Laundry Room of the Brothers Strong

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Is The Cheat in there?

The laundry room is presumably where The Brothers Strong do their laundry. It has a dryer and the No Loafing Sign in it. Strong Bad once locked The Cheat in the dryer, although he really meant to lock Strong Sad in. Strong Mad later confronted Strong Bad about keeping Bubs' Concession Stand here. The laundry room served as the set for the preview of Strong Bad's movie "Things That Go Dump In The Night", in which an unsuspecting Strong Sad looks in the dryer and is hit by a dead goose. In lady fan, The Cheat once again appeared in the dryer, though it had been replaced by a newer model.

In the email redesign, Strong Bad updates the decor of the laundry room by adding a decorative border along the upper wall, and hot-gluing seashells to the dryer knobs, all for under 50 bucks.

In Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective, this room and the Basement of the Brothers Strong were used to create the set for Uzi Bazooka's base on the sun.


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