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*[[HR:luaumain.html|go to Luau Main Page]]
*[[HR:luaumain.html|go to Luau Main Page]]
*[[HR:luaumain.swf|view the Flash file for Luau Main Page]]
*[[HR:luaumain.swf|view the Flash file for Luau Main Page]]
*[[HR:luau2.html|watch "The Luau"]]
*[[HR:luau2.swf|view the Flash file for "The Luau"]]
{{missinginfo|release date}}
{{missinginfo|release date}}
{{Main Page}}
{{Main Page}}
[[Category:Main Pages]]
[[Category:Main Pages]]

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"You look really handsome."

To find the Luau Main Page wait until the end of "The Luau". In this main page you see Tofu Homestar at Marzipan's luau. Notice that it has a plainer look, only links to the first 13 Main Pages, has Copyright 2000 only, doesn't have the weekly links or the "First Time Here?" button at the top, and the changing menu oval has a link to the The Audition game (only appears when this main page is accessed straight from the actual toon), as well as an old Museum update, Fluffy Puff Commercial, old T-Shirts, Main Pages 11, 12, and 13, the Homestar Quiz, and Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 3.0.

Cast (in order of appearance): Tofu Homestar Runner, Marzipan, Strong Bad

Place: Marzipan's Gazebo

Page Title: Everyone loves tofu!!

Button Effects

  • Toons — Marshmallow roasting sticks go through the Tofu Homestar Runner.
  • Games — A bite is taken out of his head.
  • Characters — His head catches fire.
  • Downloads — His head slides off his body.
  • Store — Marzipan walks in and says, "You look really handsome."
  • Email — Strong Bad jumps in the gazebo and starts dancing to "Poot-Slap".

Fun Facts

  • The word "Museum" does not pop up if you roll over the logo at the top.
  • If the Email button is clicked, instead of taking you to the current page, it brings up an email addressed to
  • Unlike the other main pages, the newstuff and homepage buttons are in the same Flash file as this one. As such, they are out of date.
  • If the main page is viewed separately from the toon in its own Flash file, one of the messages is missing.

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