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Homestar Runner—ACTION NEWS

Homestar hosts his own news broadcast.

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner, Coach Z, Strong Bad

Icon: Channel 4 logo

Page Title: "More News at 11!"

  • Toons — Chyron style text "Homestar Runner—Action News" appears in the lower third.
  • Games — The lights in the buildings in the background disappear, and new lights appear in one of the buildings to form a star.
  • Characters — Some "over the shoulder" (OTS) headlines and pictures appear. Cycle through four possible headlines.
  • "More than 2 Problems???" set against Coach Z's medallion with a picture of Coach Z's head.
  • "I Shoulda Won All Those Times!" set against a picture of Strong Bad's head with a smaller copy of the image in the foreground.
  • "Melonade: Over $2 per gallon?" set against a picture of three glasses of melonade with straws and ice.
  • "Seriously, I Really Shoulda Won All Those Times!" with the same picture as the second story.
  • Downloads — Cut to Strong Bad standing in front of a weather screen depicting the east of the United States, scattered with sun and rain symbols. He says, "Today's forecast is total crap!"
  • Store — Some smoke appears, coming from one of the buildings.
  • E-mail — The H*R logo is projected onto the night sky.


Fun Facts


  • This, along with Main Page 7 Main Page 23, are the three main pages where Homestar does not stand to the extreme right of the screen.
  • By clicking on each icon, dragging your mouse off the Flash section and then letting go, you can turn on all of the different animations at once, and they will stay on.

Inside References

  • "More than 2 Problems???" is a reference to Spin 'n' Say.
  • Strong Bad's face when you move your mouse over characters ("I shoulda won all those times!") is similar in style (but not color) to the one on the Old Error Page.

Real-World References

  • The projection of the H*R logo onto the sky is a reference to the Batsignal from the Batman franchise.

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