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* Email [[rock opera]]
* Email [[rock opera]]
* Email [[record book]]
* Email [[record book]]
*Email [[Theme Song|Theme Song (mentioned)]]
==See Also==
==See Also==

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Lil' Strong Bad's birthday (and drill)

Lil' Strong Bad (also called Little Strong Bad or Lil Strong Bad) is the depiction of Strong Bad as a kid. He wears underwear and a shirt, unlike his grown-up counterpart. His head is more circular than when he grows up. He has horrible spelling, evidenced in the card he sent to Little Strong Sad in The Secrets That I Keep, and often writes the letter d backwards (so that it looks like a b), even in his own name. He apparently also holds the record for the "Dirtiest Diapey" according to record book.

Lil' Strong Bad seemed to be on much more pleasant terms with Strong Sad than his grownup counterpart, although in origins, it was shown that Strong Sad got his prominent belly button thanks to Lil' Strong Bad and a power drill.

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