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The Runner has landed.

Homestar is on the moon.

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner, Nebulon, Strong Bad (constellation), Marzipan (constellation)

Place: The Moon

Icon: Rocket ship

Page Title: What's not to love about Homestar Runner?


Button Effects

  • Toons — An astronaut pops out of the spaceship.
  • Games — A huge explosion occurs on Earth.
  • Characters — Nebulon the alien bounces past.
  • Downloads — The lights on Homestar's spacesuit start flashing.
  • Store — Constellations of Strong Bad and Marzipan light up.
  • E-mail — A helmet appears on Homestar's head.

Fun Facts


  • On Earth, the only recognizable place is the United States. The rest of North America and South America should also be visible. This could be a reference to the Theme Song Video.


  • This is Nebulon's first real world appearance on the site, although he isn't given a name until New Boots.


  • When the top of the rocket comes down, one star briefly overlaps it, and another overlaps the astronaut's flag.
"One small step for man, one giant leap for overlapping stars."


  • A second after the nuclear explosion (games), a small thud sound occurs. This could be an echo, but is more likely a sound glitch.

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