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The Brothers Chaps were interviewed on the 366th episode of Lost in the Stacks, a radio show broadcast on 91.1FM WREK in Atlanta. The episode is titled "Homestar Runner, Gone in a Flash", and the description reads "We wanted to tell some people some funny stuff, and video was not an option." @StrongBadActual promoted the interview a few hours earlier, saying, "[The Brothers Chaps] will talk too much and play some cool old 7 inches!"

Date: Friday, December 15, 2017

Running Time: 1:01:06




STRONG BAD: I'm talking about the situation, man!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: What situation? I'm trying to update my dating profile.

STRONG BAD: Haven't you heard? Flash is dying!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, well, good! I'm a way better runner than that guy anyways.

STRONG BAD: No, I'm talking about Flash. Like, what we breathe. The thing what creates us all.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Strong Bad! If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were getting a little religioso on me.

{Something falls}

STRONG BAD: Ahh! See? That's a chunk of Flash Authoring Interface right there! It's falling apart! We gotta head for the hills!

{Music plays, then fades}

Charlie Bennett: You are listening to WREK Atlanta, and this is Lost in the Stacks: the Research Library Rock'n'Roll Radio Show. I'm Charlie Bennett, in the studio with Emy Decker and Fred Rascoe. I am on the board and I am terrified. Each week on this show we pick a theme, and then use it to create a mix of music and library talk. Whichever you're here for, we hope you dig it.

Emy Decker: Today's show is called "Homestar Runner: Gone in a Flash".

Fred Rascoe: Homestar Runner is a very popular, very funny website with cartoons starring a host of animated characters, like Homestar, Strong Bad, the Cheat. It's been going for years, but there might be a slight snag on the horizon.

Emy: Indeed. All of these cartoons are made using Adobe Flash, which-spoiler alert-is not long for this world.

Charlie: We're going to find out what this means with today's guests, the creators of Homestar Runner, Mike and Matt Chapman. They are the Brothers Chaps.

Emy: If you are listeners who want to join the conversation, the hashtag for this show is #lits366 for Lost in the Stacks, episode 366. Feel free to tweet your thoughts, questions, or favorite Homestar toons with that hashtag.

Fred: And our songs today are all about artistic tools, dying formats, and loss. After years of ominous threats and warnings, Adobe has finally made good on its word and pulled the plug on the tool used to create the Homestar universe. What does that mean for future toons? And maybe more importantly, what's next for the toons already created on a deprecated software? Time's up for Flash; the clock is striking midnight. So let's start tonight's show with "Because, It's Midnite" by Strong Bad's favorite band, Limozeen. Right here, on Lost in the Stacks.

{Because, It's Midnite plays}

{A portion of theme song plays then fades out}

Fred: "Heart of a lion, wing of a bat." Good way to start off the show. This is Lost in the Stacks, and our guests today are the Brothers Chaps; that's Mike Chapman and Matt Chapman, creators of the online cartoon universe of Homestar Runner, Mike and Matt, welcome to the show.

Mike Chapman: Hi, thanks for having us.

Fred: Yeah, thank you very much! So, um, we've got a lot to talk about. Uh, but before we get started, I know that, uh, a lot of our listeners are probably familiar with Homestar Runner, uh, but we might have some that aren't, so when you meet someone that doesn't know what Homestar Runner is, uh, how do you describe that?

Matt Chapman: That's, Well, that's everyone we meet.


Matt Chapman: And, uh, I just say we make weird cartoons, uh, on the internet, uh, featuring a host of dumb animal characters, and it won't be very accessible to you at first, but maybe if you give it a chance, uh, y- you'll find yourself coming back for more. Uh, 'cause the times when I've tried to describe it in, like, pitch, elevator pitch sort of style, either totally misrepresents it, or it's, it- uh, the everyone has left the elevator and the building and I'm still talking and it still doesn't make any sense.

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