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The Lappy 486.
Lappy 486's Email Client

The Lappy 486 is Strong Bad's third and current computer, and is manufactured by Compy, Inc. It replaced the Compy 386.

This computer was first mentioned by The Brothers Chaps in the "invisibility" DVD commentary. Clicking on the Lappy's screen moves the liquid inside it, just like a real LCD screen. This is the first computer without contrast buttons.

Its special features include:

  • 42 pounds!!
  • 2MB Hard Drive!
  • "Several" Color Monitor
  • Warning: Five Minute Battery Life
  • 512 K Ram

"Finally, a computer for your lap" - Compy

The Lappy's first appearence was in Strongbad Email 119, "animal".

The Lappy 486 also seems to have somewhat up-to-date email software with a subject line, a reply pane, and easy-access keys for Reply, Forward, Delete, Save, Computer and Image. However, when Strong Bad clears the screen, all of it disappears and he continues typing.

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