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Lem Sportsinterviews's Book

Leomard "Lem" Sportsinterviews is a Free Country, USA author and illustrator. He first appeared in the Strong Bad Email studying with his book This Book is Better Than 1st, 2nd, and Quite Possibly Even 3rd Base, which was featured for sale on Bookazon.com. As well as authoring many works of literature, he has also worked on many forms of electronic media.

According to vacation, Leomard lives, or at least draws caricatures, in Historic Over There.


Collected Works

Strong Bad Emails

Another best seller
A Sportsinterview Joint
  • portrait — The velvet painting of Strong Bad holding a skunk.
  • secret identityLaramie, Why?, cowritten with Beverly Sportsinterviews.
  • theme song — It is revealed that Lem created the Strong Bad email show.
  • web comics — He sends spam to The Cheat.
  • fan club — He is one of the people coming to FHQWHfest as stated on the flier.
  • ratedWomen's Penitentiary Bakesale Nightmare (also produced and directed)

Other Appearances

Other Sportsinterviewses

Beverly Sportsinterviews

Some Awards are worth it

Beverly Sportsinterviews (also known as Bev Sportsinterviews) is another author in the Homestar Runner universe. She is apparently a parody of children's author Beverly Cleary.

Two of her books (Ewww, Claire!! Why??? and Laramie, Why?) have won the "Some Award" award. Her third book, "Cat," spoke Anne, "Wash!", received the "Gold Circle".

Beverly collaborated with Lem Sportsinterviews on Laramie, Why?. In one interview, Matt Chapman suggests that she is Lem's ex-wife.

Collected Works

Crazy Prof. Sportsinterviews

Two heads, an arm, and one great story.

Crazy Prof. Sportsinterviews is yet another author in the Homestar Runner universe. His or her relationship to, or whether he or she is a pseudonym of, Lem or Beverly Sportsinterviews is unknown. His or her books appear to be parodies of Dr. Seuss's books.

Collected Works

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