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"Just lookin' at a thing in a bag..."

Strong Bad and the gang find a new way to get free drinks.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Strong Mad, The Cheat, Homestar Runner, Bubs

Places: Basement of the Brothers Strong, The Stick, Bubs' Concession Stand

Date: Tuesday, April 8, 2003

Running Time: 3:50

Page Title: T-TV, TV Show!

DVD: Everything Else, Volume 1



{Strong Bad, The Cheat, and Strong Mad are all being lazy around the couch while the TV repeats "T-TV, TV Show, watch the TV Show"}

STRONG BAD: The Cheat The Cheat The Cheat The CheatTheCheatTheCheatTheCheatTheCheatTheCheatTheCheatTheCheatTheCheatTheCheat! Get me a drink!

THE CHEAT: {The Cheat noises}

STRONG BAD: Hey Strong Mad! {nervously} Get... get me a drink!

STRONG MAD: {raises his fist from behind the couch} MORE LIKE, YOU GET ME A DRINK!

STRONG BAD: {turns his head} Hey! Don't sass back with me! {returns to his original position} Augh. We need to figure out how to get some drinks...like...without having to actually get some drinks!

{The Cheat leaps up and makes excited noises}

STRONG BAD: Ooh! The man with the plan!

{Wipe to The Stick. Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and The Cheat are all looking in some brown paper bags. Homestar walks up to them.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey guys! Whatja doin?

STRONG BAD: Oh, just lookin' at a thing in a bag.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh cool! Can I see?

STRONG BAD: No. {closes his bag} It's for me... and The Cheat...

THE CHEAT: Meh! {The Cheat closes his bag}

STRONG BAD: ...and Strong Mad to look at. {Strong Mad closes his bag}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh. I'm not any of those.

THE CHEAT: {The Cheat noises}


{Homestar backs up in response to The Cheat, and the three guys stand there looking in the bags for a while as Homestar looks on. An unseen bird chirps in the background.}

STRONG BAD: {softly, to himself} Lookin' at a thing in a bag!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey Homestar! Whatcha doin'? Oh, you know, hanging out with the guys. Hey guys, this is the life, right?

STRONG BAD: Sure is, man! Lookin' at a thing in a bag...drinkin' drinks...oh! Oh yeah. Homestar! Why don't you go get us cool guys some drinks?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Okay, cool guy!

{He runs off toward Bubs' Concession Stand. While he is running, the same music from the TV plays in the background. He gets there and Bubs is dancing while saying "Checkitout!" Homestar starts dancing along.}

BUBS: Checkitout checkitout checkitout checkitout checkitout checkitout checkitout checkitout checkitout checkitout checkitout checkitout checkitout checkitout checkitout checkitout checkitout checkitout checkitout checkitout checkitout checkitout!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Whoa! Check it out!

BUBS: What can I get for ya?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Umm...four drinks for four cool guys!

BUBS: You mean for you, Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and The Cheat?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Yeah! How did you know that?

BUBS: {quickly looks left, and then right} Oh, I don't know nothin' about nothin'!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Yeah but how did you—

BUBS: {leans in} Nothin'!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: But that's weird that you—

BUBS: {leans in closer} Nothin'!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: ...Okay, you're weird.

BUBS: So what kind you want?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {pops to the right, then back to his normal position while talking} Um, how about two reds, a blue, and an orange.

BUBS: Comin' right up! {he starts making the drinks}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: So Bubs...have you seen that thing in a bag?

BUBS: Oh yeah! It's freakin' awesome!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, right. Me too. Yeah, I think so...that it is...too.

BUBS: {giving him the drinks} Here you go!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Thanks, Bubsy! {starts walking away, then turns back} One more time!

{they both start dancing again}

BUBS: Checkitout checkitout checkitout checkitout checkitout checkitout checkitout checkitout checkitout...


{Homestar walks off. Cut back to The Stick, where the trio are still looking at a thing in the bags.}

STRONG BAD: Appears that I'm still looking at this thing in a bag...

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Drinks, cool guys!

STRONG BAD: Just put 'em down right there!


STRONG BAD: Now, leave.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Check! {he leaves}

STRONG BAD: Wow, it worked! Free drinks! Good thinking, The Cheat! Lookin' at a thing in a bag. I am truly the greatest guy.

