingers — Homestar makes himself a pair of fake arms.
  • Strong Bad is a Bad GuyStrong Mad starts to say that Homestar doesn't have arms, but is cut off by the end of the cartoon.
  • Stinkomanual — Level 5's intro reads, "1-Up takes matters into his own, um, torso!"
  • No Hands On Deck! — Homestar's lack of hands, which comes with his lack of arms, is referred to in the title and in a newspaper headline within the toon.


Head Hands
Sketch with arms
  • In Search of the Yello Dello — Marzipan slaps Homestar across the face, leaving a visible handprint.
    • In the commentary, Strong Bad says that Marzipan has really nice hands and Homestar replies, "Yeah, I suppose she does."
  • The Reddest Radish — Marzipan knocks on the door of Homestar's house with her head, despite the fact she could have used her invisible arms/telekinetic powers instead.
    • Likewise, in 3 Times Halloween Funjob, Homestar knocks on Marzipan's door with his head, although he's probably just being silly, or possibly because he's holding his bagful of candy with both 'hands'.
  • Homestar vs. Little Girl 2 — When Puppet Homestar plays Tag with Little Girl, he touches her with his head.
  • Email the bird — Strong Bad flips Homestar off, and after Homestar replies "Right back atcha," Strong Bad exclaims, "He just gave me the bird!"
  • Email your friends — Strong Bad asks Marzipan to hold out her hands; instead of replying that she doesn't have any, she just says she doesn't want to.
  • Email the show and Main Page 19 — Homestar holds a microphone and sorts through a stack of index cards at the same time, which would possibly even require more than two invisible arms.
  • Strong Bad Sings — One of Strong Bad's songs is titled "This One Time I Saw Homestar Punching a Kitten in the Throat".
  • Email marzipan — Strong Bad remarks that "Marzipan can't keep her hands offa" him, although this could be just a figure of speech.
  • Email time capsule — Homestar is able to manipulate the box, box lid, and wig all at the same time, as if he has multiple invisible arms.
  • Puppet Jam: Everybody Knows It — Puppet Homestar gives high fives to They Might Be Giants.
  • Arcade Game, and emails 50 emails and anything — Homestar can type on a keyboard.
  • Puppet Jam: Apple Juice Blues - Homestar says, "my arm really really hurts," though it is probably Matt Chapman speaking about his own arm.
  • Email highschool — Highschool-Homestar sings "Shaking hands with my man".
  • Biz Cas Fri 1 — When Homestar "helps" Strong Bad with his spreadsheet, Homestar types with his head, when he could type with his "hands" in 50 emails, anything, and Arcade Game.
  • Email virus — Homestar's head falls off his body, and then the head picks up the links in the navigation bar.
  • Email senior prom — When the lights go out, Marzipan warns someone to "watch those hands". This is notable if she was speaking to her date, Homestar. On the other hand, when the lights come back on, she is standing quite a distance from Homestar and Strong Mad is the nearest one to her.
  • Email extra plug — Homestar is tied with an extension cord around his torso in a position normally used to secure someone's arms, which would be useless if he had none.

Other Apparently Invisible Body Parts

Coach Z's Face

Various references are made to parts of Coach Z's face that are not visible to the viewer:

Strong Bad's Nose


Similarly, references are occasionally made to Strong Bad's nose, even though he does not appear to have one.


None of the main characters appear to have ears, yet they still act as though they do.

See also

Characters With No Visible Arms

Debatable Characters

These characters lack visible arms, but have never been seen to manipulate objects.

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