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Laserdisc was the first commercial optical-disc storage medium, and the precursor to modern DVDs.


  • Debut: Email lady...ingStrong Bad sings a short song about it before The Cheat plays it.
  • Blue Laserdisc Challenge — A DVD mini game found on Everything Else, Volume 2 that lets you take control of Blue Laser Commander who is trying escape the Cheat Commandos.
  • Videlectrix — The Main Page Message from March 12, 2007 to July 16, 2007 states: Here at Videmalectrix, some of our programmers don't have a whole heckuva lot to do sometimes. So we made them remake several of your favorite V'lectrix hits for use on the new Remote Controller Video Game System! Just pick up any remote you have lying around, TV, Betamax, even Laserdisc, then click on 'Games for Wii' and get to wavin'!
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