{Bubs walks on}

BUBS: Did the plan work?


STRONG BAD: Yeah, drink up! Thanks for donating these drinks to our cause!

{Homestar walks back in}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, I forgot my blue dri—Sweet Mother of Mystery! What's going on here?

STRONG BAD: Umm...drinkin' drinks at The Stick.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: But what about looking at a thing in some bags?

STRONG BAD: It escaped. Into the mountains.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Aw, shucks. I never got to see it!

BUBS: I thought you said you had!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I lied. I was trying to be a cool guy.

BUBS: Liar!


THE CHEAT: {peremptory The Cheat noises}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Of course! {he does a flip}

BUBS: Nice trick, LIAR!

{Homestar picks up one of the bags and starts looking in it.}


STRONG BAD: Um, that bag's empty, Homestar.


STRONG BAD: Yeah, there's nothing in it.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: This is freakin' awesome!

STRONG BAD: Augh! {Bubs, Strong Mad, and The Cheat walk away} Almost makes the free drinks not worth it. {he walks away too}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh yeah! Lookin' at a thing in a bag! I mean...I think...I'm a cool guy. {Looks around, then sticks the bag on his head}

{Cut to black with the words "The End" on the screen. Bubs can be heard repeating "the end" over and over, imitating his "Checkitout" song.}

Fun Facts



  • This "short" is actually longer than four of the "full-length" toons.
  • The "back" link at the end of the toon leads to Main Page 14, instead of the Toons menu as is normal.
  • When The Cheat apparently tells Homestar to do a flip, his teeth show, unlike when he normally talks.
  • The name of the Flash file is whatsinthebag2.swf, despite the toon being located at whatsinthebag.html. There is no whatsinthebag.swf.
  • Bubs comes into the screen at the stick from the left while his concession stand is from the other direction.


The Stick is wrong.
  • When Homestar puts the bag on his head, the propeller on his cap disappears.
  • The bag in front of Strong Mad disappears after Homestar asks why they aren't looking in the bags anymore.
  • The shadow of The Stick is backwards during the entire short.
  • When the scene changes from the Strongs' basement to The Stick, The Stick is in the wrong place and slightly bigger for a few frames.
  • When Bubs turns around to prepare the drinks, the shadow on his head is opposite to the shadow on his body.
  • When Strong Bad, Strong Mad, The Cheat, and Bubs walk away from Homestar at the end, Bubs's eyes switch.

Fixed Goofs

  • The link on the toons menu to this toon didn't work at first, but it was fixed soon after.

Inside References

  • Homestar orders color flavored drinks.
  • Strong Bad's line "the greatest guy" is a reference to the TV Time Toons Menu cover, which reads "Strong Bad- the last great guy?".
  • The silhouette of Homestar running to Bubs's is a reference to Old Intro 2.

Fast Forward

  • The "Checkitout" animation was used on the footer at the Yahoo Store.
  • The scene where Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and The Cheat are laying around the couch would later be seen as a drawing in mascot.
  • The sound that The Cheat makes when he apparently tells Homestar to go away would be the same sound he makes in crazy cartoon before he shows Strong Bad his new animation.
  • In Kick-a-Ball, Homestar tells Marzipan, "You couldn't kick your way out of lookin' at a thing in a bag!"
  • The blue drink would later make an appearance in imaginary.
  • Bubs would reprise his "Check it out" chant in Mr. Poofers Must Die.

DVD Version

  • A title card is shown at the beginning, in the same style as the "Loading" and "End" screens.
  • The DVD version features hidden creators' commentary. To access it, switch the DVD player's audio language selection while watching.

Commentary Transcript

(Commentary by: Matt Chapman, Mike Chapman, Ryan Sterritt)

MIKE: So this is a short, but it's pretty long.

MATT: Yeah, it's pretty much a full featured cartoon, Mike. We've got Ryan Sterritt with us here in the broadcasting booth.

RYAN: I'm right here.

MIKE: He's gonna offer some insight, some criticism, some unique perspectives on this cartoon.

MATT: The color commentary if you will.

MIKE: Matt and I will do the play by play. So The Cheat is laying on the couch and so is Strong Bad. It looks like Strong Mad might be, uh, laying down behind the couch.

