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Squeaky clean.

Homestar is in the shower. There is a continual dripping sound from the showerhead.

Page title: "Nakers!!!"

  • Toons - His bathing cap puffs up.
  • Games - The shower turns on.
  • Characters - The shower turns on again, but weaker than before.
  • Downloads - Homestar pulls the curtain shut.
  • Store - The shower comes on again, and fills the screen with steam. The word "LEMKE" is traced in the fog.
  • Email- Homestar's towel comes off. Pixelation!

Fun Facts

  • This and Main Page 10 are the only pages that have a continual noise played, which is annoying when watching new Puppet toons.
  • If you do the click trick (When you click and hold on a link and drag the cursor to the main page) on e-mail and his towe; falls off leaving him stuck on pixelation, you can hold the cursor over downloads than let go and you will see pixelation surrounding his towel when he doesn't need it anyway.

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