MATT: The T-TV Show song in the background is me and my friend Rene...

MIKE: {imitates the deep "TV Show" in the song}

MATT: ...who you can also see on this DVD playing the Jhonka in the Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer, isn't that right? Listen.

{pause until the deep "watch a TV show" happens again}

MATT: {imitates the "watch a TV show"} That's Rene, he does a great job there. {pause} Words from Ryan.


MIKE: Go Ryan, go!

RYAN: When I looked in the bag guys, I saw a lot.


RYAN: I got insight.

MIKE: We love the silhouette, Matt. We lo- I love the silhouette.

MATT: Where did we learn that from, from Sunday comics?

MIKE: Yeah, from Dennis the Menace. The third frame of Dennis the Menace.

MATT: Yep.

MIKE: Old Hank Ketcham. {short pause} Homestar's voice is a little different in this one.

MATT: Yeah I think both Homestar and Bubs are both a little off in this cartoon.

MIKE: Were you sick, or was it, were you just off- off your game...

MATT: Uh, I jus-, I made a conscious decision to make them a little different I think, Mike.

MIKE: {amused} Really.

MATT: Yeah

MIKE: Interesting.

MATT: As a pr- as a consummate professional

{Mike laughs}

RYAN: Hey Mike.

MATT: Tell them the story about that.

MIKE: Aah, so checkitout checkitout. I was in New York and there was some guy hawking, watches or something on the street saying "checkitoutcheckitoutcheckitout", we came by the same place about three hours later and he was still saying "checkitoutcheckitoutcheckitout".

MATT: It's true

MIKE: So if you're a street vendor in New York watch what you say, 'cause I'm gonna put it in the cartoon.

MATT: Yeah, and if you're Ryan, don't say anything on this commentary track.

{Ryan and Mike laugh}

RYAN: Was he really dancing... when he was, sellin' his stuff?

MIKE: Uh, no, he wasn't dancing, he wasn't doing the uh, arm motion that Bubs was doing. {pause} But I was doing the little dance that Homestar did.

MATT: Yeah. On my way by. Look at those drinks.

MIKE: I'd like to have a sip of that blue. That blue juice.

MATT: Those do not look fit for human consumption.

MATT: It looks like...There's always those cleaners, like, household cleaners now they make in those really bright, really delicious colors, that just seems extremely irresponsible!

MIKE: Yeah the new, the new nutrient of orange, the new orange, cleaning products, with essence of orange!

MATT: Well— and there's purple ones too, like, if I was a kid, that would...

MIKE: Juice!

MATT: Yeah!

RYAN: It spells juice.

MATT: This party is going to be off the chain!

{all laugh, pause}

MIKE: This is a cockamamie scheme {they chuckle} just to get drinks.

MATT: It's all a big conspiracy.

MIKE: I don't know if I can even, uh, unravel what exactly their plan was.

MATT: Bubs was a double agent, involved somehow.


MATT: Yeah, Homestar definitely sounds more, he sounds more at ease. Closer to my normal voice than usual, I think.

{pause, Homestar does his flip.}

MATT: This being another part of the weird conspiracy. Are we led to believe that The Cheat can just-

MIKE: {overlapping} The Force can just make him

MATT: {overlapping} Yeah that he can just be commanded

MIKE: {quickly} Do a flip!

MATT: {whining} OK, I'll do it, I'm sorry. {short pause} I remember uh, hearing a lot of people sort of were a little depressed by this one at the end, where Homestar was not only dumb like he usually is but it was, kinda realized that he was dumb...he put it—

MATT: {to the beat of Bubs's "the end" song} Up, hrt, uch, ut-

MIKE: The end!



MATT: Um....

Fun Facts

  • The lines "It spells juice." and "This party is going to be off the chain!", said in reference to colored juice, allude to lines spoken by the juice-obsessed Buster Bluth in Arrested Development episode "Best Man for the GOB".
  • The "T-TV, TV Show" song was sung by Matt Chapman and Rene Dellefont.

YouTube Version

  • The YouTube description for this toon is "Check it out! Strong Bad and The Cheat concoct an elaborate scheme to get some drinks. Original publish date: April 8, 2003".
  • The title card from the DVD version is shown.

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